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Guilherme Paulus: Positivity for Building Business Success

January 18, 2019 - Author: steph

Guilherme Paulus founded one of the foremost tour companies in Brazil today. The idea for the company was not his but Carlos Vicente Cerchiari who was interested in establishing a tour company in Santo Andre. He was a civil servant and was too busy to do the actual work and he agreed to provide capital so he would do the work of establishing the business. His skills as an entrepreneur became obvious at this time because Guilherme Paulus was able to cleverly situate their store next to a movie theatre and brought in many customers.

He was very excited and was motivated to start the business. Their partnership lasted four years n which time the business was quite successful. Guilherme Paulus says the business became even more successful after Carlos Vicente Cerchiari left. The successful businessman is a thankful person and considers himself very optimistic. He begins his day by being thankful and notes that being thankful at the beginning of the day helps him look forward to the day’s activities.

He also ensures that he makes a list of things that need to be done every week this he says makes him productive and ensures that he is well organized. He finds writing down his weekly schedule empowers him and he is able to remain productive throughout the week. On how he is able to bring the ideas he has to reality he says that it is important to take the very first step which is usually the scariest. The only way to know whether an idea is good or bad is to take action on it. To know more about him click here.

He is excited by how useful technology is in the daily activities of a business. One can easily make corrections on bookings among other things quickly and efficiently. Guilherme adds that he is involved in the day to day running of the business and takes time to talk to both his clients and his employees and this keeps the business successful.

About Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme was born in 1950 and is on the Forbes billionaires list 2013. Guilherme Paulus is married with two children.

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From Thumbtack, To A New Career As Ashley Lightspeed

January 17, 2019 - Author: steph

Ashley Braiser is 35 years old and currently lives in Midlothian, Texas. Ashley Braiser dreamt of becoming an architect as a kid. She used to admire her dad’s work and try to come up with building ideas for herself. Through her studies, she learned that loved prototyping business ideas. She started her career as a consultant. After a few years, she joined Thumbtacks due to her desire to explore the world and worked as a category manager. Ashley’s career at the two companies enabled her to gather more information on prototyping. According to Ashley prototyping is a major fundamental for any entrepreneur. More about of Ashley at Bloomberg

Ashley Braiser’s first contact with Light Speed Ventures was during Thumbtack event. Light Speed saw the potential in Ashley since it had a good portfolio on supporting other businesses and predicting the future of great individuals. She left Thumbtack and was eager to start her own company, offering advice to new companies. She has helped many entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality by venturing into various companies at once.

Through Ashley’s support and encouragement, Ashley Lightspeed helps institutions to determine their business strategy. Ashley Braiser encourages entrepreneurs to adapt craftsmanship since it enables them to show concern to consumers and employees. When organizations put employees and consumers first, they can excel and succeed Creators are therefore capable of transforming consumer needs into great ideas. Ashley Lightspeed is among the best performing firms in Silicon Valley and also has plenty of female employees compared to other VC firms. Braiser is one of the female employees hired recently to the firm. This was after her graduation from Stanford Business School. Ashley Braiser was among five other female employees who were hired by the firm. Two of the employees are advocates for women in tech. Ashley encourages women to explore different business opportunities and advocates for their employment.



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The Bullish Outlook for Herbalife

January 15, 2019 - Author: steph

A global nutrition and weight management company, Herbalife (NYSE:HLF) has been constantly positioned in an overall uptrend direction. Compared to it’s industry which experienced a decline of 0.1% in the past year, Herbalife stock’s has surged 68.7%. Its continued success in its global presence along with its volume growth have proven to investors that Herbalife is continuing to grow and is worth investment.

For the day trader and swing trader it is clear that consistent and predictable trends of Herbalife stocks make it a worthy investment. A look at the stock values over time demonstrates clearly that Herbalife has the potential for growth during this next year just as it has consistently demonstrated growth in the past. For the more long-term position trader that outlook is even better. Not only are the moving averages indicative of the company’s growth but the fundamentals for a long term investment are also pointing in a good direction. It maintains a current ratio over 1 and its EPS Growth in the past year was a phenomenal 46.50%.

Hedge funds have clearly taken note of the potential for Herbalife’s growth as by the end of the third quarter of 2018 six additional hedge funds had opened long positions in HLF since the beginning of 2018. There is clearly a very optimistic outlook for the growth and revenue that Herbalife will produce in the coming year.

Beyond this investors in Herbalife now have additional options trading – specifically new expiration dates of contracts. With 228 day contracts a higher premium is attainable by the sellers of puts or calls. The addition of these contracts opens the avenue to further investment and additionally more profit for the investors – yet another signal of the optimistic outlook on the future growth of Herbalife.

It is evident based upon both short-term and long-term trends concerning Herbalife Nutrition that there are tremendous opportunities for growth especially as it continues to uptrend in the market and as further trading options become available to investors. And if we follow the direction of the hedge funds then it is clear that Herbalife is in for a very good year of growth.


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Peter Briger: The Successful Leader of Fortress

January 14, 2019 - Author: steph

Peter Briger is the famed co-chairman and astute Principal of the Fortress’ board of directors. Fortress Investment Group LLC is a prominent global investments manager of a whopping $42.1 billion in assets. Fortress Investment Group’s debut on the public market, in February 2007, declared Peter to be a billionaire. His 66 million shares were equivalent to $2 billion. Unluckily, the company’s stocks reduced bringing Briger’s shares to 44 million, which is equal to $350 million. Briger is still a rich man despite the company’s shortcomings. He is an active investor in special assets. Read this articles at to learn more about Peter Briger.

How Briger Made it

Briger has created his wealth through trading assets. He has expertise in distressed debt, which he displayed when he co-founded the Special Situations Group of Goldman in 1997. This group is popular for its profitable trades and the leading revenue producer of Goldman. Peter Briger and McGoldrick, Briger’s colleague at Goldman, bought and sold troubled mortgages in Japan and car loans in Thailand. Briger’s group bought assets that were unproductive because of political pressures or economic problems. They would retain the assets and sell them when the market was stable.

In Fortress, Briger has helped the company by buying non-performing and illiquid assets from the governments and banks and turning them into successful ventures. He is responsible for the credit opportunity funds that have generated internal rate returns of 12.7%, 17.8%, and 25.2%.

Briger’s Other Ventures

Peter Briger joined the board of advisors of the Center for a New American Security or CNAS in 2017. The board of advisors consists of leaders from the government, private sector, and academia. These members help the Center to conduct research and develop its community of interest. Briger’s role encompasses executing and developing CNAS’ intellectual agenda.

The Background of Briger

Since March 2002, Briger has been an active member of the company’s Management Committee. He is also in-charge of Real Estate and Credit business at the company. Peter Briger worked at Goldman for fifteen years before joining the Fortress. Currently, he is a board member at a San Francisco-based non-profit organization for low-income families. Briger also serves as a committee member of a network of charter schools, Caliber Schools, dedicated to preparing students to succeed in colleges.



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- Author: steph

Imagine having the ability together all of your newsletters into one location, in an organized way. can do that, not only does have the know how to organize your newsletter, but you can also, set up your account to have each newsletter, arrive at a certain time. So, basically you will choose the time that each newsletter will pop up in your inbox. If that’s not excited, I don’t know what is. No more having to deal with dozens of newsletters swarming your email inbox all at once. has many different features, which is why so many people are jumping onboard. Have you ever felt uncomfortable about having flight or hotel confirmations comeing your email, because of lack of security? You do not have to worry any longer, is dedicated to protecting your information. When shoppers receive confirmations for purchases made online, realizes that could be dangerous, or when your birthday pops up in their system, uses encryption to protect your information.


Rakuten Intelligence owns Rakuten Intelligence is a company that gathers information concerning the purchases of consumers. Analyzing the shopping habits of individuals and communities helps Rakuten to comprehend new trends that may be coming about. It also allows the company to gain insight on corporate performance. This information is important to understand the shopping needs of particular demographics. It also reveals how a corporation is doing, is the company doing well in a certain region or is the company suffering. Rakuten can actually detect this sort of information, all while, protecting your email account.


Personal emails are not looked at by the employees of In fact, employees have limited access to the accounts of customers. takes very seriously the privacy of it’s customers. Employees of are constantly engaged in mandatory classes about the privacy of the customer.

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The Brilliance of Heather Parry

- Author: steph

Live Nations Productions has been led by its president Heather Parry since December 2015. She has since made a name for herself as an energetic leader who is always proactive about getting her business involved with new projects. Under her leadership Nations wrapped up producing “A Star is Born,” starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. When Parry first heard that her friend Cooper was going to direct this movie, she led Live Nation to get involved. After Cooper’s agent agreed to Nations inclusion, Parry got various producers involved.

Since that time, she has also led Nations to help produce the documentaries “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A Bad Boy Story”, “Five Foot Two”, “Believer,” and “Nos Amis”; and the scripted film “The After Party.” It is right now in the development stage of two documentaries and a T.V. series called “From Cradle to Stage.” All involved in all of these projects attest their great admiration for Parry’s great brilliance and drive for perfection. She has been instrumental in instilling fresh angles into the projects that would not have been there otherwise.

Prior to her leadership at LNP, she served with MTV for 12 years. She started out as a young reporter for MTV News and rose to become MTV’s West Coast Bureau Chief. After leaving MTV in 2005, she became the head of Happy Madison Productions. She then became the president of LNP. All in all, every bit of Parry’s career has been full of energy and a zeal for creativity.

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“James River Capital: Advice for Employees with CEO Paul Saunders “

January 10, 2019 - Author: steph

James River Capital is an investment firm with independent efforts. James River Capital specializes in commodity trading and company hedge funds. As a result of James River Capital’s business efforts, they are considered to be a respected investment firm within the industry of finance. James River Capital is registered as a proprietary Investment Advisor for SEC. The entity is also registered with CFTC. James River Capital offers advice regarding employee burnout and the effect it can have on a company’s business model. The team at James River Capital has experience regarding business transactions and therefore is able to give advice to other enterprises on the best ways train employees.


Expert Advice


Employee burnout is a concern amongst all employers. James River Capital offers tips and tricks to deal with the issue. According to James River Capital, one of the first signs of burnout is a loss of control. When an employee experiences a loss of control, all other aspects of business become more difficult. Tasks such as planning and scheduling will seem difficult for an employee experiencing burnout. James River Capital suggest businesses eliminate any rules that are too strict. When rules are too strict, there is no margin for common mistakes. James River Capital suggest employers encourage their employees to take a 15 minute break before the work day begins. During the break, employees should pinpoint the goals they would like to accomplish that day.


Another sign of burnout is doubt amongst employees. When an employee is distrustful of the corporation, they are more likely to become exhausted and uninterested in work. When an employee does not believe they are being adequately compensated, they will experience a negative feeling towards their employer. When an employer notices this, it is important that they address it immediately. Along with doubt, employees tend to show a change in their attitude. If an employee becomes upset and angry at a minor issue, there tends to be a greater issue at play internally. In these cases, employers should address the issue before it escalates. Learn more:


When an employee feels a loss of confidence within themselves, their actions become unpredictable. An employee may be uninterested in work as a result of low confidence. When confidence is low, employees do not interact well with others. They become unsure of themselves, and the company suffers as a result. It is paramount for employers to notice these signs and address them immediately. Employee burnout is common in the United States, particularly with the increase of smartphones. Paul Saunders is the principal and founder of James River Capital. He initiated the enterprise and is well-versed as an employer and supervisor.


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Sunday Riley : An Interview with a Rising start in the beauty industry

January 7, 2019 - Author: steph

The beauty world has been buzzing with the incredible products of Sunday Riley. This cult following for her “green ingredients” have been seen all over social media with people absolutely loving not only the feel but also the results of her products. However, Sunday Riley really doesn’t like to be in the spotlight because she wants her brand and her team to be at the forefront. In a recent interview with Sunday Riley we get to delve deeper into her though progress regarding her product development and future plans for the brand.

How do you feel that Sunday Riley has received such a large following?

Riley states that one thing people need to understand is that although she shares her name with the brand they are separate entities. Riley also says that she feels humbled and prideful for the number of women seeking her products and making them a part of their daily lives. At the end of the day, it is a sense of responsibility to continue offering effective products says, Riley.

Are you on Reddit?

Yes, but I do not search up my own photos or the brand Riley states. Essentially looking too much into your company will allow a sense of impatience and fear to creep up on you, although Riley does ask her team to let her know whenever someone comments about a problem with her products.

Why has Good-Genes become such a sensation?

The technology was always there, however, very few in the beauty industry understood the benefits of it, but when the general public began discovering it and understood the functions of it, that’s when business began to pick up.

What is one thing people can do right now to have better skins

Washing a person’s face is one of the most obvious yet overlooked treatments, says Sunday Riley. You don’t have to spend millions of dollars to exfoliate one’s skins, however, it always best to understand the difference between a good and bad product. According to Sunday Riley, a bad product is not determined by its price rather but what it accomplishes for your skin.

Find out more about Sunday Riley:

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The Leading Global Company in the Meat Processing Business–OSI Industries

January 4, 2019 - Author: steph

OSI Industries Humble Beginnings

The OSI Industries is one of the largest food processing companies in the world owning 65 facilities in 17 nations in three of the continents. Its origins stemmed from the 1900s when an immigrant from Germany started a family business of selling meat in Chicago before expanding his business into a wholesale supplier. What’s more, over the decades the business continued to expand, and by 1928, it became a fully-fledged company that went by the name “Otto & Sons” as he ran the company together with his sons.

Further, as the company continued to grow, it became one of the leading meat suppliers for McDonald’s restaurant that started in 1955. The company continued to flourish, and by 1973, Otto &Sons was able to afford its first substantial meat plant that could produce larger quantities and quality products of fresh beef patties in West Chicago. Besides, the Otto & Sons Company would later form another separate internal unit for dealing with the non-McDonald businesses that was known as “Glenmark”, before again changing their brand name to what is now the OSI Industries in 1975.

About Business Operations at the OSI Industries

OSI’s operations are conducted by its more than 20,000 employees who have helped to place the company as a global leader in the food business. Also, as the company continues to expand its business, OSI focuses on the value-added products such as the hamburger patties, sausages, and pizza that have significantly been improved in the last ten years. Furthermore, the company has especially penetrated the market in Europe where an instance is when it acquired the Creative Foods Europe in 2016 as part of its expansion strategy.

Moreover, OSI also acquired another large food processing company known as Baho food that operates in both the Netherlands and the Germany market. The formerly Dutch company again has five subsidiaries known as the Henri van de Bilt, Vital Convenience, Q Smart Life, Gelderland Frischwaren, and Bakx Foods. Equally important, the given subsidiaries are in 18 of the European countries where they have been in the food business for close to 60 years, which is already a boost to the OSI’s business. Additionally, the OSI Industries is headed by the Sheldon Lavin, who is the chairman and CEO of the company where he has been involved in the business since the 1970s.

Their LinkedIn Profile:

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Gareth Henry Sees A New Trend In Investing: Qualitative Investing

January 3, 2019 - Author: steph

Recently, quantitative investing has become popular in the world of investors and Gareth Henry, the former head of investor relations at Fortress Investment, has been a witness to this new-found popularity.

Quantitative Investing might have begun when investors started doing technical trades. They based their trades on market movement, instead of fundamental factors that could be the earning power of a company or its industry position. These technical trades were based on advance or decline lines, moving averages and chart formations. Traders would go to the charts to get this information.

Qualitative investing ultimately means using mathematical computations and number to see what trading opportunities are out there. It could also be seen trading based on qualitative analysis.

The main reason for the current popularity of qualitative investing is that the power of computers has advanced enough that they can be used to do the computations that qualitative investing needs. The advancement of computer power has created a whole new class of traders. They are not surprisingly called qualitative traders that have been nicknamed quants.

Gareth Henry has looked at the new trend in investing and and has come to the conclusion like most things, it is not perfect. The Achilles heel of qualitative investing is that no matter how many computations that a person does on the computer, it will miss a seismic change in the interest-rate climate. No matter what strategy that a person use with this kind of investing, it will have a blind spot for interest-rates.

What is Gareth Henry’s background?
Gareth Henry got a Bachelor of Science in Statistics and Actuarial Mathematics. He was a double major and he was able to get honors in both subjects. He attended Heriot-Watt University from 1997 to 2001. He then moved to an analyst for three years at Watson-Wyatt. From 2004 to 2007, he worked as an Investments Manager at SEI Investments and Directors of Strategic Solutions at Schroders Plc. From 2007 to 2015, he worked at Fortress Investment Group as the Head of International Investor Relations. Gareth Henry left Fortress to have the same position at Angelo Gordon in January of 2016 and is now looking for a new position, probably in investment. Gareth Henry is expert in private credit and hedge funds. Gareth Henry has years of experience with alternative investments, in particular, private credit.

Visit for more details about Gareth Henry.

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