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Brazilian Jorge Moll’s Passion in Healthcare

November 13, 2017 - Author: steph

Jorge Moll is a Brazilian citizen in his early 70s and lives in Rio de Janeiro. He is a successful entrepreneur who trained as a cardiologist and began his career in 1977 when he first founded diagnostic imaging company. Jorge with his aggressiveness in hospital matters expanded it until now is it the most significant laboratory operators and hospital across Brazil.

Currently, the company has more than 24 hospitals with over 4 000 beads spread in all parts of Brazil. Jorge Moll sold out its subsidiary laboratory in 2010 to Fleury SA, a publicly traded company and the provider of medical services in Brazil for $414 million. In 2010 also he purchased Sao Luiz Hospital based in Sao Paulo. The deals were mainly funded by Andre Estevez from BTG Pactual Banks through convertible debentures. Know more about Jorge at Crunchbase.

Jorge Moll sold part of the company stake to GIC Group in 2015 and Carlyle Group in 2010. Majority of Jorge Molly`s Fortune is from his hospital company. The Carlyle group bought 8.3 percent of stake while Singapore Sovereign wealth fund bought 11.7 percent of the stake. The annual revenue of all the independent hospitals owned by Jorge Moll is estimated to be $1.7 billion according to the annual report from company`s website in 2015. It has about 35 hospitals spread throughout in Brazil and has more than 5 000 bed spaces. The hospital has well-furnished emergency rooms and 30 oncology clinics. The company received more than 2 million patients each year. Learn more about Jorge Moll at Google Scholar.

After selling part of the company`s stake, Jorge Moll currently holds 59 percent of the shares by Dec 14, 2015. The press interviewed him outside his offices. The overall value of the company is estimated through price to earnings of the main three public traded peers: Healthscope, Gennoma Lab International and Instituto of Diagnosis. In 2014, he resigned as CEO of the company and took over the position as chairman of the Board. Jorge Moll as mentioned above is a cardiologist who attended University of Federal de Rio De Janeiro for his master’s in public health. Jorge Moll has a wife and nine children, and all lived in Rio de Janeiro.


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Anthony Petrello, the most Brilliant Contractor when it Comes to Gas Drilling and Geothermal

November 12, 2017 - Author: steph

Anthony Petrello, the president, and CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd is one of essential household names in the business world. The company was founded in 1968 and I currently the biggest land driller in the globe having other groups in more than 25 countries in the world. Tony has been president of this organization since 1991. Having gotten where he is right now, let no one think that he got himself into his current position easily. This is because he is never spoon-fed nor had a fund to sustain him. His success I pure hard work.

Anthony is an individual who is known for blending into the ranks of the corporate world. He grew up in Newark. His neighborhood is what tremendously impacted to the robust life of an oil giant that he lives today. The people in Newark live in harmony and believe in helping each other, detests lying and hard work is appreciated. It is these high values that have molded Anthony. He worked hard in mathematics and logic, and this gave him recognition hence getting chance to study at Yale University. Later, he went to Harvard Law School. For nearly 30 years, that is, after holding different positions, he finally became the CEO.

Back in 2014, he was rated as one of the highest paid CEO earning 68.2 million. For those who know him well would say that he is among the few wealthy men who embrace humility. What is evident is that from his upbringing and growth, one can learn that it does not matter where one comes from but determination and hard work paves the way.

Having said a lot about Tony and his success with Nabors industries limited, it is pertinent to note that he has a giving heart. He has helped a lot of people as he gives back to the society through his involvement in many charity events. Tony has contributed a lot to Nabors, which is currently staffed with 29.000 people. For him, transforming the face value of oil and gas industry is vital. He is one man that believes in the growth of a company as a whole in that, ¾ of his income comes from Nabors and that of other employees. Reduction in business means the loss to Nabors family, and that is why he does his work with efficiency making the company stand out. Antony Petrello is an amazing leader whose traits should be emulated.

To know more visit @:

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A New Age Of Biotech

November 11, 2017 - Author: steph

Biotech is creating all kinds of new ways to treat medicine. The latest wave of biotech is focusing on finding solutions using the most effective solutions possible. Amicus Therapeutics is playing an essential role in helping bring this movement forward and give people solutions to diseases often abandoned by other companies. So far, it seems that their approach is working as the work of Amicus is visible and leading the way to solutions around the world. Learn more about job offerings of Amicus Therapeutics at Indeed.

What Amicus Therapeutics Wants

Amicus Therapeutics is centered around trying to find a way to solve various rare and untreated diseases. These orphan diseases are often neglected because there simply isn’t the same profit to be found when compared to other more prevalent diseases. The solution offered by Amicus Therapeutics is to research proteins, genes, and everything else necessary to give people a solution they otherwise would not have. This makes the work of Amicus absolutely essential to the success of just about any researcher who would like to handle these more complicated diseases others have given up on.


What They Are Planning To Do

The plans for Amicus are to take things even further in regards to creating a platform to help find the innovation necessary to treat these rare diseases. The process of finding cures is a long and difficult one, but it is necessary. Without their work, the gaps in medical knowledge would be quite large. They have helped narrow these gaps and give people the ability to better find a solution to their problems. The need for research in these orphan diseases continues to expand. Without the work of companies such as this, potential epidemics could occur. Fighting diseases while they are rare is one of the best routes to go. Learn more about the company at

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Review of New Lip Balm from EOS

November 10, 2017 - Author: steph

The introduction of Evolution of Smooth (EOS) new vegan flavored lip balm has excited many people. The new lip balm commodity is favorable to EOS loyal customers as well as those who did not some of their lip balms in the past because of some ingredients used in their manufacture. The new vegan crystal flavored lip balm is more appealing to many people worldwide says The EOS lip balms are known for their little round dispensers. The new vegan crustal flavored lip product has the same products as the previous lip balms although the balm to the lip product is visible. The new product is organic, clear and is free of animal by-products.

Go here for more product information.

The EOS lip balm has been existence for many years although the beeswax flavor prevented customers from enjoying the vegan flavor. Evolution of Smooth started selling the new vegan crystal lip balm on their website the same say the released it. The company received numerous positive feedback in a short time from the clients that was unexpected.

The EOS lip balm has recorded high sales because of the lowest prices it sells at. The package sells at only $5.49. According to EOS, customers can get the lip balm from the local Wallgreens, Walmart, Target Stores and the CVS. The stores recorded high sales after the release. In the recent past, Chapstick was the leading retailing lip balm. The lip balm that dominated the market for one decade was replaced by lip balm orbs that were produced by the EOS.

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EOS currently uses the social media most of the time to market their products. Their presence in the social media in significant with more than 7 million Facebook followers and 1.8 million Instagram followers. The company has also partnered with fashion companies like the Keds and together the produces an EOS shoe that was accompanied with a matching lip balm.

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Vincent Parascandola: Making His Mark in Financial Planning

- Author: steph

Ever since his days at the Lubin Business at Pace University in New York City, Vincent Parascandola has been driven to make his mark in the business world. As a New Yorker, he realizes that the town can be a very driven, determined 24-hour type of environment. Parascandola has worked extremely hard to not only be an asset to his colleagues at AXA advisors but also to every client that comes into his office.

The first thing you need to know about Vinnie Parascandola is that he is definitely one of those old school guys who believes that “you get out what you put in.” He has spent many years honing his expertise with financial planning, culminating in his position as Vice President of Finance with the AXA Group in New York City. He started his employment with AXA advisors on June 1, 2015, but before that he held a position at Mony Securities Corporation from 1990 to 2005.

One of the things that Parascandola places a high value in would be getting off on the right footing. He believes this is important for his interactions with his clients, and he believes that it is a good life principle as well. This is why Vinnie is exceedingly proud of the fact that he graduated from the Lubin Business program. This degree option has developed a great reputation and has been educating people since 1906. Parascandola’s Alma Mater has put out only the best, and he is one of them. Check out Pocomuseum to see more.

In order to be the best, you need the right credentials. Since 2000, Vincent Parascandola has held an industry securities registration that is subject to the close oversight of the SEC and FINRA. Parascandola realizes that integrity is an important part of his job and he has fine-tuned his stellar reputation for many years. Looking to do some retirement planning? You really cannot go wrong if you enlist the services of Vincent Parascandola. Check out Vimeo to see more videos.

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Oregano Gold Coffee Just Might Add Years To Your Life

November 9, 2017 - Author: steph

A recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine suggests that coffee

drinkers may be at a reduced risk for many life threatening conditions including

heart disease and stroke.

The health benefits of coffee have been exhautively investigated and it has

become evident to many that their morning cup of coffee is likely to increase

their life span. Organo Gold is also available at Amazon.

One study examined over 185,000 U.S. coffee drinkers. This study found that caffeinated

as well as decaffeineated coffee had the same positive effects on the following

conditions: Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, and kidney disease. Furthermore

the study showed that these benefits were prevalent regardless of the subjects


The entire study was conducted over a sixteen year old period and the following

pattern was clearly discerned. Participants that drank two to three cups of

coffee a day was 18% less likely to experience death than those who did not

drink coffee.

A similar study done in Europe surveyed the coffee drinking habits of more than

half a million participants in ten countries. This studied concluded with the

same bottom line as the American study. Participants who enjoyed several cups

of coffee a day were proven to be less likely to experience death than participants

that abstained from coffee drinking. Watch this video on Youtube.

Organo gold is a global network marketing company that seeks to enrich lives

by providing beverages, nutraceuticals and personal care produts.

Organo gold has long been aware of the positive health benefits of coffee drinking

and to adress this need has developed an assortment of premium coffee and tea


Among the most popular brews offered by Oregano Gold are Black Coffee, King Of Coffee, and cafe’ Mocha. Each of these coffees have the added benefit of being made with Ganoderma, a mushroom that adds additional health benefits. These products and many other are available on the Oregano Gold website.


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Adam Goldenberg’s Hard Work Has Paid Off

November 8, 2017 - Author: steph

Throughout his career, Adam Goldenberg has made all the right moves. He knew just what he needed to do to make things better for himself and for the company he was running. He knew a lot about the different things that would make his career better but he also knew which industries needed the ideas he had for success. Because of this, he was able to stay committed. He also knew the right way to try different things so he’d have all the best deals possible for his own industry. It helped him make things better not only for himself but also for other people who needed the solutions he had to offer.

By giving people different options for their own lives and for their own business, he was able to set things apart from other companies. Not only did Adam Goldenberg have a retail company, but he had a solution for women who had never had those opportunities in the past. Adam Goldenberg was a true master of all the things that would make everything better for women. He knew the right way to offer different things to people so they could enjoy all the options they had in different areas of fashion.

When Adam Goldenberg first started JustFab, he had ideas he wanted to use to make the company the best it could be. In act, many of the ideas he first had are still in use at the company today. It was his way of giving back and giving everyone something that would make a difference in their lives. He was committed to the industry and to the women he was helping through the industry. He knew he could give them a solution to a major problem without having to worry about all the issues that often came with retail.

When women visit JustFab or Fabletics, they are required to take a style quiz. This quiz will give people information about the things they are doing and will also allow the stylists the chance they need to show people what they can do to make things better. For Adam Goldenberg to use this, people will need to make sure they are putting the correct information in for their own business. It is what has given him the ability to make things better for all the people who have a chance at their own business in different ways.

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Rocketship Education’s Many Keys to Success

- Author: steph

Rocketship Education is thought of as a leader in personalized education thanks to the product created by John Danner and Preston Smith in 2007. The school takes home in Redwood City, California, near the San Francisco Bay Area. Much like the area it comes from, Rocketship Education is located only in low-income areas throughout the United States of America. As a charter school, parents and guardians aren’t required to notch any expensive tuition like their private counterparts require.

This is arguably one of the best parts of Rocketship Education according to the many parents that are involved with their activities on a daily basis. Even though they don’t have the resources that some private schools do, they do very well for the low-income areas that they are from. The goal of Rocketship Education is to offset the generational disadvantage people born in diverse or low-income families experience throughout their careers, something its 3,800-odd students are getting help with each and every moment they spend at the leading charter school.

One of the most important reasons Rocketship Education is touted as one of the best in public education is because it requires its teachers to adjust their lesson plans to feedback taken from students and parents. Even the best teachers don’t keep each one of the students on the same learning level as others. Personalized education helps destroy the disadvantage many of these students experience when they are not kept up to speed with others.

Preston Smith recently shared that there are ten things every educator should hold their schools and students to, regardless of what discipline they’re in or what rank they old.

Rocketship Education has thousands of students across the United States that are likely to perform better in their lives since RSED has lifted their prospects from the dregs of most low-income families’ potential offered to younger generations.

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Fabletics Is Taking Advantage of Crowd Reviews to Heighten Sales

- Author: steph

Fabletics is a subsistence of Techstyle fashion group which is an online clothing line. It was launched in 2013 and has since shown tremendous growth in sales and revenue. It is currently a $235 million company with more than a million paying customers. All this is attributed to the growing power of the crowd. Today’s customers delve into online reviews and feedback before making the move of purchasing a product from a business. They rely heavily on the information reputed to a company before buying a product. Online reviews are considered and trusted as much as personal recommendations by a client’s trusted confidants.


Smart brands are capitalizing on customer reviews as marketing strategies in order to stay on top of competition. The shift in customer behavior has seen customers place emphasis on crowd reviews as their base for decision making before doing business with a particular company. This has prompted brands to incorporate consumer review platforms to boost sales. Fabletics has been leveraging crowd reviews and incorporating them into policies and product offerings.


Customers frequently review online opinions and feedback before determining any considerations. They regularly trust the reviews consequently building trust in a well reputed brand. Clients pooled in are loyal and create repeat business for a brand. Positive reviews broaden a brand’s client base. The reviews have rallied up the rank of Fabletics on sites such as Trust pilot review site thus growing more clients.


Taking advantage of the power of crowds is essential for a brand as there are more review options now than ever. Customers explore and understand brands on these sites. The reviews directly impact revenues as customers make the next step of purchasing a brand’s product after thorough considerations of public opinions of a company. Reviews ensure companies and brands obtain and retain customers who are loyal for continued business.


Kate Hudson


Kate is a strong willed individual who has beat all odds to build her company and lead it to its success. She has put in place various strategic measures that continually drive the success of Fabletics. Kate Hudson partnered with already established Techstyle fashion group that had aggressive capitalist as founders. Techstyle is endowed with resources and has a structured background in online businesses. All these qualities are shared and utilized to steer the athleisure brand forward.


Kate Hudson is an admirable character who is not only hard-working but also a meticulous organizer. She is a hand on leader who takes the initiative to endorse her brand and is customer oriented. She is strict about authenticity and quality customer service techniques. Hudson also manages useful partnership with the parent company and celebrities who are the face of the brand.


Fabletics systematically manages data using recent technology. The system stores clients’ personal information, comments, and opinions and uses this data to run the brand. Data management approach helps streamline production to cater for specific needs and wants of clients. Kate represents what the brand stands for through creation of unique athleisure brands that are comfortable and empower all women.

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How One Balances Medicine And Business, Dr. Mark McKenna Above The Stereotype!

November 7, 2017 - Author: steph

As a surgeon, Dr. Mark McKenna strives to re-establish the value of elective medical services. With his newly launched medical aesthetic clinic, OVME, he’s breathing life into the idea. Having served the industry for over a decade, Dr. McKenna emphasizes that the industry needs effective disruptive solutions to advance medical care procedures. Now that he’s acquired extensive experience and developed a broader skill set as an aesthetic surgeon. Dr. McKenna feels it’s the right time to put his ideas in motion.

The Louisiana-native holds a license to operate in Georgia and Florida as a certified practitioner of aesthetic surgery. He also serves the Medical Examiner Board of both states. He received his medical degrees after completing his residency and medical training at Louisiana’s prestigious Tulane University. After graduation, Dr. McKenna briefly practiced medicine with his dad while developing a real estate manager. He later expanded his business interests to include Uptown Title Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending alongside McKenna Venture Investments.

Although Hurricane Katrina reshaped the future of his businesses in New Orleans, this didn’t dampen his entrepreneurial spirit.

The doctor remains actively committed to community philanthropic endeavors and family. When Katrina ravaged New Orleans, Dr. McKenna was among sponsors rebuilding the community. In fact, he’s been credited as one of the chief developers behind the city’s affordable family-defined housing projects. His contribution elsewhere has been tremendously beneficial in provisioning future-forward solutions to improve quality life.

Having achieved enormous success as an entrepreneur and medical professional, Dr. McKenna explains it all on “Doctorpreneur.” The CBS documentary series which aired its first season in Fall 2013 (October 27th) focused on highlights of medical practitioners and their crossover to entrepreneurial horizons.

Dr. McKenna gets around as a responsible community advocate supporting numerous initiatives. He’s a former affiliate of the NOIDB (New Orleans Industrial Development Board). Similarly, he’s one celebrating the city’s cultural and musical heritage as a board representative of New Orleans Jazz Fest. He’s also promoting growth and innovation as an Entrepreneurs Organization advocate.

To Learn More :

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