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Article Title: Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum

March 31, 2019 - Author: steph

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a highly respected successful joint doctor and surgeon. He currently runs his own practice that handles around 500 joint replacement surgeries a year. He was the Chairman of Orthopaedics at the Bronx Health System in New York City. He is also very internet savvy and has helped to grow websites. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum played a role in the development and sales of Medscape to WebMD.

In 1979 Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum earned an undergraduate degree at Brown University, from here he went on to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Here he graduated and did his residency requirements to become a doctor. He then went on to Thomas Jefferson University where he was trained in reconstructive surgery and hip and knee replacement.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum likes to keep very busy with all of his endeavors. He also likes to work with patients one on one as well. He wakes early in the morning and takes care of his electronic life. He checks on social media accounts and his email. He does a lot of connecting on LinkedIn with people in and around the health care industry. After this, he works with the administrators of his practice and then some days he will see patients and other days he works on projects.

Dr. Kirschenbaum loves the idea of value-based healthcare. This is where healthcare is based on the real cost and patient outcome. He thinks that a system like this will help doctors always to do their best for their patients. Dr. Kirschenbaum does not see the future of United States healthcare as all gloom and doom. He actually sees healthcare in the United States improving significantly over the decades to come. He understands that it will improve both in its abilities and in overall costs or value.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is an avid reader and believes that connecting with the people in his business is the best thing for his entrepreneurial endeavors. He suggested that people read “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell to learn about subconscious decision making.

Book an appointment to see Dr. Ira here

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Everything You Need To Know About Hyland’s Teething Tablets

March 30, 2019 - Author: steph

Babies deal with a significant amount of pain during the teething period. As a care giver, protecting your young from pain and discomfort is a natural instinct. During these distressing moments, Hyland’s Teething Tablets is what your baby needs.

Hyland’s Teething Tablets is a homeopathic therapy for pain and distress associated with teething. It temporarily relieves the irritability and agitation that comes with this agonizing time. The tablets have easy to use directions. For children under the age of 3, two tablets are dissolved on their tongue every hour until a dosage of six is achieved. Alternatively, you can dissolve the tablet in a spoon of water. The soft tablets will instantly dissolve in the tongue or in water. As a result of pain relief, your baby will probably fall asleep after short while

Hyland’s Teething Tablets are 100% natural and contain safe ingredients. Ingredients such as parabens, dyes or artificial flavors are not used in the manufacture of this product. Hyland’s is known for creating homeopathic products including Hyland’s Teething Tablets that are safe for family use.

Hyland’s new baby oral pain relief tablets

Hyland’s has a new over the counter solution for your baby’s oral discomfort. This new product is not intended to replace the teething tablet but to address broader variety of oral discomforts including gum sensitivity and oral soreness. The baby oral pain relief tablets contain only natural ingredients. No artificial dyes, flavors, belladonna, parabens or benzocaine are in this product. Rather, arnica and chamomilla are the active primary ingredients. This product is easy to administer and safe to use and it come in two formulas; one for day time and one for nighttime.

About Hyland’s

Hyland’s is well-known as the oldest and the largest manufacturer of Hyland’s Teething Tablets in North America. It was founded by a group of 8 physicians in 1903 in Los Vegas. George H. Hyland was hired to manage its day to day operations but in 1910, he acquired and expanded the business. Today, Hyland’s has grown to be a successful company which offers a broad array of homeopathic medicines for a variety of ailments.

Buy Hyland’s Teething Tablets here

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Carsten Thiel: A Health Care Entrepreneur Who Leads By Example

March 28, 2019 - Author: steph

Carsten Thiel is a businessman with a scientific background who has been very successful with anything he has put his mind to. Carsten Thiel has worked with Xenical in the past and helped the company to have a successful launch. He has also helped many other companies to market their health products. His integrity and honesty has improved the companies he has served and has helped them to stay in business for many years longer than they might have without him.

Carsten Thiel has, often, been called upon to lead by example and has educated the teams he has worked with about the benefits of being honest in the health industry. When he worked with Vectibix, he was put in a position to make a huge choice about launching the product while knowing it had many downsides. He eventually made the decision to help educate the company’s potential customers about the details of what the product’s strengths and weaknesses were. He made it so patients would have to be tested to see if the product had a good chance of working on them before they would have to pay for anything. This greatly improved reputation and standing in the industry.

Carsten Thiel is an entrepreneur who studied at the University of Bristol, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry. He also attended the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry and ended up receiving his Ph.D. in molecular biology there. He later worked with Hoffman la-Roche, which is a biotech firm. He first served as the company’s communications and product manager. He also worked with Insadong as its general manager and was a large part of the success of the launching of may of its products. Theil’s passion for improving the pharmaceutical industry and better serving the needs of patients has gone a long way towards making the world a better place.

For details:

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“Marc Beer Raises Funds For Women’s Health In Boston “

March 25, 2019 - Author: steph

Marc Beer is a pharmaceutical expert co-founded Renovia Inc., a firm that deals with products for treating pelvic floor disorders. The company closed its series B on August 2018 with a total of 42 million dollars. The company is based in Boston and manufactures a series of diagnostic and therapeutic products for the patients. The products are used in the treatment of disorders like loss of bladder control, which affects quite some women across the globe. Leva is the first Renovia product that received approval by the Food and Drug Administration in April 2018.


Marc Beer has been able to secure funding for series B from Longwood Fund. The initiative was chaired by Missouri-based Ascension Ventures and also advisors from New York. The funding was meant to develop and test other four therapeutic and diagnostic products, including a new generation of the Leva device.


The Renovia Chairman, Marc Beer, did mention in a statement that they are thrilled by the support the reputable healthcare investors who share their vision. They are committed to enhancing the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorders to improve the lives of millions of the affected population. He also added that when people combine the proprietary sensor with good digital health platforms, patients will have access to valuable information regarding different treatment options available. As a result, the patients will have an understanding of the pelvic floor disorders, and the cost of healthcare will be reduced significantly.


Marc Beer has more than 26 years of experience in commercialization and development of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, diagnostics and laboratory devices. He founded Renovia with Yolanda Lorie, Ramon Iglesias and MD in 2016. They succeeded to close Series A financing plan and had funds to lead in healthcare venture. Earlier on, Marc was the founding CEO of ViaCELL, a company that deals with preservation, collection and developing of umbilical cord blood stem cells. He led the firm for seven years and ensured it grew to a giant it is today.


Marc has also served in Erytech Pharma Biopharmaceutical Company as a member of the Board of Directors. He held top positions in Genzyme and recently served as the Vice President of Global Marketing. Marc Beer has ensured commercial launching of various products that are manufactured and approved to deal with rare diseases globally. He has also held sales and marketing roles in the diagnostic and pharmaceutical divisions of Abbott Laboratories. Marc is also a member of the Business Advisory Council of Miami University. Learn more:

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5 Facts That You Never Knew About Depression

March 24, 2019 - Author: steph

Depression affects over16 million US citizens each year. Two-thirds of those affected fail to seek treatment since they are less informed about the mental condition. Are you one of those misinformed people? The following facts could help you understand depression better. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

  1. There are multiple types of depressive disorders

There are four primary types of the mental condition; persistent depressive disorder, postpartum depression, persistent depressive disorder, and seasonal affective disorder. Each has its signs.

The postpartum disorder affects women who have just delivered, and it can last up to two weeks. Persistent Depressive disorder is a chronic type that can last up to two years.

The seasonal affective disorder manifests during the winter season. Major depressive disorder subjects individuals to reduced self-esteem, and prolonged sadness for up to two weeks.

  1. Depression can result without an apparent cause

In most cases, depression results after a stressful experience like the death of a loved one, divorce, job loss, and financial difficulties. However, sometimes, depression may result without an apparent cause.

  1. Depression lacks specific symptoms

Mental health experts say that depression has no definitive signs. Affected people may experience weight gain, loss/increased appetite, persistent negative thoughts, headache, general tension, and fatigue. Each person has a unique set of symptoms.

  1. Unmanaged depression can lead to suicide

Reliable studies reveal that one person dies of depression-related suicide after every 12 minutes. Why is depression a leading cause of suicide? Unmanaged depression leads to hopelessness that prompts victims to consider death as the best way out.


  1. Depression is treatable

Depression can be managed by medications, lifestyle changes, and drug-free therapies. Doctors propose that you seek immediate attention since the treatments are efficient during the early stages. Chronic depression may be cumbersome to manage.

Where can you seek depression treatment?

If you are depressed, you can schedule a visit to a psychiatrist, counselor, psychologist, or any other mental health expert. The professionals will evaluate your case and then prescribe appropriate medication.

As an alternative, you can seek help at a mental health therapy center near you. An example is the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers. Neurocore uses drug-free therapies to manage mental health issues like depression, ADHD, anxiety, stress, memory loss, and migraines.

At Neurocore, therapists will use qEEG technology to identify and analyze the cause of your depression. Afterward, the therapist will scheme an effective treatment plan to help you manage your unique case. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

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Things Are On A Real Upswing This Year For Gino Pozzo And Watford FC:

March 23, 2019 - Author: steph

English Premier League club Watford Football Club has a history that goes back 121 years as the football organization was founded during the 1898 calendar year. The club is owned by Gino Pozzo, a businessman from Italy. Gino’s farther Giampaolo Pozzo was the former owner of Watford Football Club. Gino has maintained a very hands-on approach in his running of Watford Football Club and involves himself significantly in the football organizations regular options. Things have been looking up this current year for Watford Football Club and there is a lot of talk that this year’s team is going to make a difference. Watford currently holds the number seven position in the Premier League Standings as well as the fact that the club has made it to the FA Cup quarter-final round.

Javi Gracia has expressed a strong sense that something different than usual is going on with this year’s Watford team. The club has had an outstanding run in its last eleven games, taking only one loss in that span of time. The Watford leader Gracia has expressed the fact that much of this success is due to the fact that the players are really coming together this year and helping one another.

The fact is that Waterford Football Club has always been one of those perennial underdog teams, but this seems to really be changing for the better this season. The fact is that this Javi Gracia built team is a good one and it is a far more put together and balanced one that what he originally inherited when he initially came on board. Not only is this team that Gracia has put together a good one, but it is one that has shown a consistent ability this year to continue to improve and evolve over the course of the season.

Find out more about Gino-Pozzo:

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Equities First Holdings Has New Worldwide Offices

March 16, 2019 - Author: steph

Equities First Holdings has new worldwide offices that are opening all over the Eastern Hemisphere. They have moved into Korea and Japan. They have offices in Australia and New Zealand, and they have offices opening in Russia. The company wants to give as many people as possible the chance to borrow money, and they know that they can provide these custoemrs with the best prices along with more functional loans.

The Equities First plan for loans includes a simple collateral plan that allows the customer to save money. Custoemrs are never asked to put up their homes or property for these loans. The company approves loans with a stock certificate, and they set up the payment plan as soon as they can. The company also works with businesses that need capital for payroll, research, or big projects that need seed funding. Equities First Holdings is a worldwide brand that everyone should try.

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HGGC Invests in denodo

March 13, 2019 - Author: steph
As a leading middle-market private equity firm, HGGC announced it had finalized its investment in Denodo, a renowned leader in data virtualization industry. Denodo’s executive team will retain significant ownership of the business. Terms of the transaction were withheld. Denodo is a platform that delivers solutions in big data, logical data warehouses, as well as operational scenarios. The company specializes in accelerating adoption via data virtualization while fostering the use of business data by end users. It also provides self-service information discovery as well as search. The Denodo Platform has advanced optimization techniques aimed at fostering the application of big data. Being a dynamic optimizer, the company determines the leading query execution plan in order to deliver excellent performance and distinctive characteristics of resources of big data. In various performance evaluations, The Denodo Platform demonstrated high benchmark results similar to a physical data warehouse.
Leaders in various industries such as Amgen, Autodesk, Seagate, and Mitsui have chosen Denodo to be their service provider for data virtualization, logical data warehouse, single-view applications, and access to cloud modernization. HGGC’s investment is an essential step toward accelerating Denodo’s leadership in the market. As such, the company has enjoyed success over its years of operations across various dimensions such as customer needs, talent acquisitions, in addition to profitable growth. HGGC is the right partner to carry on that course faster.
Data virtualization is gaining a considerable share of the current data integration market. More businesses realize that data virtualization delivers efficiencies as it completes other management investments. Through providing actual data flow, data virtualization is vastly becoming the solution for meaningful data access. For that reason, Denodo has vastly expanded its leadership structure and portfolio to compete with the world’s largest technology firms.
HGGC has $4.3 billion in capital commitments. The firm is often identified as the leader of advantaged investing, a model that makes it possible for it to source and take over management teams at attractive multiples. Over history, HGGC has finalized more than 50 platform investments and add-on acquisitions. These transactions have had an aggregate value of over $13 billion.

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Dick DeVos – who is he?

March 12, 2019 - Author: steph

Have you seen Dick DeVos in the news? As the son of the recently past Richard DeVos Sr., owner of Amway, Dick DeVos has always worked with his father on various projects, but he is well known for putting Grand Rapids on the map. Like his father, he has an incredible business acumen and once led record-breaking numbers at Amway in global sales.


When he left the company, he started looking at his hometown and wanted to help the business owners there with multiple projects. There were plans to build a sports arena and convention center, but DeVos noted that they were slightly off and not in the right location. He didn’t think it would support business leaders in the central areas of Grand Rapids.


DeVos had been there for the abandonment of Detroit and had seen what had happened to the Pontiac SilverDome when the teams left. The fall of the city happened around that arena. DeVos didn’t want to see that happen with Grand Rapids, so he worked hard to block those plans and create new ones with business leaders. He saw that they could build areas up around downtown businesses just by choosing the right locations and looking at a new strategy.


The strategy was to bring in business conference meetings to the area with a brand new sports complex and convention center. So, DeVos and the Grand Action committee worked on several projects in the 1990s. The first was the building of the DeVos Place Convention Center, then the DeVos Performance Hall, and the Andel Arena. These were going to be magnificent business travel destinations, and DeVos worked with the airport as well.


At the time, the airport was quite small and didn’t have enough flights to the destinations that would be on the business traveler’s list. This included destinations like Orlando, St. Louis, Denver, and Vegas. He worked with the AirTran Airways CEO to get these flights into the airport. Once that happened, ticket sales took off, and Grand Rapids started to grow rapidly.


Now the airport is seeing over 3 million passengers per year. The airport will also complete its latest renovation as part of the Gateway Transformation Project in 2019. Just last year, they added a business center and food court upgrades. Now they will be working on new technology and curbside services.


DeVos joined the FAA’s Management Advisory Council and will be meeting with the civilian board through 2020.


Visit to learn more.

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Ashley Lightspeed Contribution to the Success of Lightspeed

March 11, 2019 - Author: steph

Ashley Lightspeed works with Lightspeed Ventures Capital. She has worked with the firm for quite some time now and has helped the firm become successful. Ashley has helped expand the profit margins of the Lightspeed Ventures and has contributed to the expansion of the firm. Ashley is among the board members of the Lightspeed; she helps in decisions making and coming up with new development strategies. Lightspeed Ventures is among the few various venture capital companies. Ashley helped employ diversity in the firm. Related article at

Ashley also advocates for more female employees as a way of increasing diversity. The firm is currently employing five new female employees.Ashley Lightspeed is delighted to be working with young entrepreneurs and helping them discover their potential. For a long time, Ashley has been using prototyping to create new products and generate business ideas. Ashley believes in the power of prototyping and encourages upcoming entrepreneurs to adopt since she is positive that it will help in dealing with business-related issues. Ashley uses her creative mind and her love for prototyping to assist firms and individuals in business. Ashley’s first encounter with Lightspeed Ventures capital was during a fundraising event organized by Thumbtack, a firm that she worked at.

Ashley Lightspeed has worked with several prominent firms and has led each one of them to success. Ashley began her career with a job at Bain and Company; this was her first job. She worked there for several years before deciding to join Thumbtack since she wanted to explore and understand better the world of Silicon Valley. Ashley got employed at Thumbtack, her primary role was to plan and organize events. Thumbtack is currently a significant event planner; this has been made possible through Ashley’s skills. Ashley left Thumbtack to further her studies at Stanford business school and later graduated and joined Lightspeed.

Read more:


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