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Brown Modelling Agency: Opening the Doors to the Modeling World

September 29, 2017 - Author: steph

Two major modeling agencies are competing against each other before September 2015 in Texas. They are dedicated to searching for the best talents around the city of Austin, and they have posted lucrative offers to potential models who would like to experience the world of modeling. These two modeling agencies are Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South, which are competing to become the top modeling agency in Austin. For the past few years, the two modeling agencies have been in a deep rivalry, showing the world that can produce the best talents. However, this competition soon came to an end in September 2015, when Wilhelmina Austin and Heyman Talent-South decided to unite as one. The merging of the two leading modeling agencies in Austin gave birth to The Brown Agency, which now aims to become the leading modeling agency not just in Texas, but in the whole United States. The newly established Brown Modeling Agency knows that the combination of strengths from the previous two modeling agencies would give it an edge in the industry. The newer, stronger, and bolder modeling agency promises that talents who would sign up with them have a better chance making it to the international modeling scene.



Justin Brown, who is currently serving as the chief executive officer of the Brown Modeling Agency, has been a model himself back when he was younger. According to Justin Brown, he tried becoming a model back in college so he can receive an extra allowance. He recalled that he would be given skinny jeans to wear, and he will be photographed wearing the jeans. He also stated that he would receive as much as $100 per hour and that the amount has been a big help for him. He studied the tricks and trade of the industry, and soon after, he established Wilhelmina Austin, his modeling agency. Heyman Talent-South, on the other hand, was also a successful modeling agency being run by people who wanted to raise successful talents. With the merging of the two companies, Justin Brown kept his position as the chief executive officer, and he never stops looking for potential talent who would like to become a part of the Brown Modeling Agency. He also encourages people to send their application online, so that they can review their profile before calling them to report at the agency. With the rise of an interconnected world, more people who are interested in becoming a model for the Brown Modeling Agency would just send their profiles online, and once selected, Justin Brown would invite them to go personally inside their office. Walk-in applications are also possible, and the Brown Modeling Agency welcomes everyone who wanted to take a shot. In just two years of operation, the Brown Modeling Agency is proud to say that they have already produced 450 competitive talents who are now out in the modeling world. For more info, check out brownagency’s blog page.


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How MB2 Dental Solutions Helps Their Affiliated Dental Practices

September 27, 2017 - Author: steph

As a dental services company, MB2 Dental Solutions that has been very successful in its field. It is a privately held company, headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, and provides its services to more than 80 dental practices spread across six states. The goal of the company is to find ways to take the business-side load off the dentists they work with so that these dentists have the time to focus on treating patients.

MB2 Dental Solutions was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, himself a dentist. He is also the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Among the other top executives at the company are the President Justin Puckett and Chief Operating Officer Justin Carroll. Dr. Villanueva has established a leadership made up of people with years of experience in the industry. Dr. Villanueva has said that his leadership style is to focus on the big picture and strategic vision of the company while trusting in the people that work for him to do their job while he stays out of their way.
One of the most important things of running a dental practice is that dentists want to maintain complete autonomy over the dentist/patient relationship. MB2 Dental Solutions recognizes and respects this fact when providing their professional services to a practice. They offer a range of services that dentists can avail themselves of such as handling payroll, marketing, business development, accounting, and several other categories.
As a company run by dentists, MB2 Dental Solutions is well aware of what it takes to run a sole dental practice. The leadership team, such as Dr. Chris Villanueva, have also owned their own dental practice in the past. He has also worked in corporate dentistry. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The goal of MB2 Dental Solutions is to offer the advantages of being a dentist on the corporate side to those who own and operate their own sole practice.
Another way that MB2 Dental Solutions helps dentists is by matching associate dentists to job opportunities at the practices that are affiliated with MB2. As they know their affiliated dentists very well they know which practices would be the best fit for a dentist who might have just earned their dental degree. They have a recruitment team that is focused on creating these matches which benefits both the young dentist as well as the practice they are matched up with.

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OSI Group Looking to the Future in Growth and Products

September 26, 2017 - Author: steph

The OSI Group the company that provides retail brands and products as a custom solution is continuing to expand in the food manufacturing industry. They are doing this by purchasing other food companies that are of value to their brand and goals.

OSI Industries announced the purchase of a former Tyson Foods plant that was a 200,000 square foot building that would support the continued growth of the beef and vegetable products the company provides. Forbes reported that with the growth of the company OSI is ranked one of the largest privately owned companies. OSI Group did not stop with that acquisition; they purchased Flagship Europe putting them into the global market with new customers. The line of products from Flagship Europe added a new range of products that included frozen poultry, sandwich fillings, pies, dips, sauces, dressings, and marinades.

The next move was the joining of Baho Food, which is a Dutch manufacturer making snacks and deli meats. The company has processing plants in Germany and the Netherlands to fulfill service to 18 European Countries.

The growth of the company is not the only goal since OSI has another objective and that is to grow its presence in the U.S. and with the Tyson Foods purchase, the company was able to keep employees that would have lost their jobs due to Tyson’s plant closing. The international part of their interests includes a facility in Beijing, China opened in 1992 and that has even supplied foods during the Beijing Olympics. Then in 1995, they began a presence in India with a company Vista Processed Foods and in March 2012 OSI opened a new plant to process frozen vegetables. In 2012 the company also started construction on a new plant in Poland and expanded to a chicken processing plant in Hungary.

OSI Group LLC is comprised of subsidiary Divisions that include Amick Farms LLC, Maryland, Fair Oaks Farms LLC, Wisconsin, Nation Pizza and Foods Illinois. Then there is OSI China, OSI Europe, GenOSI and which the Philippines division is. There is OJC which is Joint Venture with J Comsa, China, K & K Foods Ltd, Taiwan, and Select Ready foods, Canada.

The Chairman and CEO of OSI Group LLC is Sheldon Lavin, the president is David McDonald, the SVP and CFO is Sherry DeMeulenaere. The company provides select ready foods that are private label for quick service restaurants. Mr. McDonald has said they want to customers to know they are not limited in their production capacity and product development. They want to be the company that can serve their customers that are becoming more sophisticated in their demand for organic, natural and premium yet affordable products.

OSI Group Info:

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The New EOS Vegan Lip Balm

- Author: steph

EOS is a product that many people fell in love with, but just as you thought they couldn’t get any better, they come out with a brand new product! Their pastel orb shaped lip balms were a hit, but they’ve now created a new vegan lip balm. This lip balm has the same sphere shape, but the lip balm is clear. There are only two scents for the vegan lip balm so far which is vanilla orchid and hibiscus peach. This product is animal byproduct-free and made from natural ingredients. The product launched on the 4th of August and sold out on that same day. People already fell in love with it. They sell for $5.49 a piece and will sell in stores such as Walgreens,, cvs, and target. This new vegan lip balm is already a huge success. People love it! For more info visit

The creators of EOS wanted to make a product that people would love and remember, they didn’t want to just create another typical lip balm. EOS came up with a new and unique sphere shaped lip balm with beautiful pastel colors. They also come in several different flavors for whatever you desire. Everyone fell in love with this one of a kind lip balm!

Additional article on


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Nick Vertucci, Real Estate Expert Helping Others Excel in the Industry

- Author: steph

Nick Vertucci is a real estate professional who believes in a particular philosophy that has greatly assisted him. His philosophy is straightforward and simple and states that whatever happens to an individual in the past does not necessarily dictate your future.


About Nick Vertucci

Mr. Vertucci grew up in a stable environment surrounded by a loving family who always provided and took good care of him. However, Nick points out that his family was far from being well-off. When Nick was ten years, his father passed away, and his mother had to step up to fill the gap of supporting the family that her husband had left. As a result, Nick’s mother had to work long hours to sustain the family.


When Nick eighteen years of age, his life had reached an all-time low, and he was no longer residing at home. A few years later, Nick was lucky, and his life changed for the better as he was able to open a business and sell computer parts. Nick enjoyed the freedom of being his own boss. He married and was blessed with three beautiful daughters.


In 2000, however, there was a dot-com crash that rocked the business world and stock market. This crash caused nick to lose all his finances for approximately 18 months. The only thing he was able to salvage was his home. One day, Nick’s friend invited him to a real estate seminar, and he underwent the three-day intensive training.


NV Real Estate Academy

At first, Nick was apprehensive and reluctant to attend the workshop, but his friend managed to convince him. Nick confirmed that attending the seminar was the best decision he had ever made in his life. After the intense real estate training, it did not take long for Nick to become a successful millionaire in the real estate industry.


Nick Vertucci uses his real estate knowledge to teach other people on ways of becoming successful and avoiding debt through his establishment-the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. According to Nick Vertucci, most people have the drive and desire to excel, but they often lack the know-how, and that is where he comes in. NV Real Estate Academy aims at providing solutions to challenges that people experience when embarking on their real estate career. The NV Real Estate Academy also helps individuals who are seeking changes in their financial goals by using the tactics and strategies that enabled Nick to excel.

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Minnesota Mighty Fortress Church

September 25, 2017 - Author: steph

There are many beautiful churches in Minnesota. One of them is the Lakewood Memorial Chapel in Minneapolis. It was built in 1910 in the likeness of the Hagia Sophia Church in Turkey, as a central monument in the Lakewood Cemetery. It is part of the National Register of Historic places list. The dome of the chapel is tall 65 feet with colored glass windows. Inside there is a mosaic of marble and colorful stone. Some other churches are the memorials of the glory of God. Such is the Assumption Chapel in Cold Springs. It was rebuilt in 1951 on the ruins of a chapel, destroyed by a tornado. There are added structures on the top of the wooden bluff which remind of the history of the chapel. In the 1870’s there was a grasshopper infestation in the area and after a whole day of prayer the grasshoppers died off. Hence, the residents built the church. And then there is St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Waverly, with its Gothic Revival architecture.

Mighty Fortress is another beautiful church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is aimed on creating a unique experience of meaningful lasting relationship with its visitors and family. It creates a friendly, welcoming atmosphere in which the presence of God can be felt and His word heard. Most churches are formal while Mighty Fortress encourages its members to come as they are to create an enjoyable service in which everyone is welcome.

Worship services focus on God and His deeds within the daily lives of everyone. It is a worship of His blessings. There is a band, choir and worship team, creating a blissful atmosphere of God’s presence. The primary focus is on giving the word of God to each individual in order to change their lives. It is focused on the practical implication of Christian principles which are given weekly. The church leads its members to a prosperous and faithful life in which all challenges are overcome.

The senior pastor of Mighty Fortress is Bishop Williams, who has served in the ministry for over 30 years. Bishop Williams places a high emphasis on the word, family values and the community. He brings together all races, cultures, and social classes to answer, through the word of God, the questions arising out of sin, poverty, disease, moral downfall and rebellion.

The best thing of Mighty Fortress is that everyone is welcome! The services transform lives through their loving, nurturing and all-accepting approach.

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“David Giertz – Offering Financial Empowerment”

- Author: steph

Are you ready for retirement? Many people are not, they wait until they are close to retirement or have already retired to out they have no plan in place and they do not know what to expect. The saying, failing to plan is planning to fail fits this type of situation.

That is why it is crucial to make early arrangements, so you can have peace of mind knowing you have everything ready for your retirement. The question is how do you start the process?

Mr. David Giertz, President of Nationwide Financial and one the leading Financial Adviser offer a suggestion for individuals seeking help.

David feels, no matter how huge your paycheck, trying to save enough money towards retirement is still difficult. You do not know the exact amount you will need and you will be spending with no replacement income from a job.

Even if you have been putting some of your money into a retirement fund each payday, you can still face a financial crunch. This is why you should look at other financial prospects in advance, to make sure you have a supply of money coming in way ahead of your retirement.

Mr. David Giertz suggests investing. But before you take this step, you need to know how much money you will have saved by the time you are ready to retire.

Depending on if you take early retirement or retire at 65 will determine how much money you will have available. If you choose to leave your job before the regular retirement age, you will have to save up more.

After you have decided how much you will need for retirement, you need to seek a flexible plan. Whether it is a Roth IRA, traditional IRA or 401(k), a financial consultant should be able to help you choose a suitable one for your specific situation.

Mr. David Luther Giertz is the President of Nationwide Financial and recognized as one of the most distinguished advisers in the financial field. As a sales and distribution partner, he has increased the earnings of the company from 11 to 17 billion.

He received a Bachelor of Science at Millikin University, located in Decatur, Illinois. Afterwards he enrolled in the University of Miami, where he obtained an Executive MBA.

Before employment at Nationwide, he worked for Citigroup and other financial organizations. In fact, he has more than 30 years of experience in the field of finance and he continues to succeed.

Find out more about David Giertz:

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Nick Vertucci and the Principles of Real Estate Investing

September 24, 2017 - Author: steph

If you’re unfamiliar with Nick Vertucci, he is a real estate investment mogul who made his fortune by flipping properties. Vertucci has lived somewhat of a Cinderella story; during the dot-com bust in the early 2000’s, he lost a tremendous amount of money and ended up being homeless. While living out of his van, he attended a real estate seminar that would teach him how to generate wealth, and create the financial freedom that would allow him to truly live the life of his dreams.


Since attending the three-day real estate seminar, Nick Vertucci has amassed millions in the real estate market and has created his own seminars, to impart his wisdom onto his students. Vertucci has created “Flip with Nick” investment seminars, which is an aggregation of information he received while attending his first seminar, and new information that he has gathered through years of experience. When asked about the basis for his “Flip with Nick” seminars, Vertucci states that idea was born from a desire to help others realize their dreams. Additionally, he states that although many people want to create financial freedom for themselves, they are uncertain about how to make that happen. Vertucci’s seminars, in his words, “is a tried and true formula for achieving success.”


Nick Vertucci’s seminars have enjoyed considerable fanfare; in fact, since 2014 “Flip with Nick” has held an A-rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), a nonprofit organization focused on advancing marketplace trust. In addition, many former students have lauded the seminars for helping to change their lives and bring them closer to financial prosperity. Furthermore, “Flip with Nick” seminars have received a favorable star rating from, an online consumer services company. In fact, many current and former students have rated Nick Vertucci’s seminars at 4.5 stars (based on a 5-star rating system).


So, how does the “Flip with Nick” seminars work? Well, according to, the program instructs students on how to locate real estate deals and secure properties; additionally, students are given tips on how to either sell those properties or create another revenue stream, by turning them into rentals. Nick Vertucci believes in living the American Dream and bringing as many people along for the ride as possible, and he believes that his investment seminars can help accomplish this.


Real estate is one of the best ways to build wealth, but it requires a certain amount of aptitude in order to recognize trends, avoid pitfalls, and capitalize on opportunities. The “Flip with Nick” seminars addresses these fundamentals of real estate investing.

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Under leadership of Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics follows marginal utility maximizing strategy

- Author: steph

Almost every successful entrepreneur eventually comes to the realization that the best way to make money is to enter into an industry where one could be a first mover. Examples of successful companies that have done this include Google, Microsoft, Apple and almost every other major innovator that has been able to rise to completely dominate any given industry. The importance of being a first mover and not attempting to compete with long-established and entrenched rivals is one of the most important principles of entrepreneurship.


No one understands this better than the CEO of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall. Since founding the firm, in 1998, Clay Siegall has decided to follow a completely novel approach to the treatment of cancer. Rather than attempting to create cancer treatments for cancer types that are already saturated with market solutions, Dr. Siegall has followed a strategy of attempting to treat those cancers that have not seen significant improvements in survivability rates over the last 30 years.


This led Dr. Siegall directly to the cancer type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This potentially fatal illness of the lymphatic system affects almost 500,000 people in the United States at any given time. Although it has a relatively low mortality rate, by cancer standards, it still kills many thousands of people each year in the United States alone. This is due to its high incidence and the fact that the disease has not seen significant improvements in mortality for well over three decades.


Dr. Siegall chose this disease as a means to prove the concept of his company’s main product, antibody drug conjugates. This highly innovative class of drugs uses synthetic human antibodies as a means to deliver lethal agent to the site of malignant tissues, enabling the drug to almost completely avoid the systemic release of dangerous poisons into the bloodstream that are responsible for the vast majority of side effects associated with modern chemotherapeutic regimes.


The strategy has proven to be a round success, with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma experiencing one of its first significant survivability improvements in decades. This is largely attributed to the introduction of antibody drug conjugates as a second-line treatment for refractory non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

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Dr. Chris Villanueva: Changing the Face of Dentistry

September 22, 2017 - Author: steph

Chris Villanueva is an active practitioner and the founder of the MB2 Dental. In his career, he has spent significant time as both a corporate dentist and a sole-practitioner. He perfectly understood what dentists from both sides needed for them to offer the best care to their patients. This exposure gave him the idea of starting his own company.


Main Objective of MB2


Most dental practice networks are characterized by gloominess and lack of inspiration. Dr. Chris had observed this and wanted to make a difference in the industry. He wanted to start a network that not only focused on profit margins but also inspired the dentists in their work. Upon formation, MB2 Dental centered its agenda on autonomy, personal growth, support, and a created platform where dentists could have fun together.


Through MB2, dentists can come up with solutions that help all patients including the patronizing ones. So far, the firm has penetrated in six states with 70 locations and has over 500 employees. Dr. Chris has managed to improve the operation standards in the industry, which has brought happier practitioners and hence a healthy organic business growth.


Birth and Growth of MB2


When Chris Villanueva cleared school, he faced a choice to either join the corporate world or start a private practice. Both of these sides had pros and cons and Chris decided to combine the best in both and that is how he came up with MB2 Dental. Once the interests of the doctors are observed, they are in turn able to concentrate on their patients.


As the firm has continued to grow, Chris knows better than to micromanage his employees. His team is made of smart and outspoken people. Chris facilitates a good working environment by staying out of everyone’s way. This, in turn, helps his team to be very productive. His only duty is setting the vision and inspiring them.


Chris strongly believes in the power of collaboration and that’s how he manages to bring ideas to life. In both his personal and professional life, he is surrounded by smart people. Together, they are able to share great ideas.


Chris Villanueva Personal Life


Chris is a family man and a father of four beautiful kids. He spends plenty of time with his family and playing video games with his kids. As successful as he is, he is not an uptight man but instead believes in humor. He advocates for an open environment in his office. He is always the type of boss who is lightening up the office mood.

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