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Meet Sheldon Lavin, The Meat Processing Banker

February 24, 2018 - Author: steph

When Sheldon Lavin opened a finance consultation firm in Chicago, Illinois, he had not envisaged his involvement in meat processing, leave alone owning an international food processing company. As a banker operating his financial firm, he organized financing for Otto & Sons in 1970.

He continued as a finance consultant for the firm until 1975 when the owners approached him to become their partner, and later to work with them full time. He is now the CEO of the firm that he has helped to expand into a reputable international food-processing firm operating over sixty outlets in more than sixty countries. The company was later renamed OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin is a graduate with an accounting and finance degree. His background in finance has been of great importance to OSI Group. Since joining OSI Group, he embarked on an expansion plan. He began by opening branches in North America and Europe, Taiwan and later South America. OSI Group is now the leading food processor and proteins supplier globally.

In 2016, 81-year-old Sheldon Lavin was awarded by India’s Vision World Academy with the Globe of Honor Award. He got the award in recognition of his efforts to steer OSI Group to an International organization creating jobs globally.

He has many positions such as Goodman Theater board member, Director and President of Sheba Foundation, Rush University Medical Center board member, and a trustee of Ronald McDonald House Charities.

OSI Group, whose headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois, has also received several awards for health, safety, and environmentally friendly procedures. In 2016, the British Safety Council recognized the risk management efforts by OSI Group and awarded them with the Globe of Honor Award. They also got an award in environmental management the same year for minimizing environmental pollution in their operations.

OSI Group has a sound sustainability plan. It has a history of minimal staff turnover. This is because of the family-oriented culture that the firm adapted from its early years of operation. The employees view each other as members of one family, supporting each other to grow and achieve their goals.

In addition, OSI group integrates economic responsibility, social responsibility, and environmental responsibility into its sustainability strategy. They do business to improve the socioeconomic standards of their areas of operation while taking measures to conserve the environment.

Sheldon Lavin is involved in charitable activities. He supports the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Jewish United Fund, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago.

Sheldon Lavin’s Facebook Page:

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Agora Financial Helping Readers Invest Wisely and Stay Financially Aware

February 22, 2018 - Author: steph

When you start earning, one of the first things that you need to focus on is investments. Making smart investments from time to time would ensure that you can get the kind of profits you are looking for. However, the problem is that most people know that they need to invest, but are clueless about where to invest. Due to the availability of so many different investment options, it has become almost impossible for people to decipher where they should invest, and which investment option they should avoid.Agora Financial is one of the leading financial publishing houses in the world that was established in the year 1979. Since the time of its establishment till now, Agora Financial has made some very accurate and astonishing financial predictions that have raised the eyebrows of many leading investment gurus and financial institutions as well.

The company employs some of the best investment and financial experts, who have years of experience behind them. It is their expertise and experience that they wish to share with the world through the publications of Agora Financial, which reaches over a million readers every month. There are currently more than twenty publications of Agora Financial now, and they keep adding more as the financial market evolves.Agora Financial is trusted by so many readers for the reason that it does not accept money from any of the leading financial companies or institutions to provide coverage. It means that the company aims to provide honest and unbiased business news and information to the readers always.

The information and economic analysis provided by Agora Financial is in easy to understand language so that the people who don’t have a financial background as well can understand what it mentions and can act accordingly. Over the years, Agora Financial is credited with helping millions of readers to make considerable returns from their investments in the financial markets.Agora Financial was established over three decades back by Bill Bonner in 1979. The publishing house has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland, and has been growing steadily since it was established. The company has gained the trust of over a million readers, and its member base continues to increase with time. More and more people are joining Agora Financial as it has helped the readers make significant returns on their investments. As the financial market continues to stay volatile and unpredictable, it is essential for the people to trust the experts, which is where Agora Financial can help.

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Jeremy Goldstein and Expansive Law Knowledge

February 13, 2018 - Author: steph

Establishing a sustainable economic setting isn’t simple for businesses. Corporations that wish to do so have a lot of work ahead of them. Jeremy Goldstein is a powerful attorney who currently works in New York, New York. He’s seen himself how difficult the entire process is. The process can trigger messy scenarios that are tough on investors and workers alike. Goldstein has given his services to many widely known companies throughout his career. Some of these are Bank of America, Verizon and, lastly, Goldman Sachs. That’s the reason he’s qualified to guide people who are curious about EPS (Earnings Per Share) matters. That’s the reason he’s also able to help people who want assistance that pertains to the management of programs that go into incentives.

EPS for the most part is beneficial. Seasoned shareholders know that EPS can affect the prices of stocks. It’s what encourages shareholders to make key decisions that relate to selling or purchasing. It gives businesses a reason to boost designated employee payout portions, too.

Jeremy Goldstein has been a diligent lawyer in the Big Apple for a while. He’s no newbie to New York City’s legal scene. His legal career in the city began at a major practice. He after working there made the choice to establish a practice alone. He named it “Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC.” Goldstein graduated from the School of Law at New York University in New York. This is the private school that gave him his well-deserved JD (juris doctor). Jeremy Goldstein has been at the helm of many cases that involve sizable firms. He’s collaborated with an abundance of stockholder, petroleum, oil, banking and cellular firms as well. He’s given these companies assistance that relates to compensation.

Jeremy Goldstein is always delighted to talk about his New York University educational background. He’s equally delighted to discuss his time at the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois, too. He has an M.S. (master of science) degree from the Midwestern higher learning institution. Cornell University is yet another world-class school that’s close to Goldstein. He has a B.A. (bachelor of arts) degree from the Ithaca, New York research favorite.

Jeremy Goldstein thinks about charitable causes with considerable frequency. He’s on Fountain House’s Board of Directors at the moment. This is a charitable group that aids individuals who suffer from all kinds of mental conditions. It aids women and men alike. Learn more:

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