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Marc Beer: Helping LumeNXT Inc. with their Business Expansion

May 30, 2019 - Author: steph

Renovia Inc. is one of the most successful medical and technological firms in the United States today. Marc Beer, the company’s co-founder, acts as the current chairman and CEO and he helped develop different treatment options for the public. Marc Beer has been in the medical and technological industry for more than two decades, and his experience in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals allowed him to become an effective leader for the company. Renovia Inc. has been around since August 2016, and it is considered as a young company, but it managed to leave a lasting impact especially to the people that benefited a lot from their products.


The pelvic floor disorder, which affects more than 250 million women around the world, is one of the most common conditions that take place after childbirth. Many women affected by the condition are saying that they are having a hard time doing many activities because of their pelvic floor disorder, and there are times when fluid would spontaneously come out from their genitals. These problems became the inspiration of Renovia Inc. to develop Leva, a device that treats pelvic floor disorder. Many women who used the device stated that they felt a huge difference, and their conditions became better. The positive effects of Leva on the body made it an instant hit.


After the introduction of Leva to the public, Marc Beer went on and led his team to create more products at Renovia Inc. that would treat different health conditions. One of their most recent products aim to combat fatal diseases, and Marc Beer is hoping to see a lot of positive changes in the future after their product has been launched.


Aside from his involvement with Renovia Inc., Marc Beer is also helping LumeNXT Inc. to expand its business. LumeNXT is a company that produces surgery tools that are embedded with illuminated light to assist the surgeons whenever they are performing invasive surgery. The tools that the company produces are highly desired by surgeons around the world, and with the help of Marc Beer, more investors are now focusing their eyes on the fast-growing company.


Marc Beer joined the company a few years ago as one of the members of their board of directors. However, with his expertise in running a business, the executives at LumeNXT Inc. decided to appoint him to become the chairman of the board. This is an important position within the company because his decisions will now affect how the company is being run.


Marc Beer thanked everyone who helped him with his journey in the world of business, and he said that LumeNXT Inc. would experience further growth because he is planning to expand the company’s operations to encourage new investors.

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Isabel Dos Santos: Key Issues Which Needs to be Addressed in Africa to Spur Economic Growth

May 27, 2019 - Author: steph

In the European parliament, Isabel Dos Santos addressed delegates about the challenges Africa is facing at “Africa Summit 2019” in Brussels. She said that digitization is the biggest challenge the continent is struggling with. To stay competitive, governments should empower the population by educating them on using the technology. The summit was organized by a European Parliament’s political party.

Isabel Dos Santos is a highly successful Angolan entrepreneur and businesswoman who has accumulated enough wealth to feature in the list of Africa’s richest women. She is the Africa’s richest woman with an approximate net worth of $2 billion. She is the daughter to the country’s former president called Jose Eduardo Dos Santos. Read more on

The president of Unitel pointed out after the mobile communications sector becoming successful in Africa, digital revolution is the next. Additionally, the e-commerce sector is growing at a fast rate and with time, there will be more ecommerce transactions and e-commerce that in traditional stores. Africans are also embracing digital banking and it is a matter of time before digitization reaches every corner of the continent.

Some of the key sectors that are affected the most by technology are urban planning and agriculture. The public transport in Africa is still wanting and it is characterized by lack of security, lack of comfort and unaffordable prices. According to Isabel Dos Santos, African cities should leverage technology to not only optimize costs but also impact the quality of people’s lives. She also pointed out that technology is high necessary for the agricultural sector to stay competitive. Isabel Dos Santos commented that focus should be put on advanced agricultural technology to not only optimize costs, but also keep the sector competitive. Additionally, the technologies will have a great impact if the population knows how to use and it is, therefore, the government’s responsibility to educate the population on these concepts.

Isabel Dos Santos outlined that the Africa’s technological development should respond to key challenges. The continuation of the attraction of investment, legal framework as well as creation of employment are the key areas technological development should focus on. The areas should be put on top of the priority list to make the continent more appealing as well as support talent.

Learn more:

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Todd Levine Story in the Legal Sector

- Author: steph

Todd Levine chose a career in the legal industry many years ago. Today, he looks back and he is proud of the decision he made. The lawyer has managed to do so well, impacting the lives of so many people in Florida. The hard working professional has been focusing on solving complex disputes that affect many businesses in the United States. Most of his clients are in real estate, an industry that thrives in court cases. The commercial real estate litigator has been working with Kluger Kaplan for a long time, and together, they have ensured that all clients who need court representation get quality services. Todd Levine and his lawyers have established so many offices on Florida just to ensure that they are able to meet the growing demands from the residents of the state. The competition in the market has been quite high, but it has never prevented Todd Levine and the other Kluger Kaplan lawyers from doing well.

This year has been fulfilling for the team of lawyers working with Todd Levine. Their company was recognized as the best, something they are very proud of. Together with the other lawyer, Todd Levine has shown so much love for the communities living in Miami. The team has been dedicated to ensuring that they have the best reputation and that they do not affect the communities negatively. When they discovered that most of the students in some of the district schools were from needy backgrounds, the lawyers raised funds so that they could purchase food items for the children who were going to a school break. According to the lawyer, the school always provided food for the children when learning was in progress, and they were able to concentrate on school work. When the break was about to start, the children were afraid that they were going to starve with their parents at home.

Read more about Levine in an interview he gave recently

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The X Factor that Made Nitin Khanna Build a Successful Mobile Tech Company

May 26, 2019 - Author: steph

When it comes to build the next empire that will change the world, all it takes is people with a vision focused on it every single day. If you learn more about the success story of Nitin Khanna you will recognize a sort of common factors every entrepreneur shares.

By exposing today the lessons he taught us in a previous interview you could find out the secret component that could make your business reach the next level. One common thing about this stories is that entrepreneurs surround by like minded people.

Therefore, if you lived in a community of very active leaders in the business world, odds are you will take the same steps they did. The essence of professional excellence is learning from people around you that already got to the position or goal you are now trying to achieve.

Normally all it takes is being loyal to the values that benefit for the business long term. That means putting customers needs first in order to grow faster and move to the bigger rewards.

Decisions and actions like this are part of Nitin Khanna company culture. Long term thinking, offering creative solutions, overdelivering to clients and understanding customers needs that they did not even know they had are some of the requirements that cannot being negotiated in Merger Tech.

To ensure those high standards, their members make sure to work towards those values with the guidance and support of their leader, Nitin Khanna.

In 2019 Nitin makes his 20th year of experience being on the the business game. Over the past years, Nitin Khana has learned the importance of building a team and delegating side tasks to people specialized in those activities.

That gives a lot of free time to spend on the 20% of skills that bring him 80% of the results: his strengths. This consists on restructuring the business strategy by studying the people who work in the company and find them the best position and assignments.

After all, leadership is the key to overcome statistics and make the association grow exponentially. That alone already makes Merger Tech different from 95% of businesses that fail every year.

Read more about Khanna here

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Ashley Lightspeed – Its My Business To Mind Other People’s Businesses

- Author: steph

For those who don’t know who Ashley Lightspeed is, she is both an investor and a renowned entrepreneur. She got her name, Lightspeed, when she became a part of the Lightspeed Venture Partners. This is a renowned venture capital firm whose focal point is the early stage investments in businesses, technology as well as consumer space.

Ashley has over time built a striking resume. In many interviews, she attributes her success in keeping in touch with people. She loves learning about people’s lives, what matters them the most, and what they are working on. She explains that she grew into the habit naturally when growing up when she used to catch up with her summer camp friends through the snail mail. She also had pen-pals throughout the world including Florida, Paris and in Africa, specifically Uganda. Follow Ashley Lightspeed on Twitter.

Before she could kick start her career, she had first thought of walking into her father’s footsteps, who was an architecture. She says that she could spend plenty of time with him as she devised ideas for building, and helping him draw on the drafting table. Later on, Ashley Lightspeed went to Duke University where she pursued her bachelor’s degree. It is here in the university that she developed an interest in helping people to develop business ideas as well as the solutions to business challenges. This, in turn, would make them competitive in their businesses.

By the time she began her career, Ashley Lightspeed was a consultant for a company called Bain. She spent a couple of years working here, prototyping businesses. From here, she went on to work at Silicon Valley, with a company called Thumbtack. At the company, she focused on the event and wedding department overseeing customer experience on behalf of the enterprise. Here is where she was introduced to Venture Capital, and then joined Lightspeed Venture Partners. Currently, she works here with the company’s investment team.

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Lincolnshire Lets Go of Holley Performance Brands After Five Years

- Author: steph

Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm founded in 1986 recently nearly tripled its net worth through the sale of Holley Performance Products. Holley is an aftermarket auto-parts maker. Founded in 1903, Holley has been under the umbrella of Lincolnshire for the last 5 years since it was acquired by Lincolnshire in 2013.

Holley was acquired by Sentinel Capital Partners, who hopes to combine it with its Driven Performance Brands. Despite the fact that details of the sale were not disclosed, the deal was very lucrative for either side. Holley had however retained the investment Lazard Ltd.

Based in Bowling Green, Holley manufactures and markets high-end fuel-injection systems, ignition, and engine tuning products, exhaust and carburetor systems. Some of the major brands for which Holley produces include; DiabloSport, MSD, Accel, Sniper EFI, Super Chips, Hooker Blackheart and Edge.

Lincolnshire Management had acquired Holley in 2013 from Monomoy Capital Partners and has since grown in size and revenue. On the other hand, Sentinel Capital Partners had bought Driven Performance Brands in 2015 from Dubin Clark & Co. Driven Performance Brands is a Santa Rosa, California-based manufacturer, and marketer of specialty automotive performance products.

The combination of the two brands; Holley Performance Brands and Driven Performance Brands seems to the real deal. Their combined experience in their respective areas promises to create a brand like no other.

Sentinel invests in eight diverse sectors. The sectors include Business services, aerospace, and defense, consumer markets, food & restaurants, distribution, industrials, franchising, and healthcare. Sentinel normally targets middle-market firms worth up to $65 million in earnings before taxation, interest, depreciation, and amortization.

Lincolnshire Management invests in different industries especially in distribution, service businesses and niche manufacturing.

About Lincolnshire Management

Lincolnshire Management is a management is a private equity manager based in New York with a regional office in Chicago. It concentrates more in the middle market companies. The company currently has over $1.7 billion private equity capital under its portfolio. This includes its most recent $835M Lincolnshire Equity Fund IV. Lincolnshire’s Funds I & II ranks in the top quartile of private equity funds.

Currently, Lincolnshire Management invests in the acquisition of private firms, corporate divestitures, recapitalizations, growth equity for private and public companies as well as management buyouts. Through its highly experienced personnel, Lincolnshire has been able to execute quite a number of acquisitions through its 30 years of operation.

See the firm’s history in this article

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Dick DeVos: A Billionaire With a Heart For Education and For His Hometown of Grand Rapids

May 24, 2019 - Author: steph

Dick DeVos is a man on fire. That is to say, he has a lot of passions in his life. These would include such things as preserving the economy of his hometown and for helping children of all ages and financial levels have a better start through a solid education of their own parents choosing. He is thoroughly against Uncle Sam dictating where their parents can send them their kids to school. Of course, this all begs the question: where did the genesis of his social activism start?


The answer to that question is that it probably started as early as 1991. It was during that time that Grand Rapids was going through some serious growing pains, and there was plan that was publicly floated by some local lawmakers to build a multi-purpose stadium in a Grand Rapids suburb. Dick and his wife Betsy immediately realized this was a terrible idea. You see, Detroit built some stadiums in their suburbs as well and it had a very negative impact on their downtown. “The lesson was not lost on us,” Dick said regarding Detroit’s unfortunate decision. Thus, they immediately picked up the phone and lobbying against that same decision from happening in their hometown of Grand Rapids. The effects of this decision were truly a thing of beauty.


This initial fight to help their town of Grand Rapids led to the construction of such notable landmarks as the DeVos Place Convention Center, the Van Andel Arena, the Grand Rapids City Market and they even had a hand in educating future generations of Michigan doctors with their hefty donation to the medical school affiliated with Michigan State. If this alone was the only contribution they had made, it would have been significant. However, they have also been responsible for changing the debate about education in this country. Dick and his wife Betsy have a strong desire to have an “honest conversation” about the direction that education has been taking in this country. Moreover, Dick has decided to put his money where his mouth is.


Indeed, perhaps one of the most impressive things about Dick DeVos would have to be the fact that he was able to combine his love for education with his passion for the field of aviation into one main objective. That’s right, Dick DeVos actually founded an aviation-based charter school right at the Gerald Ford Airport in Grand Rapids. The DeVoses have not only helped to educate an entirely new generation of doctors, but they are also going to educate some new Michigan pilots as well. The future continues to be bright for this Michigan political power couple.


Follow Dick DeVos on Facebook.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong Shares his Entrepreneurial Journey

- Author: steph

Richard Liu Qiangdong was one of the participants of the World Economic Forum last year. The business mogul attended an interview during the event where he talked about how he has grown his ventures over the years and his education background. The CEO revealed that he came up with the name of the e-commerce platform after combining his name and that of his former girlfriend. He learned some managerial skills in his family business, which involved providing transport services. After some time, the revenue from the venture started declining, and his grandparent got sick. Therefore, Liu decided to start a restaurant while studying in Beijing to support his family. However, it collapsed because he spent most of his time in class and hence inadequate time to operate the business. He majored in Sociology during his university education.

After completing his studies, a local firm hired him where he displayed his managerial skills and earned a promotion to lead its computer department. He later left the company and started his own, which involved selling computer accessories in China’s capital. Richard Liu Qiangdong later expanded his enterprise by operating 12 stores in different parts of Beijing. The business mogul was forced to close the shops after the outbreak of the SARS epidemic. The employees of the firm had to stay at home as the disease could be spread through the air. However, the managers were left behind to discuss the way forward for the company. One of the managers suggested that the organization should switch to an e-commerce platform.

During the interview at the World Economic Forum, Richard Liu Qiangdong disclosed the management official that came up with the idea left the company and is now one of the billionaires in China. All the physical stores of his firm were closed in 2005. The e-commerce platform deals with a wide variety of products, including electronics and cosmetics. The customers at the firm increased significantly over the years due to its commitment to provide authentic products and outstanding customer service. Richard Liu is regarded as an internet celebrity in China. He has made significant investments in the fashion industry over the years.

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Marc Beer to Help the LumeNXT Board of Directors

- Author: steph

LumeNXT has always strived to make its customers excited since its formation several years ago. The organization, which occupies a special role in the community because of giving surgeons the best surgical equipment, has special news for its followers. The institution has always been giving unique attention to its leaders. The company ensures all the leaders of the company are the best, and they are veterans in the medical department so that they can lead the rest of the team in the right direction. After making some significant changes in recent years, the company has announced that they will be having a new chairman for their board of directors.


LumeNXT officials have just stated that they will be bringing one of the veterans in the market, Marc Beer, to chair in the board. The board of directors has a prime role in making a company successful. Medical companies do not just select anyone to take on the position of chairman when it comes to the board of directors. Marc Beer, however, is an ideal professional for the role, and he will bring more than twenty-five years of expertise in the board. For the past twenty-five years, Marc Beer has been serving in the commercialization and development of biotechnology, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, and devices. As a veteran in the complicated department, Marc Beer presence will result in only the best when it comes to giving the customers services.


For the people who follow the news in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical department, Marc Beer is among the prominent figures who have done a lot for the American community. In the past, the medical executive has made special plans to make healthcare accessible to all members of the community. Those who come from needy backgrounds have been the greatest beneficiaries of the services offered by Marc Beer and his companies. The businessman has started a wide range of companies in the medical profession, and he is considered to be among the few personalities who have been bold enough to invest in the complex market. Marc Beer is ready and at the same time exciting because of the role he has just added in his career life.


Serving with the surgeons and medical engineers is one of the desires Marc Beer has been having since he was a young executive in the American market. The new team will give him more knowledge of medical equipment, and it will also offer him bigger challenges for his career. The businessman is expected to use his skills in technology to help the LumeNXT team to deliver better services to its customers who currently come from all regions. Surgeons have all the reasons to smile. Marc Beer is very experienced in medical matters, and he is expected to use his knowledge to come up with better surgical equipment. Learn more:


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Navigating The World of Investments through Igor Cornelsen’s Success Story

May 22, 2019 - Author: steph

When trying to understand the finance industry or even when conversing with friends and co-workers about finance especially in Brazil, it is almost impossible for the name Igor Cornelsen to not pop up. Born in 1947 in Brazil, Igor is a titan when it comes to financial matters and generally anything to do with investing. In 1965, Mr Cornelsen joined the Federal University of Parana and graduated with a degree in engineering at the end of his course. Igor Cornelsen did not just stop there, he went back to the same university to study economics. He was usually among the best performers in his class and this was attributed to his exceptional skills in calculating rates.

In 1970 Igor Cornelsen joined Multibanco and started laying the foundations for his career in investing. Founded in 1985, Multibanco is an interbank network that links several Automated Teller Machines together. Igor worked diligently at the firm and within 2 years he was able to rise to the position of Chief Executive Officer of the bank. After a while, he moved to Unibanco, a renowned bank in Brazil. He left Unibanco in 1985 and went to work at Libra Bank PLC.

It was after leaving Libra Bank PLC that he decided to start his own company since he had been in the industry for so many years and gathered a lot of experience. Igor Cornelsen is currently an investment advisor and analyst at his company. Igor Cornelsen is actively involved in the day to day running of his company and always makes sure everything is going on smoothly. His work basically entails keeping up with what is going on in the world through keeping tabs on international news. He also keeps tabs on different economies. This is important since it helps him come up with ways in which he can make his company adapt to the changes in different economies.

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