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Vinod Gupta is a Legend in the Business World

June 28, 2018 - Author: steph

Vinod Gupta’s many exploits in the business world have been so amazing that they have become legendary. Without question he is one of the most influential businessmen of our generation. He has helped to make great strides in industry and in furthering technology. Despite his many accomplishments and massive amount of wealth he is down to earth and sees himself no better than the average individual.

Vinod Gupta’s story of success is such a wonderful roller coaster ride that it seems like fiction. He never let his failures keep him from achieving greatness. He serves as direct inspiration for those who wish to succeed despite their circumstances. He is a product of extreme poverty who found a way to exceed expectations and become one of the wealthiest individuals worldwide. He is constantly asked how he managed to achieves so much coming from so little.

Vinod Gupta encourages people to have hope and dreams and work hard to make their dreams a reality. Without hopes and dreams he may have just accepted things the way they are and never prospered. He knew education was the way to reach his goals and dove head first into his studies. He attended I.I.T., Kharagpur, India and graduated with a degree in agricultural engineering.

Even after receiving a degree in agricultural engineering he still yearned for more education. His quest for knowledge lead him to the U.S., where he enrolled in college in Nebraska. At the time the venture was a huge risk as he only owned the clothes on his back and less an $60 in borrowed money in his pocket. Despite his circumstances he received his master’s degree in business administration.

Having to borrow money may have been a blessing in disguise for Vinod as he is now a master at turning people’s borrowed money to capital. Vinod first tried his hand as entrepreneurship in the early 1970’s when he opened his first business, Business Research Services and American Business List. The superb businessman has come a long way since then and continue to have success.

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Jeff Herman Fights for the Safety of Children

- Author: steph

Jeff Herman is a man who discovered his calling in life somewhat later than most. He was originally a litigator for several companies. It was a successful job, but Jeff Herman was seeking more out of his work life. It was around this time when he learned of an incident that changed the course of his career forever. A child at a daycare was being abused, and he worked overtime to bring the perpetrator to justice. He realized that his how his true calling was helping others in need. A recent article on the website There is no Consensus goes into more detail about Jeff Herman’s perspective.

The article immediately discusses what actions can be taken to protect children. A child is too young to often realize the full nature of what happened. In which case, its up to parents to fully educate their child on the issue. Just talking about what body parts do or which are private can go a long way. As children age, they will need to know what the true meaning of consent. The word “No” should also be in the child’s vocabulary.

Starting with the simple fact a child should never be alone with another adult. If a child is involved with sports, then watch for coaches whom do not have a child on the team, or children in general. Gift giving and social media are common methods to lure children into dropping their guard. Staying vigilant over a child’s actions, location, and mood is easily the best method to judge the situation.

It’s a big world out there, and unfortunately there are sick people mixed in. Children deserve to be carefree and enjoy themselves, but making them aware of certain problems can avoid issues in the long run.

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Clayton Hutson Is A Famed Tour Manager And Music Producer

- Author: steph

Clay Hutson is one of the most renowned figures in the entertainment industry when it comes to project management. Originally from Tenessee, Clayton has been interested in the entertainment industry since he was young and has always been focused on becoming a successful part of it. Clay earned a degree by studying at Michigan Universty with a major in technical production and theater design. He further extended his studies by earning a master in business administration from Stephen M. Ross.


In the beginning, before he became known throughout the industry, Clayton worked for many different corporations in the entertainment industry in various positions. Whether it was a project manager or a sound engineer, Clayton found work and ways to build his experience and presence in the industry. Today, Clayton has managed to work with some of the biggest names in the business, including Prince, Kanye West, Pink, Kid Rock, and many more. His impressive production skills and management capabilities make him the g-to man for stage and tour management.


On top of his success in the entertainment industry, Clayton Hutson has always started his own business, which has a strong focus on rock. The majority of his time, however, is spent on management, production, and design of tours for various artists, including his latest with Halsey. These days, Clayton is an expert in live performances and can ensure an entire live event goes smoothly without any hiccups.


Halsey is on her Hopes Fountain Kingdom tour, which is currently being managed by Clay Hutson, bringing them to various different areas and stages around the world. As an experienced production manager, Clayton has been around the block, but every one of these events gives him more experience working around the world in different sets and atmospheres as well as with different artists.


Since the beginning of his career, Clay Hutson has had a strong focus on quality, making sure everything he does is done with perfection in mind. He believes in working hard and thinking hard in order to plan things out and execute them in order to accomplish his goals without fail. Learn more:


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Sightsavers and Eye Assistance

June 25, 2018 - Author: steph

A fresh new app is accessible to the planet right now. It’s called BOOST. It was introduced during the World Ophthalmology Congress. The aim behind this app is to let ophthalmologists guarantee first-rate surgical procedures to all of their patients. BOOST is short for “Better Operative Outcomes Software Tool.” It gives surgeons the ability to supervise operations as a means of enhancing effects.


People who suffer from cataracts who reside in nations that are impoverished in many cases lack the money necessary to access transportation for medical assistance. Professionals who specialize in eye health, because of that, required a straightforward device that could empower them to enhance their processes. They required a device that could measure processes effectively as well.


BOOST was made to empower surgeons and assist them with the process of measuring the caliber of surgical procedures. It empowers them to do so directly after procedures. It empowers them to document surgical details conveniently and without having to rely on an abundance of different platforms, too. BOOST was made right after the appearance of research that popped up in a widely known publication called the Lancet Global Health Journal. It proved that vision assessments right after operations are suitable for surgical caliber evaluation purposes.


BOOST is an app that’s 100 percent free. People who wish to download it don’t have to pay anything at all. The app was paid for by Seeing Is Believing, an effort that was set up by Standard Chartered Bank. It was a team effort between a good number of organizations as well. These organizations include the International Council of Ophthalmology, Aravind Eye Hospitals, Orbis International, the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, the Fred Hollows Foundation and Sightsavers.


Cataracts are a major issue for human beings who are situated all around the vast globe. They bring on blindness in people everywhere. Blindness that’s associated with cataracts is highly common in many nations that span both the Asian and the African continents. Sightsavers operates out of these regions.


Sightsavers has received many positive distinctions throughout the years. It was honored not too long ago at the World Ophthalmology Congress. That’s where one of its research papers was acknowledged as being a fine abstract. 49 other abstracts were acknowledged, too. This congress has an amazing reputation. Researchers are big fans of it. Esteemed ophthalmologists often can’t stop praising the event. It has many followers.



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Southridge Capital Is A Respectable New York-Based Hedge Fund – Check Out Who Leads The Investment Firm

- Author: steph

Southridge Capital – legally registered as Southridge Capital LLC – was formed in 1996 solely by Stephen M. Hicks, who at the time had roughly a decade’s worth of experience in portfolio and investment management. Hicks also brought along two degrees with him – a bachelor’s of science in business administration from New York state’s own King’s College, followed up by a master’s of business administration from New York City’s Fordham University.


The early beginnings of Southridge Capital


Prior to founding Southridge Capital without help from any other partner or investor, Mr. Hicks was working for a tiny hedge fund in New York state, the state where he was born, raised, and spent most of his life thus far in. The owner of the hedge fund moved to his own home country of Australia, though – fortunately for Stephen Hicks – he gave Hicks about a year’s notice prior to leaving.


Having built an objectively strong working relationship with the principal of the unnamed hedge fund, the owner was willing to allow Hicks to create his own hedge fund in the year-long purgatory where Hicks would soon discover that his born-with entrepreneurial talents multiplied the effectiveness of his skills in financial services he had accumulated over prior years’ experience.


Here’s what Southridge and Mr. Stephen Hicks are jointly up to today


Hicks works alongside four members of Southridge Capital’s executive management team: controller Narine Persaud, director of research Laurence Ditkoff, chief operating officer Henry Sargent, and portfolio manager Linda Carlsen. Check out



Although the company doesn’t have too many additional employees outside of its management team, Southridge Capital has collectively placed some 1.8 billion dollars’ worth of investments in companies around the globe.


As one might imagine, Southridge Capital has worked with countless handfuls’ worth of big-name organizations, including the likes of the Ridgefield Fountain Landmark, the LounsBury House, the Save a Child’s Heart Foundation, and the Western Connecticut Health Network Foundation, just to name a few – besides, these organizations are only some of the most recent philanthropic endeavors Southridge and founder Stephen Hicks have joined forces with.



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Ryan Seacrest Entertains The World

June 22, 2018 - Author: steph

Ryan Seacrest at age 43, but looking younger, is a bi-coastal traveler. His New York residence is because he is the co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan. He has often shared his syndicated radio show (On Air with Ryan) schedule with Kelly Ripa who has also appeared on his show which he produces. On the West Coast Ryan is the producer of the Kardashians and American Idol.

He is a Hollywood cephalopod with multiple tentacles that also extends into fashion with his own skin care line and a sleek clothing line. Ryan makes everything that he does look easy. Ryan said that his earlier mentor Dick Clark who told him that if people think you are relaxed and comfortable in what you are doing, they will portray you as just that.

Nothing of what Ryan Seacrest does is an easy gig. In all of his producing, writing, editing, and directing positions on his TV shows, radio show, et. al, he is handling moving parts that don’t call for a rest. Ryan is on runways jockeying for interview time with celebrities, listening and taking directions from other producers, keeping contestants calm and relaxed, and so on and so on.

He explains to how he carves out time for himself when he can. Ryan says that he tries to keep certain daily regiments like exercising. When he travels, he brings his trainer with him to keep that schedule. His family, significant other, and friends ensures that he eats well which he loves, especially on Friday and through the weekend.

The staff and contestants on his music TV shows say that Ryan Seacrest is a consummate professional with a heart. When something goes awry during a live telephone performance, the contestants say that Ryan just rolls with the punches, even inserting a joke to lighten the mood at the moment and projecting a sense of being in complete control.

Ryan founded the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which is a media center that is located in pediatric hospitals. Involving children and their parents in broadcasting programs helps in the healing of the children. The centers are called Seacrest Studios that provides patients programming through a closed-circuit network right into their rooms.

Follow Ryan here:

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Jeunesse Global Provides Energy Drink Unlike Any Other

June 20, 2018 - Author: steph

There is a new energy drink that you just have to try if you have not already. It is called “Nevo” and it is changing the way that people think about getting their caffeine kick.

The company that makes this drink is called Jeunesse Global. They are a worldwide network -based company that has associates help sell the products to eager customers all over the planet. The hope of the company is to create an excellent flow of products from their warehouses into the hands of those customers who desire it the most. They are constantly working on improving their lineup of products in order to try to fulfill the needs of all of their different customers.

As far as energy drinks are concerned there are not too many of them that you could deem as healthy. Most of the existing products on the market have a lot of sugar and other additives in them that are simply not good for your health in general. That is why Jeunesse Global decided to take things another route and has gone ahead and pushed out its own energy drink that it hopes lights up the market.

Nevo doesn’t have the artificial flavors, colors, or additives that other energy drinks do. In addition, it has just fifty calories per can which is a big deal because a lot of those other ones out there have far more than that. It is something that a person can consume and still feel that they are keeping themselves at least fairly healthy. Put another way, they can drink this energy drink and still stay on a diet or something of that nature.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that many people are going to flock to a drink like this when it is offered to them. Thus, Jeunesse Global has definitely hit on something special with this one. You should ask someone who works for Jeunesse Global if they have any samples or if they are able to order some of this drink for you today. You might be surprised by just how well you end up liking it.

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NGP VAN: Using Technology to Gain Advantage for the Elections

June 19, 2018 - Author: steph

The 2018 United States midterm elections are just around the corner, and the Democrats have been using their secret weapon to advance their candidates. NGP VAN is Washington D.C.-based Company that developed a software program that can be used to increase a candidate’s voter’s turn out. NGP VAN showcased its real power during the United States Presidential Elections in the year 2008 and 2012, where former President Barack Obama won by a considerable margin. NGP VAN can communicate with other devices to inform their owners about the candidate, and according to the creator of the software program, it would drastically change how candidates will be campaigning.


Several decades ago, candidates for elections had relied upon the more advanced television and radio to win the hearts of the people. Those who utilize the TV and the radio for their campaigns ended up winning the elections. Experts are saying that the same thing happens today, with NGP VAN being the counterpart of the television and the radio when it was first introduced decades ago. The Democrats are stating that the elections could be in their favor if NGP VAN would be utilized in the right way. The software program displays information about the political affiliation of a particular neighborhood, and this information will be transmitted to those who are heading the campaign. Using big data, they can track each supporter and determine if they can be persuaded to vote on the day of the elections to increase the voter’s turnout.


NGP VAN stated that they would do everything to satisfy the Democrat Party, which has been their client for over a decade. NGP VAN is also being used by different groups and organizations around the world, most notably the Liberal Party of Canada. The Democrats thought that the technology behind NGP VAN is impressive, and it is the reason why they got the service from the company. NGP VAN was also used during the 2016 Presidential Elections; however, Hillary Clinton faced defeat over Donald Trump. The Democrat Party stated that is only the electoral council which have made Donald Trump won, but because of NGP VAN, they managed to get high votes for Hillary Clinton.



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Fortress Investment Group conveyance and its achievements

June 18, 2018 - Author: steph

Fortress Investment Group is one of the largest and best investment firms in the worldwide. It has contributed to the growth and development of a large number of private firms and other investors in the world through its investment services such as advisory services that are offered by its staffs that are experienced and have vast knowledge about finance and investment sector. The Fortress Investment group was started in 1998 meaning that it has extensive experience in the industry. It uses its expertise to ensure maximum satisfaction of its clients throughout the world, and this is one of the factors that have contributed to the growth of its market share over the years in the global market.It is easy to access the Fortress Investment Group Services since they have a variety of social media platforms where the clients can access them when they are in need.

Besides, the Fortress Investment group has a large number of branches in various countries.This has enabled the company to extend its services to a large population of their clients. Because of its reliability and credibility ion the investment sector, Fortress Investment can be regarded as one of the firms that have contributed significantly to economic growth and development of various countries through the provision of employment opportunities. And through the flourishment of multiple investments which leads to increase in the Gross Domestic Product of numerous countries where their clients are located.Fortress Investment has had a vast number of achievements since it was launched. One of the most significant results starting its shares in the New York Stock Exchange Market and it is at that time that it was regarded as the first largest private equity firm in the United States that was being traded publicly.

Besides, the firm has also won a significant number of awards some of them being the hedge fund manager of the year award by the institutional investor, the credit-focused fund of the year, management firm of the year by HFMWeek as well as the Discretionary Macro-Focused Hedge Fund of the year by the institutional investor. Any investor looking forward to choose the best investment firm focusing on liquid markets, private equity, traditional asset management, credit, and their investment advisory services, Fortress Investment group is an example of the firms that they should consider for those services. It has proved its credibility and reliability to many investors for many years meaning that when it comes to the satisfaction of its clients, it never disappoints.

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How Sheldon Lavin built a name in the field industry despite having background training in Finance

June 14, 2018 - Author: steph

Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Group joined the meat industry 43 years ago after having a successful career in banking sector. The CEO also owned a consulting firm before Sheldon Lavin joining OSI Group. He has and continues to play a major role in promoting the expansion of the company into the international markets. Under his leadership, OSI group has recently acquired several companies like the Flagship Europe and Baho Food. Through these acquisitions, Sheldon Lavin hopes that their company will bring their modern food processing to the new countries.

Sheldon has succeeded in converting the organization into the international food suppliers it is now. The CEO first joined the meat industry around 43 years ago when the corporation was known as Otto & Sons where he served as the finance officer. He was among the key players when the Otto & Sons sought to invest abroad. During this period, Sheldon Lavin along other two sons was appointed as partners after their father retired. Later, Sheldon made a decision to join the company on a full-time basis. The decision was arrived at after being impressed by the firm’s business culture and the strategies employed by the company.

The OSI Group has over 20,000 staff located in various parts of the globe in more than 65 food processing facilities that they manage in seventeen countries. The company has low employee turnover due to the advantages of corporate family-oriented culture that ensures the long stay of the workers. In 1970, the company embarked on the quest to invest in international specifically in Europe and North America. By the year 1980, the company had entered the markets in South America and Taiwan. Later, the company opened up branches in Australia, South Africa, Philippines, Japan, and China. With these expansions, Sheldon Lavin had achieved 100 percent of the firm’s voting control. The OSI Group as per now has over 60 facilities in around 16 nations in all continents. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

The CEO is a very active philanthropist who is involved in various charities such as Jewish United Fund, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, and Evans Scholarship Fund among many others. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the OSI Group has won vital awards such as the Globe of Honor Award presented to the group by the British Safety Council. The CEO has also won awards with the recently won being the Global Visionary Award awarded to him by India’s Vision World Academy.

For More info:

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