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Shiraz Boghani has found success in the hotel business

July 30, 2018 - Author: steph

The hotel industry has been overgrowing around the globe. There has been a significant transformation over the years. However, it does not mean venturing into the business is an automatic success. There must be hard work and dedication. That is why Shiraz Boghani is outstanding and has stood as the best when it comes to running hotels and businesses. He began a chain of hotels and restaurants in London, and today the business has expanded to other parts of England. His goal is to continue offering innovative and quality services. He is the owner of the one of the largest group of hotels in the UK known as Splendid Hospitality. He has been awarded as the hotelier of the year by Asian Business Awards because of the success in managing the group of hotels. Why has Shiraz Boghani achieved such tremendous success? He has a wide range of experience in the hospitality industry.He has been in the business for more than three decades now and has acquired a lot of experience in running and managing a business.

During all these years he has aimed to expand his activities. He has started 19 hotels that are performing well. Shiraz Boghani is also an experienced accountant who acquired entrepreneurial skills. He is credited for starting hotels that became a Limited service brand in London. Boghani went to the UK from Kenya. He went to the UK to study and wanted to be an accountant. Shiraz Boghani enrolled in the United Kingdom and trained to be an accountant. Later, he launched his career working at Thomson McLintock Company. He successfully started market gaps in the UK, and this created investment opportunities. He came together with other entrepreneurs, and they started Sussex healthcare. It is after Boghani noticed there was an opportunity to start a healthcare facility.

Today, Sussex is now among the most extensive healthcare services in the UK, and this is because of the excellent management skills of Boghani. It has significantly grown over the years and has established homes in different parts of England. Outstanding leadership and experience are what has enabled Boghani to excel in business in a competitive environment. Shiraz is a perfect example of illustrious people in the society. He has set the bar for success high for others to copy. Despite coming from Africa, he still managed to accomplish the dreams he had. Never at any time has he felt disadvantaged by his origin.

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Chris Burch Career Journey

July 28, 2018 - Author: steph

Chris Burch happened to be the CEO and the founder of Burch Creative Capital and was born in 1953. Burch Creative Capital is based in New York and is known for managing brand developments and also venture investments. He is also the co-founder of Tory Burch LLC and became a billionaire by 2012 according to an article that was published by the World’s famous Forbes magazine. His investments at Guggenheim Partners have been able to boost his earnings to a greater percentage, and he has been able to move on very well with life. He is very confident about achieving even more in his career and has always tried to inspire other people in the industry. His journey to greatness has been felt by everyone, and he has always wanted to impact lives, and he moves from strength to strength, reference (

Chris Burch was raised in his birth city of Wayne which is in Pennsylvania from a middle-class family. His father used to distribute mining equipment and was also a believer of Roman Catholic. Chris Burch has been able to move with speed towards saving his career and also proving to his ten-member family that he has what it takes to move the world to the next level.

Chris Burch from his early days had a business-minded brain and was always focused on the best in his career. In 1976 while studying at Ithaca College, they joined hands together with his brother, and they started Eagle Eye, a company they started with an investment of $2,000. They could buy cheap sweaters at a low price and sell them to university students at a better price. The company was able to grow very well and had over $140 million in profits within ten years. They later sold part of the shares to Swire Group.

In the year 2004, he worked with his wife and co-founded Tory Burch who was a fashion label. He became the company’s co-chair.

In the year 2008, he decided to establish the now Burch Creative Capital which he designed so that he could manage to incubate his brands and also manage his growing investments, learn more on He has later managed to join the real estate world and is currently doing very well regarding development. He has been on the frontline pushing for significant changes. He is known for his creativity and hard work in his ventures. He also possesses great managerial skills in his career.

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Freedom Checks Investors Will Now Reap Rewards of Their Risk-taking This June 2018

July 27, 2018 - Author: steph

It’s a good time right now for the investors of Freedom Checks. While many people have doubted about the promise of prosperity of Freedom Checks, the people who did still risk a little some time ago will now be reaping their rewards. As reported from Affiliate Dork and Creditor Weekly, the Freedom Checks investors would now be getting their proportioned slice of the pie because a total of $34.6 Billion of returns would be spread out, given away and distributed to the throng of people who saw the potential of Freedom Checks as an investment opportunity.

Affiliate Dork has all the features, details, data and nuances of how the investors of Freedom C. would be able to get the returns of their investments by the end of June 2018. It is there that some of the names of the people who are going to get the distributions are listed. It is also in the report that people can recap how Freedom C. came about.

Matt Badiali is the man behind everything that has to do with the genesis of Freecom C. He was the man who went around the globe to accidentally find the investment opportunities in mining. When he went around the world as a geologist, he met with a lot of mining moguls. Talking to them made him realize that there are tax cuts made for companies in the United States that are involved in storing, distributing and manufacturing energy for the U.S. Government. Companies under the Master Limited Partnership are given extra incentives by the government because of its help in generating fuel and energy for the country. It is these MLP’s that help people get the Freedom Checks that they seek.

It may also be added here that the Creditor Weekly is another reliable media portal that vouched for the authenticity of Matt Badiali’s Freedom C. The feature about Freedom C. that it posted even featured Matt Badiali holding a large check of around $100,000 for an investor to his Freedom C. Without Matt Badiali, it might be impossible right now for the people investing in Freedom C. to enjoy the prosperity they are recently getting.

Freedom Checks: Youtube.

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Success Of Robert Ivy: Lifetime Achievement Award

July 26, 2018 - Author: steph

Robert Ivy was raised in a place called Columbus, Mississippi in the United States. He holds a bachelor degree of Arts in English from The University of the South, Sewanee. Ivy has served as a U.S. Navy officer after which he later became an architect following his studies in Masters of Architecture degree from Tulane University.

Throughout his outstanding career, Robert Ivy has shown a commitment and dedication to shedding insights of architectural designs that are secure, healthy and sustainable. He had formerly worked with McGraw-Hill’s Architectural as the Editor –in- Chief becoming the Chief Executive Officer at American Institute of Architectures in the year 2011.

Robert Ivy is not only a distinguished architect but also an author. During the governance of Ivy, Architectural Record was the broadest distributed architectural journal globally that received various honors. He launched a mandarin Record for the Middle East when he oversaw McGraw’s–Hill design and construction grow tremendously in the China Republic. Some of the accolades that have been attributed to him include The National Magazine Award for General Excellence and the Dean Medal from the University Of Arkansas Fay Jones School Of Architecture.

Read more: Robert Ivy Receives Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

Most recently, Robert Ivy’s work and considerable influence in architecture that has seen architectural values and designs of America’s architects to be embraced globally has been recognized. He was nominated and awarded a distinguished lifetime award Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mississippi Institute Of Arts and Letters. This made Ivy the first ever living architect to the Pork Award that acknowledges architects who are dedicated to a lifetime of supporting and performing art to improve it. Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters is an institute that acknowledges all practicing and connected artists who have gone an extra mile to see that the work of art is growing and developing steadily.

Robert Ivy is a successful and passionate architecture and under his leadership as CEO of America Institute of Architectures membership levels have steadily. He has also made architecture to be readily available and understandable by the general public. This selflessness in architecture has seen him steer efficiency in communication in worth design. Ivy’s long-standing desire of making the world a better place to live by creating sustainable buildings differentiates him from the other architects.

Learn more about Robert Ivy: 

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco cautionary interview on Brazil’s economic recovery

July 24, 2018 - Author: steph

Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the former president of Banco Bradesco, and Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015 attended the World Economic Forum this past January in Switzerland. Mr. Trabuco was among the other world leaders in economics and government leaders in attendance during the annual economic forum. This annual meeting has been taking place since 1971 and acts as an arena that promotes entrepreneurship on the local and global scale. Having an almost 50 year professional career working for one of the largest and most successful financial institutions in Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco had the opportunity to give his opinion on the economic situation of Brazil. Read this article about Luis Carlos Trabuco at Estadao.

Brazil holds the largest economy in Latin America, and because of this, their economy affects many nations that makeup Latin America throughout South American and Caribbean. Brazil has been, over the last five to seven years fighting its way out of terrible rescission that has left a huge government debt and a need for more economic stimulation. Depending heavily on the successful implementation of public private partnerships (PPPs), the government has been able to lower its debt and get many infrastructure solutions implanted. In 2014 the country reported strong economic data that indicates the country has turned a corner on the path to more prosperity and economic growth. Read this article at

Luiz Carlos Trabuco, however, is not so quick start drinking campaign and celebrating just yet. Mr. Trabuco has tremendous experience in marketing and finance, and generally in what takes to create a truly healthy economy. Trabuco notes, Brazil is in the very beginning of an economic recovery and it is entirely too early to be able to get a true measure of where the country is. Referred to by Luiz, an economic recovery cycle is what the country is currently undergoing. During the economic recovery cycle, it is expected to see hugely positively numbers early on. However, as pointed by Luiz Carlos Trabuco there is a need for a lot more time to be able to truly asses the economy. Luiz also detailed the need for the government of Brazil to control spending and lower the national debt.


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Some of Ryan Seacrest’s Accomplishments

July 18, 2018 - Author: steph

With the onset of spring, a lot of activities are set to take place. Individuals who love music are especially looked at. One of the most celebrated music series American Idol is back on the television. The first season of this show shall be aired on ABC. Ryan Seacrest shall host the show. Being selected to host such an iconic competition is a thing worth celebrating.

For a fact, Mr. Seacrest is excited to be the host. Among the characters that made Ryan Seacrest stand out is the fact that he is an experienced host. Besides being a mega television host, Ryan Seacrest has made it big in entrepreneurship. In fact, he has been bestowed with many accolades because of the creativity he has portrayed, even as he carries on his businesses.

Ryan Seacrest has created himself a name in the radio and television sector. His commitment to becoming the best version of himself has seen him rise through ranks to become a senior host as well as a producer in local radio, broadcast, not forgetting to mention cable television. One of the radio programs that Ryan is proud to host is On Air with Ryan Seacrest, which is aired every morning on the KIIS FM, Los Angeles. The show has gained a lot of popularity and is broadcasted from Burbank, California. Another show that Mr. Seacrest is proud to host is Live with Kelly and Ryan. WABC proudly produces this show.

Another hat that Ryan wears is that of a fashion icon. Well, he has created his brand known as Ryan Seacrest Distinction. The brand was established in the year 2014 and has remained relevant since it celebrates the iconic looks of the menswear industry. Ryan Seacrest Distinction has indeed made it big.

With all the accomplishment that Ryan has had, it is only noble for him to give back to the society. In line to this, he has established a foundation which is aimed at helping pediatric patients. The foundation came up with broadcast media centers that are aimed at helping the patients explore the world of media. The activities have been known to contribute to the healing process of the patients. See the latest about Ryan on Facebook.

See Ryan’s weight loss struggle:

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Ted Bauman, Editor of the Plan B Club and The Bauman Letter

July 15, 2018 - Author: steph

Ted Bauman was born and raised up in Washington, D.C., but later immigrated to South America as a teenager. Ted has dedicated his career to helping wealthy individuals manage their resources. He went to the University of Cape Town where his relentless efforts earned him a degree in Economics and History. Ted Bauman has been working for various organizations that assist people in financial management for over two decades. Bauman began his career as a fund manager for Slum Dwellers International, a company that specializes in low-income housing projects.

Over time, Ted Bauman became a financial consultant for the United Nations and international governments. He gained a lot of experience that enabled him to comprehend the way economics and politics influence society. In 2008, Mr. Bauman went back to his home country where he was appointed the Director of International Programs. Mr. Ted leveraged his economic knowledge to concentrate his efforts on effectiveness and sustainability.


Banyan Hill Publishing appointed Ted as a part-time editor in 2013. Over time, Ted leveraged his writing background to launch a newsletter, The Bauman Letter, to advise wealthy people on assets preservation. Ted provides investment tips to help subscribers learn to secure and preserve their wealth. He recently launched a weekly stock trading service, Smart Money, to educate subscribers on how to manage their resources. Listening to Ted Bauman’s perspective can help aspiring entrepreneurs make sound decisions. Ted has always been passionate about helping others. Bauman’s financial background has enabled him to realize his dreams. His work is inspired by the desire to protect small-scale investors from government corporations and large businesses. Read more articles by Ted Bauman at Banyan Hill.

Ted Bauman began working for a non-profit organization after returning to the United States. Later on, Ted was persuaded by his father to join the world of financial management. His business experience while working in South America made it easier for him to excel in the United States. In fact, Ted’s economics knowledge was helpful when he became a financial writer. It took effort and little time for Bauman to create content that could attract the attention of the public. Visit to know more.

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Meet the Co-founder of Fortress Investment Group; Wes Edens

July 13, 2018 - Author: steph

Wes Edens is one of the leading entrepreneurs who is doing excellently in the financial industry. He is a focused entrepreneur who has invested heavily in sports. He has vast experience in the private equity sector and has been in the frontline to make Fortress Investment Group great. Fortress Investment Group is among the investment management firms that specialize in investing in transport and infrastructure, real estate, media, healthcare and financial services. He co-founded the investment management firm in 1998 and worked hard to take the firm to great heights.Wes Edens is a focused businessman who graduated from Oregon State University. Edens holds a degree in finance and business administration which has helped him throughout his career in the financial industry.

After higher education, Wes started his financial career at Lehman Brothers. He worked as a managing director and partner for the firm and applied his expertise in the firm several years. As an ambitious man, he looked for greener pastures at BlackRock Financial Management Inc. where he was responsible for BlackRock Asset Investors, a private equity fund. He was also a partner and a managing director at the firm. After co-founding Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens dedicated much of his time and energy growing the company. He used his expertise to help the company on private equity business.

He has been in charge of the private equity business of the investment management company which involves investments focusing on health care, transport/infrastructure, real estate, financial services and media. On top of that, he helped the company in the acquisition of Nationalstar Mortgage and Sublime Lender Springleaf Financial Services. He is one of the highly paid professionals as he pockets around $54 million per year.Wes Edens is one of the businessmen who value sports. He has invested heavily in the sports sector. He owns FlyQuest; a team of League of Legends. On top of that he co-owns Milwaukee Bucks; an NBA franchise. Wes works diligently and makes sure that he works with the right minds to make his investments successful.

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Meet Mike Bagguley

- Author: steph

Mike Bagguley graduated from the University of Warwick in 1988 with a Bachelor’s of Science in mathematics. In 2015, he was promoted from macro products head to Chief Operating Officer for Barclay’s Bank. As the COO of this company, he reports directly to Tom King, the Investment Bank Chief. His position includes strategizing about accelerating the delivery processes of the bank’s overhaul.

The decision to hire Bagguley as opposed to a big-named outsider for the position was wise. It saved the company a lot of money and ensured that the position would be filled by somebody who understood the ins and outs of the business.

During his time as head of macro products, Bagguley took charge and impressed many people. He worked on trading and distribution rates, credit, foreign exchange and operations for the company. Under Bagguley, the company saw a turnaround in their overall revenues. The bank was incredibly impressed with Bagguley’s work and commented on how great of a choice he was for the COO position.

Bagguley’s cost-effective delivery strategies have made him a stand-out. His key role in bank investments plays an integral part in the structure of the company, and his hard work has shown undeniable results. The increase in revenue, overall improvement in structure and organization, and more efficient delivery methods that he has overseen have done wonders for the company. One key part of Bagguley’s contributions to the company lies in his cost-cutting for the business. His new and improved delivery strategies both cut costs and improved company profitability.

Mike Bagguley is located in London, England. He is on his second year of serving as Barclay’s COO and his success in the field and for the bank is undeniable.

If you would like to learn more about Mike Bagguley, visit his Crunchbase account today:

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End Citizens United Targets Florida Senate Candidate Rick Scott

- Author: steph

A new complaint filed with the Federal Elections Committee claims Florida GOP Senate candidate Rick Scott is using an illegal “Super PAC” to get around federal laws that limit how much money can be contributed directly to his campaign.Political action committee End Citizens United says in the complaint Scott is also violating a federal law which doesn’t allow candidates or their campaigns to coordinate advertising or other spending with outside political action committees. According to End Citizens United, Scott and his campaign have been working together with the New Republican PAC.

Scott led that PAC before he resigned to kick off his Senate campaign. Communications Director for End Citizens United Adam Bozzi said in an interview that so-called “soft” money donated to the New Republicans PAC was supposed to be earmarked for the national Republican Party, as well as the Republican Presidential Committee. Bozzi said that End Citizens United has paperwork that shows some of the money was instead being funneled into events and activities designed to help Rick Scott’s Senate campaign. End Citizens United was formed on March 1, 2015, for the purpose of encouraging campaign finance reform. It was established out of the frustration resulting from the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision.

The organization works to encourage a more transparent election funding process and targets candidates it believes are abusing current campaign laws. Scott’s campaign has vigorously denied the charges, but the Tampa Bay Tribune recently reported Scott has headed several fundraisers for the New Republican PAC and he has also attended several other events organized under the PAC’s banner. The newspaper also noted a number of instances in which it appeared that Scott’s campaign was coordinating spending or events with the New Republican PAC. That campaign coordination would be illegal under current election funding laws.

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