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EOS Lip Balm Review of New Vegan Options

December 27, 2017 - Author: steph

Evolution of Smooth is an innovator making some of the best lip balms available in the market today. The latest addition to their collection is a line of vegan or all natural lip balms. Featuring unique flavors and all natural ingredients, EOS stands apart from other major manufacturers found in convenience stores. They have demonstrated a continued interest in research and design that takes customer preferences into account.

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EOS started with a mission to give women what they want when it comes to lip balm experiences. They understood the essential role that lip balm plays in the daily routine of many women. Their tagline and other aspects of advertising capitalize on the way that women can enjoy their routine by including EOS. Imagery featuring women having fun and smiling while putting on lip balm approached an underlying need. Women explained having fun would make them feel better about applying lip balm in market research.

Not only are EOS products readily available and conveniently packaged, but they come with a great deal of promotion and recommendation says Celebrities and talk show hosts alike have recommended the use of EOS products over the years. The latest vegan crystal flavors have helped tap into different markets that could not be reached before. Due to EOS containing bees wax, many vegans were not able to try the original formula. However, upon releasing the new vegan crystal flavors, the new EOS products sold out the same day that the line was launched. Purchase here. This was an incredible advantage that EOS could not have predicted prior to the launch.

When looking for natural ingredients and high quality lip balm products, Evolution Of Smooth is definitely a good option. The new vegan formula contains jojoba oil, vitamin E, coconut oil, and wax-substitutes to keep your lips moisturized with organic ingredients.

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EOS Is Changing Things Up With Their Latest Lip Balms

December 26, 2017 - Author: steph

All the talk around now is about how millennials are ruling the internet. They have come to take over everything they can with new choices for clothing, fashion, accessories and now even music. The people who are millennials are looking for ways to relive a part of their lives. They want to regain some of the happiest moments of their lives and for them, finding something that will make them feel young again is just one of the ways that they can feel better about themselves.

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In the world of lip balm, many shoppers were forced to stand in the aisles of the store and search for the right brand of lip balm. Before EOS, there was a limited number of flavors for shoppers to select from and even more so, they were forced to choose between just a chapstick or from Burt’s Bees. Anyone who knows anything about lip balm knows that it is not just about using something that replenishes the moisture lost but is also about something that smells good, feels good and also moisturizes.

EOS had the right idea when it came up with the round spheres of lip balm, shop here! The only problem was that users and consumers of the brand were unhappy with some of the ingredients, One of the main ingredients that people were dissatisfied with was the ingredient of bees wax. The consumers who are vegan friendly and want something that has no ingredient related to animals and insects. The original formula contained the bees wax and when they removed it, the substituted it for avocado, coconut and shea butter.

The formula is not the only thing that EOS changed in their latest lip balm. They changed the shape slightly and made the formula see through, refer also to The new formula will allow users to see directly inside of the lip balm.

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EOS Lip Balm Softens Your Skin In 30 Days

December 21, 2017 - Author: steph

Your lips make up a large part of what people see when you’re interacting or trying to communicate effectively. How much do you think pampering your lips will cost in an appearance driven society? Believe it or not, retaining a youthful appearance with your lips will cost you under $5, shop here. You will love the way your lips look and feel with the exclusive EOS formula. Soften your lips with sheath body butter and jojoba in under 30 days. Taking care of your lips early can offset any future treatment or expensive home remedies which often times, produce very little results.

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The new EOS lip balm gives your lips a rich blend of vitamins and essential oils that are easy on your lips. For example, their new Crystal line offers a completely transparent container that doubles as an easy to use container. Your lips can benefit from the humble yet, powerful ingredients uniquely crafted in each blend. Canadians are raving about their favorable blend with aromatherapy for their lips. Their blend hydrates your lips deep within your tissue to provide superior moisture. More fascinating facts here on The Evolution of Smooth is a grandfather EOS brand with organic lotion, shaving cream, and body butter with exclusive offers on their website. Join the exclusive EOS lip balm family today.

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How Cancer Treatment Centers of America is Helping Stop Prostate Cancer

December 19, 2017 - Author: steph

Holding free prostate screens are one method in how Cancer Treatment Centers of America is helping to stop prostate cancer in its tracks. Prostate cancer is a leading killer of men in the United States today. With earlier detection, this cancer care institute hopes to drastically lower those figures. Since most prostate cancer symptoms go unnoticed until late in the game, Cancer Treatment Centers of America currently is urging all males middle aged and older to undergo a safe, simple and painless prostate screening to hopefully detect any cancer before current treatment options expire. Labcorp and assorted numbers belonging to the NFL Alumni also participated in last Fall’s free prostate screening drive.

Most healthcare providers working at Cancer Treatment Centers of America got into this field because of a personal experience with cancer. This could be a family member or close friend that influenced their decision to join the ongoing fight. Many others are just caring people who see a need to help others less fortunate in a very practical way. These devoted employees range in age from young to almost retired. Their specialties allow the organization to provide expert care in drug therapies, radiation treatments, dietary concerns, mental and/or emotional health support and so much more.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has always been among the first to jump on a new cancer treatment option. This motivation to think outside the box is part of the reason why Cancer Treatment Centers of America leads in innovative therapies. They also are dedicated to promoting further educational information learned in their many diverse departments. From holistic nursing care to just discovered research pertaining to a cancer care new treatment, this institute serves as a reminder to never give up where cancer is concerned. Many come to CTCA for renewed hope.

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Cameron Clokie, the Exemplary Doctor in Canada

December 18, 2017 - Author: steph

Dr. Cameron Clokie is the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc. The company specializes in musculoskeletal reconstruction. Clokie is also a successful entrepreneur who does a proper analysis of his business prospects before embarking on implementation. He is as well a renowned scientist.

He has practiced clinical dentistry for thirty years and is very dedicated to his patients. Clokie retired from academics last year from the University of Toronto where he was the professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. His approaches in his career have made him stand tall in his career. Among his great works is his technology that can seduce adult jaw bones to grow like they could in a little child and even look exactly as the lost one.

Dr. Cameron Clokie has worked in various companies in different capacities. Cameron Clokie has made several publications and presentations on bone reconstruction on different platforms globally. He has also done intensive research on generative medicine, wrote and held several talks regarding the same. From a young age, clokie had a passion for internal medicine. Being a surgeon was an exact reflection of his lifetime dream. He loves technology and is especially excited about its application in dentistry which he feels will greatly improve the services.

Clokie is always an updated man who continually stays ahead of his game by doing constant research on any changes in his field. He is open-minded and very focused once he has settled on an idea. All these coupled with his extensive network of colleagues, friends and even his students have made him hit it as a successful entrepreneur.

He loves traveling and believes Canada is one of the best places to stay. He has successfully divided his time to attend his patients, students and as well get his own time to learn about technological advancements. He is a very busy man. In the mid-80s Cameron Clokie graduated as a dental surgery doctor then later received his Ph.D. in bone regeneration. Clokie is working to ease the cost of bone regeneration to make it more affordable. He is also a philanthropist who makes various donations to help the people in need.

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Jeffry Schneider (Wellness)

December 14, 2017 - Author: steph


jeffry schneider smile

Jeffry Schneider is a successful entrepreneur and employer. His line of business involves making his clients’ and employees’ dreams come true. He attributes his success to his pursuit of happiness and general welfare for his clients, his employees and himself. Among the very many things that he does, he runs a personal blog through which he advises his readers on the best daily physical exercises in which to indulge and the best wellness habits to adopt. He has published numerous articles that inspire his readers to adopt a generally positive outlook on life, the best health and fitness diets and enlightening books to read.

Why the focus on Wellness?

Jeffry acknowledges the benefits of workplace wellness programs and often cites numerous academic sources which highlight the benefits. He conducts most of his idea brainstorming meetings with his colleagues and employees while working out in the gym or when taking walks and jogs. Indeed, wellness cultivates welfare, and the two bring about vitality and productivity.

Before Google became the first global company to introduce the concept of workplace wellness to their human resources policy, the corporate world was plagued with absenteeism and presenteeism. The two are detrimental to corporate effectiveness and productivity. However, while presenteeism takes a much bigger toll on workplace productivity than absenteeism, most corporate heads remain ignorant of it and its consequences.

What is Presenteeism?

Presenteeism simply describes physical employee presence despite mental absenteeism characterized by sleeping tendencies and general unresponsiveness. Presenteeism is often caused by employees reporting to work while sick, stressed out or fatigued. While employers fuss about healthcare expenses and absenteeism, they neglect the issue of presenteeism which often causes more productivity loss than the other two.

Benefits of Wellness Programs

Doctors have often gone on record to assert that physical activities free up brain cells and make minds sharper. Monochrome cubicles couple up with monotonous workdays to completely drain energy and morale from employees. Some employees desire to work out amid work hours but lack the space and support to do so. Workplace wellness programs present employees with:

  • Fun

Games are fun, especially if played socially as opposed to in solitude. They lighten up moods, jog the mind and reduce stress

  • Productivity

Wellness programs allow stress releases and physical fitness. Employees become sharper, more focused and motivated. With increased concentration levels and responsiveness, they find it easier to accomplish all of their mental tasks with increased ease.

  • Support and Teamwork

Working out alone takes more discipline to stick to the program than when doing it socially. The support to accomplish physical and mental wellness goes a long way in curing depression and social stigma. Colleagues find it easier to work as a team after bonding through wellness programs. Ultimately, they grow personally, professionally and as a team.

  • Fitness and Improved Health

Absenteeism is caused by mental fatigue, poor health and lack of motivation. Workplace wellness programs inspire healthy eating habits, happiness and general fitness which all combine to prevent and reverse lifestyle diseases. Stronger and healthier employees work more and better than ailing ones.

Jeffry Schneider gives more tips on how to plan and implement personal and workplace wellness programs on his blog. He lays emphasis on always staying positive and gaining dividends from giving people what they want and need. He is a win-win guy, and he suggests that the workplace wellness concept cultivates a win-win situation for employers and employees. It makes sense to let others benefit if you stand to gain as well. Jeffry is a happy and healthy man whose wealth he attributes to his initiative to create wealth for others and to make them happy as well.


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For Smooth Sexy Lips, Hydrate Them With EOS Vegan Chrystal Lip Balm

December 13, 2017 - Author: steph

Cold winter weather usually mans dry, chapped lips. Now there is an exciting, fun way to keep your lips looking soft and luscious. EOS has launched a new lip balm that has changed the way lip balm used to be says The first notable change is the packaging. No longer is lip balm contained in the round, cylindrical tube that has been the uniform look for decades. The new EOS lip balm come in a clear, round container that will still easily fit in your pocket. It resembles a clear crystal ball, and inside is the new jip balm that is vegan, and wax free. There is no sticky or chalky feel to the lips. The new EOS lip balm comes in two fragrances, Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid.

The new lip balm is in a spherical, pyramid shaped container that gives it a sleeker look, check it here. The lip balm is hypoallergenic, and will gently hydrate the lips with the special blends of several oils that include avocado, coconut, shae butter, castor, and sunflower oils. These blends make the lip balm one hundred percent natural, and vegan. Once you open the clear packaging, you will find that the lip balm is also crystal clear.

EOS is the synonym for Evolution of Smooth. When this company started their line of brightly colored lip balms in their easily recognized bright colors of containers, they took society by storm. They offered a new insight into the world of lip protection. They came in more flavors than what was offered by the then more popular Chap Stick. The different flavors gave consumers more choices, browse more products here on With more choices came a trending popularity. EOS continued to improve on their brand, and found that more variety lead to a more demanding product. EOS lip balm is great for women and men.

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Eos Introduces Your Own Mini Crystal Ball That Tells of Healthier, More Glistening Lips

December 12, 2017 - Author: steph

Eos just released their new product; Crystal. It’s a healthier twist on the clear lipstick trend, for a affordable price. Eos switched up their name brand recipe for a more healthy version, filled with all natural oils and butters. Sure to sooth those dry and cracking lips, making it easy to still feeling part of a fashion forward trend, even if your lips need some TLC.

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For calming effects they added coconut and Shea butters, to help bring your lips back to their prime. To help add a natural shine while healing, or just through rocking your everyday look, they added castor, sunflower, and avocado oils. All these ingredients together insure you have lovely, soft, lips, as long as you use daily. Crystal is a new must have for every makeup kit. Due to the lack of heavy waxes and harmful dyes, Crystal is perfect for daily wear, and use as a primer. Being able to work with any lipstick you have, glossy, matt, even waxy.

This new Crystal lip balm come in two new hypnotizing scents. Vanilla Orchid; for soft, inviting people. And Hibiscus Peach, for all those wild one out there. Both scents are guaranteed to swirl off your being in enchanting ways.

Eos is making this trend more healthy, affordable and luxurious for all.

Eos dropped this new bomb in CVS, Walmart, Target and many other retailers for the low price of five dollars, shop here! They even created a whole new container to go with it, go check it out, while supplies last.

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EOS’s new product has everyone going crazy for it

December 9, 2017 - Author: steph

New crystal clear EOS lip balm is selling off the shelves like crazy. Everyone and anyone is infatuated with the Evolution of Smooth’s new product and it is taking the world by storm. Even better is is wax-free and vegan. Gone are the days of that feeling like everything is going to stick to your lips, including your hair!

This futuristic new EOS product even gets its own shape, see here at Instead of their traditional egg like sphere, they opted to make it into a pyramid like shape. You lips will be smoothed into perfection with avocado, sunflower, coconut, castor oils and shea butter. Your lips will scream for more! It is also hypoallergenic for all of you gals out there who have a hard time finding lip balms that are sensitive enough for you lips. This crazy cool new product comes in two new flavors which will get your taste buds going. These two flavors, Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid, will take you to a remote tropical paradise in your mind, available here.

Based on, in 2009, a lip balm was created that would be a game changer to for whole industry. Three entrepreneurs named Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky sat down together to figure out how to shake the beauty isle. Luckily for them, it worked.

Most of the lip balms they noticed where very generic and clinical looking. Since most women, rather than men, use lip balm in their daily lives, they decided to target women when designing their new product. Fittingly the tagline says “The lip balm that makes you smile.” EOS created a whole new shape which they call orb-like. They also gave them a variety of colors and amazing flavors that would rock anyone’s day. On top of that it is organic and made from all natural products, a trend that is growing in popularity more and more.

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The most amazing secrets behind Barbara Stokes success in GSH

December 8, 2017 - Author: steph

Barbara Stokes is the CEO of Green Structure Home LLC in Alabama (GSH), a state-of-art construction company serving both the government and private investors. Through the leadership of this excellent engineer, the GSH has experienced many improvements from being a local firm in Alabama to an international one providing its services all over the North America. Barbara Stokes is one of the few female CEOs with a great determination to achieve the highest goals of such a company in the whole world. Follow Barbara Stokes on

As the CEO of the Green Structure Home, LLC, Barbara Stokes, has made the state-of-art services not only affordable but also available for both the government and individuals in the North America. The company specializes in construction (both on-site and off-site), designing, and delivering services to the customers, whether government or private clients. Through the efforts of Barbara Stokes, GSH evolved from being a Disaster Relief Construction to a state-of-art design, Engineering, and manufacturing firm. The GSH also goes a notch higher to nurture management and leadership skills through the exemplary leaders spearheaded by the Chief Executive Officer, Barbara Stokes and the Chief Operations Officer, Scott Stokes. The duo has more than three decades experience in management intertwined with adequate skills in leadership and organizational planning. Through her leadership, GSH Company has received much credit for the construction works it has accomplished. In fact, it is among the companies that have top rating in designing and state of the art construction not only in the US but also the world over.


Barbara Stokes has had a great deal of experience in leadership both in the Green structure Homes, LLC and in other companies, she worked with before joining GSH. Before 2008, she had been working Pisces Corporation and Boeing, an innovation company where she acquired more leadership skills. As a lady and as a mother who believes in the giving back to the society, Barbara Stokes supports charity work across the country. The most outstanding of her philanthropic activities is being a volunteer at Huntsville Community Foundation. The CEO GSH, Barbara Stokes has an excellent academic background that makes her execute the strategies of the company with the required skills and knowledge. She graduated from Mercer University in 2000 with Bachelor’s degree in biomedical science (medical engineering). Barbara Stokes also studies other disciplines at the university in the same period including manufacturing and management, properties of materials and thermodynamics, and technical communication structures.

Barbara Stokes is therefore not only an academician but also a responsible leader and a mother. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

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