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Academy Of Art University, Setting High Fashion Standards

January 21, 2018 - Author: steph

In 2017, the Academy Of Art University defiantly set the standards high for the fashion industry. The university attended New York’s famous fashion week for the 21 time since their tradition first began. Academy Of Art University’s students left a great impression with the right people at this event. During New York’s Fashion Week the students who graduated with their Bachelors and Masters in Fashion designed their own clothes to model down the run way. The Academy Of Art University of a very diverse population of their student body. The diversity of the university was shown in a great way. Each student took their differences and created nice pieces to model at the fashion show. The Academy Of Art University was named the future of fashion. The university is very proud of this title. Many people are excited to see what the Academy Of Art University will bring in the up coming years!

The Academy Of Art University is located in San Francisco, California. The school first opened in the early 1900s and the university has had several names before the school finally came up with the perfect one! The school was founded by Richard Stephens. Eventually Richard gave the school to his daughter Elisa Stephens.

Since the school has been opened, they have been growing constantly. As of today, the university has thousands of students who attend. The Academy Of Art University has so much to offer their students. They are one of the few universities who offer associate degrees, bachelor degrees, and master degrees as well. The university has has many different types of majors that they offer to their students has well, more than 20 different minors and majors to be specific!

The Academy Of Art University also offers their students different programs, sports, and organizations to help create diverse students. Students can choose to be on the volley ball team, the basketball team, gulf, or any other the social or academic groups that the Academy Of Art University has.

If you’re interested in arts, the Academy Of Art University is the best school to attend!


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Securus Technologies Contributes To Public Safety Through Wireless Containment Units

January 15, 2018 - Author: steph

Time and again, we have seen numerous cases of contraband cell phones being found and confiscated in prisons. While some of these cell phones have been smuggled in by relatives of inmates, the others have been dropped into the prison compounds using drones. No doubt, the prison authorities are doing their best to ensure that these contraband devices are confiscation as quickly as possible, yet the results of a slip even for a few minutes can have catastrophic implications.


Since completely stopping the smuggling of cell phones into prisons is a mammoth task that cannot be achieved easily, a radical yet innovative technology-based system has been put in place which will allow civilians to sleep well at nights without a worry.


Securus Technologies and Robert Johnson, an ex-corrections officer in South Florida are dedicated to ensuring public safety by using a wireless containment option to stop calls from connecting while they are made by inmates from within the prison compounds. A few years ago, Robert Johnson was attacked in his home by an inmate who made a phone call from within the prison to arrange for this attack. This incident has led the ex-corrections office to be dedicated to the cause of eradicating this problem once and for all.


Robert Johnson still battles with the pain and scars of undergoing 23 surgeries to save his life due to the six gunshots that were fired at him within his own home. He also believes that there have been dozens of other cases reported every few days that were the direct result of inmates getting hits on civilians while the inmates were still serving time.


According to Robert Johnson, who now works as a paid consultant for Securus Technologies, technology is the only way forward especially if it has to work effectively on a nation-wide scale. At this point, 3 Florida prisons have implemented the use of Securus’ Wireless Containment Systems, and across the country, over 1.7 billion calls made by inmates in prison have been successfully blocked. The Securus’ Wireless Containment Systems ensure that the calls get blocked as soon as they are dialed and sent to the network which in turn significantly reduces the number of casualties that can occur as a direct result of inmates using phones while serving time. Securus Technologies have invested a mind-boggling figure that exceeds $40 million into their Wireless Containment Units, and the company aims to be both a time saving and the most effective method to eradicate using contraband cell phones within the compounds of prisons.


The jury is still out on the outcome of using this technology, yet due to the impressive results that were seen in a short span of time, we believe that this move might, in fact, be the key to ensure public safety swiftly and efficiently.



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Lori Senecal: The Global CEO Of CP+B Has Some Innovative Ways Of Building Strong Companies

- Author: steph

Lori Senecal is the Global CEO of CP+B, and it is her duty to oversee the global expansion and growth of the company. She also coordinates the 10 offices that the company has all over the globe and works to expand the company even more. What she has added to the company has been felt in its culture and its bottom line, and she has helped to put together a modern global agency that is lean, innovative, and consistent in its offerings. Her efforts led CP+B to receiving the “Creativity Innovators of the Year” award for 1027 from Advertising Age, and she, herself, was named one of just four “Agency Executives to Watch” in 2016.

Before Lori Senecal came aboard with CP+B, she was the Chief Executive Office and Global Chairman of KBS. While there, she helped the company to grow from 250 domestic employees to more than 900 employees that worked in parts all over the globe. Her work also helped the company to earn the “Best Places to Work in NYC” award from Crain, and she was named one of the “Women to Watch” in 2013 by Advertising Age. Wherever Senecal has served, she has made a large positive impact. Check out to see more.

While Lori Senecal says that no two days of hers are alike, she likes to start her days by getting her blood flowing with a workout. After this, she usually meets up her leadership team in internal meetings where they discuss actions to implement at the 10 global offices she oversees. She stays productive and focused by communicating with the clients of CP+B and her own team, which also helps her come up with the necessary strategies to move the company forward. She finds that her best ideas come from collaborating with other talented team members, and there is a saying around CP+B that states that the best ideas are the Boss not someone with a title. The power to change the companies she works with comes from the combined resources and ideas of the teams she helps to grow and foster, and this unique approach to business has helped her to help build some of the greatest companies in the world.

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Sussex Health Care: Taking Care Of The Tenants

January 10, 2018 - Author: steph

Sussex Health Care is a retirement home located south of the British Capital, which also serves as a medical facility and a rehabilitation center. One of the most recent additions to the services that Sussex Health Care provides is the inclusion of audiology services, performed by a professional audiologist.

Sussex Health Care caters to the needs of the elderly, and those who chose to retire at Sussex Health Care states that they are living comfortable lives now, being monitored by their nurses, making sure that they are receiving their medications daily and that they are not being injured inside the premises of the facility. The senior tenants at Sussex Health Care welcomed the addition of audiology services to check their hearing and for them to enjoy some of the retirement homes’ social activities which include singing and playing musical instruments.

For more than 25 years, Sussex Health Care has shown the world how first-class care should be provided. The facility employs several professionals who are working in the medical field to take care of the senior tenants, and through the years of operating, word of mouth advertisement helped the Sussex Health Care in gaining new tenants. Aside from offering a retirement home for the elderly, Sussex Health Care is also known for rehabilitating people who are suffering from brain injuries. They have a facility which could hasten the recovery of someone who suffered from brain injuries, and they also have a resident speech therapist that would help the patient in speaking once again.

Sussex Health Care is also extending their services to everyone who is suffering from physical and mental disorders, and the management at Sussex Health Care stated that they will always welcome everyone who wishes to receive world-class care that is being given by professionals whose primary objective is to assist. Sussex Health Care continues to dominate the care and rehabilitation industry in the United Kingdom.

Visit for more details about Sussex Healthcare.

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Ricardo Guimaraes: Leading the Banco BMG

January 8, 2018 - Author: steph

Ricardo Guimaraes is the current president of Banco BMG, which is known as one of the largest financial institutions in Brazil today. With the direction of Ricardo Guimaraes, Banco BMG is entering joint ventures with other financial institutions, and one of them is Itau Unibanco. Ricardo Guimaraes requested the Itau Unibanco to lead the operations in the company’s payroll loan sector, and he hired several professionals that will be leading the newly formed segment of the firm. He decided that the company should be hiring professional executives, which is vital to the company’s growth. His family will also become a part of the council of shareholders inside Banco BMG, and Ricardo Guimaraes decided that market professionals should be invited inside the shareholder’s assembly to improve the company’s value. He made spaces for them to enter, and promised that the newly restructured company would be doing its best to serve their customers and clients.

For over 80 years of operation, Banco BMG is known all throughout the country as a reliable financial institution, which is why people from all of Brazil are opening up accounts with them because they know that the company could not be in trouble because of their high valued assets and revenues. Ricardo Guimaraes stated that he would have to go down as the company’s president after the restructuring process because he would have to oversee the financial institution’s overall operations from afar, and he also revealed that he now wanted to manage the company indirectly.

The business model that Banco BMG follows is considered as one of the best structures available for a payroll lending business. According to Ricardo Guimaraes, they managed to get more customers and clients because of how they presented their products and services, and combined with word of mouth advertising and proving their performance through advertisements and testimonials, the financial institution became larger and stronger. Banco BMG has acquired several competitors in the past to secure its position as one of the leading financial institutions in the country. They have purchased GE Money and Schahin Bank in 2010 for hundreds of millions of dollars, and these business decisions have been proven to be beneficial for the company. Banco BMG, with the support of Ricardo Guimaraes, continues he reliable service that is being enjoyed by their clients for so many years. The newly formed partnership with Itau Unibanco would only help them reach unreachable areas in Brazil.

Follow Ricardo:youtube.

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Nick Vertucci Trains Future Millionaires

January 2, 2018 - Author: steph

In 2013, the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy was founded in California and has become exponentially popular because of the results individuals receive in their flipping investment strategies taught by Mr. Vertucci in real estate transactions. The NV Real Estate Academy was created to train and educate people in how to reach their financial goals by using his strategies that helped to make him a millionaire. Real estate workshop sessions are held around the county.

In his training sessions and Academy workshops, Nick Vertucci shares his personal background. His story is a rag to riches reality. Nick tells his attendees that there was a time when he was down but not out, even though he felt like he was. A friend of his invited hi to a real estate workshop which greatly inspired him, enough to fight to get out of debt.

Nick tells his students that he studied everything he could about real estate. He caught on quickly and even invented certain new methods which propelled him successfully in the real estate industry. Nick states that the system he developed is what he is trying to imbue into others to also help them become financially stable.

The NV Real Estate Academy is the offspring of The Nick Vertucci Company headed by Mr. Vertucci. Nick explains his turn-key method that involves purchasing property, repairing the property to a condition that it sells, then renting it out. Nick has been the most successful in buying defunct properties that banks have taken over.

NV Real Estate Academy under the aegis of Nick Vertucci and his experienced staff teaches individuals who join his Academy about commercial investing, how to leverage your IRA and 401K for investing, asset protection, contract negotiations for wholesale and flipping transactions, how to buy and hold properties for long-term cash flow results, how to rehab, and a great deal more. When the NV Real Estate Academy students’ enter into a real estate deal, they are not only mentored by Nick Vertucci, but they receive secure backing by the Academy’s private lenders and investors.

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