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Dan Bethelmy-Rada: A Product Professional

April 29, 2019 - Author: steph

Dan Bethelmy-Rada is a well-known president of L’Oreal Professional Products. He has broken the record by being the youngest appointed leader in the managerial position. His outstanding skills and capabilities in innovation and creativity is the one that made the top management grant him such a chance. His ability in the marketing sector has helped the company to prosper much better than before he joined.

Despite his great success, Dan Bethelmy-Rada has always yearned to better himself through further studies about the subject matter. In fact, he diversified his knowledge to even more transformative ideas that he applied to create a positive impact in the industry.

In his workplace, he has always encouraged teamwork among the workers as a way to make sure no activity is frustrated. His good leadership has always brought together the efforts of the employees to make the set objectives achievable beyond doubt. This has promoted the image of the company more so in the marketing sector where he dwelled.

Dan has always encouraged the staffs who worked under him to bring up new ideas to the firm as a way of improving the quality of their service. That is why L’Oreal has risen up quickly and as we speak, it has overtaken numerous companies in the market. He has always known how to balance between his profession and family responsibility.

Before getting his job he always took his time exploring the world. That is how he has earned the excellent skills he has. His main interesting thing was the diversity portrayed by different culture and outlook of different topography. In fact, his interest in photography emerged during his moment of adventure.

During his tender age, Bethelmy-Rada studied abroad through a program called AFS-USA. That is how he adapted different cultures and embraced them through his constant exposure and knowledge about the subject.

Also, during the same moment, he saw an opportunity of business and immediately, he made a decision to pursue a course of the same interest at Sorbonne University. Later he decided to major in the marketing of new brands and also other products existing in the market.

His great skill in marketing is evident through his contribution to the marketing of the cosmetic products which captured the attention of the entire market.

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Bhanu Choudhrie, Established Global Entrepreneur

- Author: steph

Bhanu Choudhrie was born and brought up in New Delhi, India. After he was done with education he moved to U.S to pursue international business at University of Boston. After Bhanu Choudhrie graduation, he got an internship at UP Morgan and later started working with C$C Alpha Group situated in London. In 2001 Bhanu became executive director of C$C Alpha Group and the firm has achieved a lot through him. The organization has been able to open a lot of investments and has been awarded in several occasions. Bhanu Choudhrie involves himself in charity works globally. Visit Bhanu Choudhrie on Twitter.

Bhanu Choudhrie while at JP Morgan for internship he saw a lot of opportunities in London which inspired him to venture into business. He won Asian award in 2008. He believes education is achieved in variety of ways from working experience to the immediate environment you are living. This believe helped him to pursue owner management program which is available in Harvard School of Business. The program is administered in term of modules with each having a time duration of three weeks. The program takes a period of three years. The reason for Bhanu take OPM program was because he needs to be continuously acquiring skills and knowledge. To make his firm thrive and grow to great heights he needs to be responding to changes in global economy as well as having the history relating to his organization in his fingertips.

The program had impact on how to run his organization immediately. Many people who pursue higher education design a toolkit that includes frameworks and business strategies. He went back to his offices very eager to apply the knowledge gained. Bhanu Choudhrie doesn’t imagine a better description of OPM program since it is more the he can rate it in his own words. Business leaders should go against the idea of thinking education stops after earning degrees and doctorates or after working for some years. There exist a lot of benefits to keep learning. It is important for professionals who need to understand more about their markets to accept the required knowledge. Check out:

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Rocketship Education’s Growing from Past Criticism

April 26, 2019 - Author: steph

Experts in the education sector are finding ways to tackle the current achievement gap in America. Rocketship Education (R) is one of the establishments at the forefront in eliminating the achievement gap in the American education sector. Rocketship is using teacher-led activities and the use of technology to engage its students in its pursuit to end the achievement gap.

Contemporary teaching techniques are proving beneficial in the fight to bring parity to achievement levels in American schools. Rocketship (R) chief objective is the provision of quality education in low-income neighborhoods. Parents in these neighborhoods can’t afford their children quality education; hence the intervening by charter schools such as Rocketship.

Rocketship Education (R) operates from various cities and local communities. The non-profit establishment runs a series of schools in areas such as the San Jose Bay Area, Washington DC, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. Rocketship is using its elementary schools across various states to eliminate the achievement gap.

The institution believes that helping students from low-income neighborhoods to grow in both academics and character will go a long way in preparing them for an ever-changing, fast-paced career environment that needs exceptional interpersonal skills.

Over the past few years, Rocketship Education (R) has been a recipient of a fair share of criticism, something not unique to the institution as other charter schools has been facing similar critique. Rocketship Education uses multiple teaching approaches to ensure the success of the students learning at its institutions.

The charter school’s most popular learning approaches include differentiated instructions and whole grade group learning. These learning approaches are in use at Rocketship elementary schools to tailor the education of the students.

The use of differentiated instructions and the whole grade group learning approach are technology intensive. According to education experts, these two approaches require the use of technology as an educational tool when the teachers are working with students either in small groups or when working one-on-one with an individual learner. The programs in use at Rocketship Education (R) that allows each learner to be given a specific set of instructions is beneficial in the creation of different learning opportunities for the learners. Consequently, the learners at Rocketship Education’s centers can grow in different areas.

Read more about Rocketship Education here


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Building a Relentless Team – Advice from Chairman of Jason River Capital

- Author: steph

Have you ever wondered how do people build entire corporations from zero? It usually takes a lot of persistence and excellent work. But at some point we are all tempted to quit some challenge or routine specially because doing something new and different looks attractive.


Paul Sanders has experienced this scenario all the time. He not only made the right decisions to stay in the game and make all those achievements but also found a way to transfer his devotion to his employees as well.


Paul Sanders is currently the president of Jason River Capital, known before as KP futures Management Corporation. He has shown impressive leadership for almost 30 years when inspiring his workers to be great. Here are some insights about what he likes to call ‘positive work environment’.


Since he entered the industry he has always wondered what makes people work below their potential. Exhaustion, incompetence or just poor performance are well known enemies in every corporation. Obviously we do not have to mention all the negative events that can be produce from it. Business owners like calling it ‘burning out’.


Usually when people do not show enough confidence or excitement about work is because there are not a clear and positive outcome of doing the work. The company’s vision must be compelling enough. It’s the single most important part when preventing this to happen.


When managing Jason River Capital, Paul likes to remark that workers ONLY experience burn out when they feel ‘unappreciated or inadequate’. They are willing to work as much as necessary! Of course everything has its limits, but the point we are trying to get straight is that performance is more about purpose rather than capacity. Learn more:


Better said, people do not want quantity over quality; they do not enjoy working long hours for something that is not valuable or rewarding. Now, it’s also relevant knowing that everyone has a different level of capacity. But as long as employees do not get discouraged and nor give up they will eventually make it right.


Having said that, Paul Saunders gives us some guidance about how to prevent this unpleasant surprises. The first thing he claims is that someone who experiences that weakness wants his team to understand him. Transparence, honesty, recognizing their value are great factors to boost their self-image.


As stated before, everyone has a different capacity when working. But some of them also have different motivations and drives. If your team member’s values are freedom for instance, the best thing you can do is giving more responsibilities. More control essentially. It may seem risky but it is not as long as it increases work quality.


Last but not least, every successful company is flexible, that is why they survive. Control, customization, adaptability are keys to unlock some of the most valuable skills in an employee: creativity, leadership and innovation.

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Jojo Hedaya Changes Email

April 23, 2019 - Author: steph

JoJo Hedaya has made quite a name for himself as the founder and CEO of Unroll.Me. He has used his knowledge and experience to tackle a simple but enormous problem: email. For years Hedaya has experienced problems in his business as a result of email. Working together with his longtime friend and partner Josh Rosenwald, Hedaya has come up with a solution to one of the world’s most annoying issues.

JoJo Hedaya has worked closely with his friend Josh Rosenwald to start a business. This duo has been friends from an early age. They even share the same birthday- December 30, 1989. Both of these young entrepreneurs grew up in New York and would spend most of their teenage years together. They even studied abroad in Israel together for several years. During this time they realized they have lots in common. Both guys attended private Jewish high schools before college. They also are both college dropouts who went after a career in business.

Although Hedaya and Rosenwald enjoyed working together they realized from the start there was a problem. Hedaya realized that many of his emails to Rosenwald were not being returned. This struggle lead the duo to come up with the invention Born out of frustration, is an answer to the problem of a crammed inbox. scans a user’s inbox and creates a list of subscriptions that become a part of one email. All of this is done in a matter of seconds. This email is called the ‘Roll up’ and can be sent to a user at anytime of the day they desire. Users then have the ability to delete or keep subscriptions and newsletters as they please. took a few months to gain attention but is now doing very well. The application has been featured in major publications like Lifehacker and The Next Web, sparking more growth. Both Jojo Hedyan and Josh Rosenwald appear to have a great creation on their hands that will help people keep their inboxes in check.

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Top Choices of Buying Instagram Accounts

April 22, 2019 - Author: steph

New Questions About Buying Instagram Accounts

Once you select an account, you can submit the tweet you want to get posted. Even if a number of the reports are maintained for the sole aim of promoting different accounts, only mild success is required for a person’s account to remove. First, make sure that it belongs to the person you’re talking to. You ought to be in a position to keep them engaged, so you’re able to continue to cultivate your Instagram account.  Lots of people that buy Instagram accounts are in an area to find vast quantities of followers instantly and boost their sales, followers, and customers. As intriguing as it may appear to obtain a 150k Instagram account for a couple of bucks, as useless it may be in the long run. Nowadays Instagram phone verified accounts plays an essential role for people and company. Buy instagram accounts

Even you may mistakenly destroy your website. You’ll likely find websites which sell followers for ridiculously reduced sums. You never understand how large your site will be in the coming days. It is essential that the very first thing which you should start looking for whenever you are comparing different websites to acquire the highest possible deal for purchasing followers for your account is a trustworthy website. The first thing a trusted website providing bulk providers for a particular amount offer supports.

You ought to figure out the exact reason for purchasing active Instagram likes and followers. If you have chosen to buy real Instagram followers, then first give it a go by buying a more compact package. Buying Instagram followers at the beginning of a career or as a means to launch a new idea doesn’t follow that the procedure is going to be completed time after time, just that it might want to get completed to get things going.

Buying Instagram Accounts – the Conspiracy

One way is via social media marketing. If you’re holding a little company and looking forward to acquiring a fast reply, then it’s time to receive Instagram followers and likes instantly. If the business you buy Instagram followers from isn’t clear about how they’re likely to have your followers, it is a terrible sign. It wants to get your followers by giving you the money. One company that connects you to a number of the top Twitter and other social networking accounts is Buy A Shoutout. When you acquire a company which can deal with the supply chain you may spend less in the very long run. Some businesses typically provide services of selling Instagram likes, and when you purchase Instagram likes from them, you should have the ability to receive plenty of benefits.

A rise in the variety of likes and followers will have an immediate effect on your visibility on Instagram. When done right, it doesn’t just turns out to be cost-effective but also benefits your company in the very long run. One of the essential advantages of buying Instagram likes is that you’re likely to get the choice to advertise very effectively for your business. The benefits of purchasing comments, followers and likes for Instagram, is the fact that it will give a tremendous boost to your company in a variety of ways. The more visible you’re, the higher the probability of you getting more visitors to your profile and website too. As a consequence, you need to upgrade your hosting plan from time to time.

The distinction is, you’re in full control. Paying just a little attention towards client communication and satisfaction can genuinely make a significant impact on your company development. There is a low point in purchasing a fashionista’s account with 50K followers if you’re attempting to sell home improvement tools. There are a lot of methods to make money through Instagram; here are a few of the shout out ways to make a massive buck from Instagram in Pakistan or India. You might have a concept of how to have it done, but you ought to be ready to let another company take the lead if there’s someone else that may find the business done better than you.

Buying Instagram Accounts Secrets

As a business proprietor, you have to be looking ahead to raise the overall number of sales. The variety of registered accounts on Instagram is extraordinarily huge, but besides that, about 500 million people utilize the application every day. There are a lot of ways available to boost followers of Twitter. No matter your profession, many followings and likings on Instagram will lead to the growth in many website visits. You have, for instance, individuals who want to know more about your goods and wish to know more. The ideal option in such a circumstance is to purchase Instagram likes and followers. So next time when you buy a web hosting plan to make sure it offers basic features together with excellent support.

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US Money Reserve Informs Public About Upcoming Recession

- Author: steph

The United States has experienced economic growth for 100 months in a row. This growth has been one of the longest economic booms in the nation’s history. While this economic growth has been quite impressive, it is very likely that there will be a recession in the near future. According to economic experts and US Money Reserve, the economy is going to experience a recession after a period of economic growth. While a recession may seem like a negative event, they are not always bad.

The main reason why recessions are not always bad is because they are part of a natural economic cycle. Whenever there is a recession, labor declines while wages increase. These factors result in companies not hiring as many employees along with the Federal Reserve raising interest rates. With these two things, the economy slows down. Read more: US Money Reserve | BizJournals and US Money Reserve | Manta

During an economic slowdown, the profits of businesses go in decline. When business profits are declining, a number of Wall Street banks attempt to delay a recession as long as possible. Along with Wall Street banks attempting to delay a recession, the government will also work towards adopting policies that will prevent a recession from occurring in the near future.

Whenever a recession occurs, politicians who are running for office or reelection will often face obstacles. They will usually have their chances of getting elected or reelected jeopardized due to unhappy voters.

The company US Reserve has recently said that whenever government officials and financial institutions manufacture recession delays, the effects are usually very negative. In many cases, a recession is delayed with a bubble which is when some assets are valued more highly then they should be.

Any bubble that is large will usually cause more devastating effects on the economy then smaller ones. It is important to look back on a couple of past economic bubbles to get an idea of how a recession can affect the economy. The last time that the economy grew this often was during the 1990’s when there was 120 consecutive months of economic growth.

US Reserve was founded in 2001 in Texas. The company grew into the largest and most reputable distributor of precious metals products. It offers a wide range of items that consumers can use to build wealth.

US Money Reserve sells precious metals such as gold and silver. When a consumer purchases these metals from the company, they can use these products to not only build wealth but also avoid hardship during recessions and economic decline.

For nearly two decades, US Money Reserve has provided consumers with not only valuable assets, but also education and support. The company provides news with the latest updates on both the economy and the precious metals markets.

Click on the links below to learn more about US Money Reserve:

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Jeunesse Global and Their Line of High-End Products

- Author: steph

With so many customers wanting a high-end product line they can trust, there is absolutely nothing quite like Jeunesse Global. Jeunesse Global has been in business since 2009 and has since grown to become one of the largest health and beauty companies in the world. What sets Jeunesse Global apart from a lot of other companies is that they have worked diligently to provide a solid entrepreneurial opportunity for those who are interested. This means that you can actually sell the products that you love and make a bit of money off of it in the process.

There are many products within the Jeunesse Global line, making it easy and quick to find the specific one that is going to work for you. One of their most popular lines is known as RVL, which focuses on high-quality hair care that is ideal for all hair types. The RVL line contains a shampoo, conditioner and deep scalp treatment that needs to be used in conjunction to help reveal your best hair. The product line focuses on high-quality ingredients that are great for all hair types and will transform the way that you feel about your own hair. Along with RVL, the company has beauty, health and wellness products that you can choose to purchase from them or from a local distributor.

While there are a lot of people who are looking for brands they can trust with their health and wellness needs, there is nothing quite like Jeunesse Global to get you feeling great about the way that you look. There is a reason a lot of people have already chosen to make use of Jeunesse Global and this is because the brand has developed a wide range of different options for their customers so that you can pick and choose which one is best for you. The brand was developed by Wendy Lewis as well as Randy Ray, who have made it their mission in life to get the best ingredients possible for the types of products that they are creating for the world to use at their own discretion.

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Article Title: Bhanu Choudhrie’s Take on Executive Training Programs

- Author: steph

Article Text:

Bhanu Choudhrie is among the prominent entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom. The founder of C&C Alpha Group doubles, as the company’s Executive Director. Bhanu believes that success in business goes together with education. He has invested in Owner/President Management training programs in the Harvard Business School to acquire additional skills. The vigorous training sessions come in modules of three weeks and run for three years. According to Choudhrie, education has no end, and it comes in different forms depending on the environment.


The Owner/President Management is essential for understanding the changes in the global economy. Besides, it helps the leaders familiarize themselves with the market trends of the day. Bhanu Choudhrie took the initiative of enrolling in the program to promote his business in the competitive industry. Additionally, the program’s packages gave him time to attend to his international business obligations.

Bhanu Choudhrie chose Harvard Business School because of its expertise in helping leaders acquire decision-making skills. The school also trains the business owners the skills of responding to pressure arising from the investments. Bhanu points out that the admission process on the campus is unmatched. It provides the classmates a chance to meet with the best business owners.

The training program was a revelation to Bhanu Choudhrie. He mastered different professional skills in handling his business. Bhanu learned that there is more behind being a business owner and the boss. He recommends every business owner to enroll in such executive training programs. The package provides trainees with new business strategies and frameworks.

Born in 1978, Bhanu Choudhrie is an alumnus of University of Boston. He pursued international business and marketing in the institution. After doing an internship at JP Morgan, Bhanu relocated to London to explore the available business opportunities. Besides investing in the real estate, Bhanu has an interest in the hotel, banking, and aviation industries.

Like many other investors, the Indian born award-winning investor takes part in various charities and donations. His passion for helping the needy started in his youthful days. He is the director of Path to Success, a charity network owned by his mother. It specializes in supporting schools in the United Kingdom among other charities. Visit

End Of Article

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Have A Podcast? The Way to Use a Press Release to Boost Your Audience

- Author: steph

Yet, brand-new information showed that podcast is a fresh way for just how individuals utilize networking as well as the suggestion that the company promotes their understanding.

The most current Edison Research study at 2017 discovered that podcasting has actually been prominent with annual listeners with 21 to 24 percent increase annually, the affluent and educated consumers stay the absolute best podcast listeners, while 27% sign up for a podcast.

With the continuous gain in the number of audiences to a podcast, it’s merely right for B2B online marketers to use it allow their brand name as well as increase their audience. But, it’s not simple to construct crowds with podcasting.

If you Are Seriously Interested in taking podcasting as a brand-new means to Construct your target market, then there are numerous methods how you can Begin a podcast, as well as motivate it by means of a news releases:

  1. Educate a Visitor.

One strategy to expand your audiences, downloads and also raise your specific niche would certainly be to talk to visitors that will certainly discuss something they focus. It is important to consider that they’re experts in the market they’re most likely to talk about.

When they’re comfortable mentioning the topic, they’ll automatically pull in even more listeners. Prior to printing the podcast, it is important to market it through a press release distribution. Make sure that you write the benefits that listeners will leave the podcast.

2. Develop a Series.

You might want to take a look at creating a collection of the podcast if you would like to discuss a specific subject that there is so much to go over. Throughout the set of episodes, you can review different topics concerning a certain problem.

Issuing a press release before releasing every collection is excellent because your fans are eager to find out about another installment. It’s also a superb way to record new target markets, that is most likely to be thinking about the forthcoming occasions.

3. Discuss a contentious topic.

Discussing pertinent topics is an excellent suggestion to review in podcasting. Listeners like to understand upgrades as well as take part in concerns which are occurring.

You will certainly welcome DACA recipients that will review their opinions and sensations regarding it.

Write a press release about it that is highly likely to bring in even more listeners since it’s a warm topic right now. By debatable podcasting subjects, you’re possible to acquire a new market.

4. Consult with the neighborhood.

Podcasting does not constantly happen in the 4 edges of the recording studio. Why don’t you head out and talk with people? Ask these questions.

Continue to a new possible location you could most likely pull in a brand-new market. It is one method to get communication with new and old target markets.

Increase your new action using a press launch. Blog about it and be certain that you make up an appealing headline to get the reporter’s interest.

5. Discover something brand-new.

Maybe, you’re wondering exactly how a specific thing began?

You might additionally require to think about finding the phenomena on behind-the-scenes of a favorite film or the method the flourishing company started. Identify the answers to those questions in addition to your podcast audiences.

You will certainly inform the story since you untangle it immediately, or request somebody that you might speak with concerning the subject. Using this idea can enhance even more audiences because people are normally interested.

This is an interesting subject to notify reporters. Be sure that you compose crucial truths on your podcast along with that to contact when they desired even more information.

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