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Porfirio Sanchez Galindo: The Proficient CEO of Televisa

July 17, 2017 - Author: steph

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is a highly influential figure in the media industry in Mexico. He is the CEO of Televisa, one of the largest cable tv operators in the country. He has a tremendous amount of experience in the industry and has worked for many years in this field. He is a significant part of Televisa and is an integral component of the growth and development they have seen recently. He uses his incredible amount of experience in the industry to lead the company in a direction that is favorable for its growth and development.

Televisa is one of the largest media companies in Latin America. The company is the house behind numerous famous tv shows, some of which are also shown in the United States. Because of the incredible amount of shows the network has put out, they are extremely well known throughout the Latin American community. The company was established in 1955 and since then has made tremendous progress to become one of the leading companies of its kind. To air their programs in America, the company formed Univision, which is a channel that solely puts out shows that Televisa produces. Porfirio Sanchez Galindo was one of the main people behind the idea of starting up their channel to air their shows in North America. The channel has received widespread recognition and has become one of the biggest Spanish speaking channels in the country.

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo has been working for Televisa for an extremely extended period. He started out in 2006, where he took over as the Chief of staff for the company. He soon rose up the ranks to reach the position he is in today. He has an incredible amount of dedication towards the company, which is what has helped him make it succeed like it currently has.

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo has an incredible educational background, which is also one of the reasons he is such a good leader to the company. He attended Stanford for his college education and pursued a degree in business while he was there. He also has a technical side, which is why he also has a degree in applied mathematics and software research.


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The Success of Adam Goldenberg as the Head of Fabletics

July 15, 2017 - Author: steph

Of the numerous entrepreneurs that have found success through the funding of innovative and new ideas that have the idea of offering a product to the consumer that is not only fun, but will also make their lives better, one individual in particular stands out due to his vast success as well as his ability to understand the consumer and be able to use the consumer’s input on every business plan that he makes. This individual is Adam Goldenberg, an entrepreneur is focuses on finding innovative and new startups with a great idea that is worth funding and building for the future.


One of the most successful businesses that Adam Goldenberg has become a part of is that of Fabletics, a company that was designed by Kate Hudson who wanted to make sure that woman had a clothing open that is not only comfortable, but is also affordable to all women. When Adam Goldenberg heard this idea, he had to fund it and created a business model to make sure that Fabletics is not only seen as the comfortable and affordable athletic gear for every women, but that it is also seen as the most stylish choice for all women that can fit all shapes and sizes.


Adam Goldenberg has worked hard over the last couple of years to make sure that the company of Fabletics takes off. As a mother, Kate Hudson showed that she truly wanted to help the consumer and help mothers who have a career with their everyday lives. Thanks to the innovation behind Fabletics, women can wake up in the morning and have a dependable outfit to wear that they can rely on to be not only comfortable, but also stylish that will leave any women feeling confident. The goal of Fabletics is to push an active lifestyle and to make living an active lifestyle seem like an everyday enjoyment rather than a task.


Thanks to Adam Goldenberg, millions of women all over the world have access to this affordable athletic gear option that is of high quality. With expertise in the business world, Adam Goldenberg was able to find a combination of both cheap gear as well as high quality gear. With success already under his belt, Adam Goldenberg has many plans for the future and looks to fund even more startup businesses in order to help the consumer have access to better products.

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EOS Flavors: Smooth Sticks

- Author: steph

There are a lot of different Lip Balms on the market. You might not think of the EOS sticks when you think of them, but they are a part of EOS and they are a great addition to your collection. Read more here on


Pomegranate Raspberry

This EOS lip balm flavor is nice and sweet and gives you a little kick that you might want in your lip balm. The flavor is also a great change from the ones you probably have used in the past. It also gives your lips that little bit of softness you need in order to make your lips feel better.


Vanilla Bean

This flavor is just a little sweet. Instead of giving you the taste of fruit, it gives you just a little flavor that will change the way you think about lip balm flavors. It is also in the stick to help you have more room in your pocket or your bag, instead of the sphere, see products here on


Sweet Mint

This is a great change from the very sweet flavors as well. This one is not just a straight mint, but it also has a small amount of sweet in it. The mix of these two types of flavors goes together quite well. It gives your lips a sweet taste, but also will give them a little tingle.


There are a lot of different flavors that go with EOS lip balm. You just need to know what you like and try a few out. You may find you are getting some great lip balm flavors as well as healing your lips every time you use them. Take a minute and decide what is important with your lips. This way you know you are getting the best flavors and you are healing your lips as well, additional interesting story here.


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EOS Flavors That Will Transcend Time

July 13, 2017 - Author: steph

EOS, which stands for Evolution of Style, is best known for its line of fun lip balms that come in a small orb style container. They are known for offering luxury lip moisturizing balms at an affordable price as well as being a disruptor in the lip balm industry and moving us from the always awful tube-shaped “sticks” of lip balm into something that is actually fun to apply and does your lips a world of good.

Of all the flavors EOS has put out, there has not been one that doesn’t stand up to the brand’s rigorous standards. Here are 3 flavors that will stand the test of time. More related interesting articles here on

First, there is the Sweet Mint. Mint has been thrown in the faces of consumers for about a decade now. Need better breath? Let’s chalk you full of mint flavor and hope no one notices how overbearing it is! EOS’s Sweet Mint is just that, its subtle mint for those who don’t want to smell like they just ate a handful of mint leaves and the sweetness pairs perfectly with the overall soft and creamy feel of any of EOS’s lip balm products.

Then, there is the Passion Fruit. In a nice purple orb, Passion Fruit is by no means the most widely popular EOS balm, but it will surely be around for years to come. The flavor is bright and playful and frankly, delicious and will continue to be delicious and have an incredible scent that prompts people to ask “what smells so nice?” for years to come.

And then, there is the Strawberry Sorbet, see also here on Be it summer or spring, or even winter, strawberries are always delicious and a staple of Americana. EOS’s Strawberry Sorbet mixes that delicious berry flavor with the sweetness of sorbet for a perfect flavor that will be around long after this summer’s strawberry ice cream has melted. Order now!

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The Research And History Of Amicus Therapeutics

July 11, 2017 - Author: steph

Amicus Therapeutics is an American biopharmaceutical company located in Cranbury, New Jersey. In 2007 the company went public after a planned offering in 2006 followed by a withdrawal. The offering would have made AMTX the established symbol for trading. Amicus was funded by numerous capital firms including New Enterprise Associates, Radius Ventures and Canaan Partners.

Amicus Therapeutics focuses on rare and orphan diseases although their main objective is a disorder called lysosomal storage. The development of the company’s products is based on the Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy also referred to as CHART. They have concentrated on developing therapies for enzyme replacement. Amicus’s reputation expanded in 2004 when their broadcast portfolio was noted in the pharmaceutical industry for small molecule pharmacological chaperones.

Amicus Therapeutics had no products marketed in 2014 and their most likely candidate was migalastat which uses the trade name of Galafold. The product is a treatment for Fabry disease with the goal of stabilizing endogenous mutant alpha-galactosidase. The company is also involved with JCR Pharmaceutical and GlaxoSmithKline in the investigation of coformulation with recombinant alpha-galactosidase. This partnership began in 2010 and continued until 2013.

Amicus Therapeutics expanded from their only site in New Jersey in 2008 to an additional research facility located in San Diego, California. By the end of 2009 the termination of a long collaboration with Shire caused financial setbacks. At this point in time private placements were used to finance their operations. This occurred with the use of proceeds secured with their first public offering, preferred stock and the agreement they had with Shire. The began restructuring at a corporate level to reduce their workforce by twenty percent.

Amicus Therapeutics received a United States grant in 2010. The $500,000 was received from the Michael J. Fox Foundation to support collaborative studies at UCLA with the David Geffen School of Medicine. An additional $210,300 grant was received in 2010 from the foundation for Alzheimer Drug Discovery. The grant supported their pre-clinical work and was a collaboration between Amicus and Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine. Amicus acquired the company Scioderm in September of 2015 for $947 million in stocks and cash.



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Landmark Oil Venture Headed by Talos Energy Starts in Mexico

July 10, 2017 - Author: steph

Oil drilling happens every day all over the world – but not always by private companies involved in a joint venture. That’s certainly the case in Mexico, where the oil-drilling industry has been nationalized and not open to private, global companies since the 1930s.

But now that’s all changing. Gone are the rules of 80 years ago. Mexico has just struck a deal with two global, private partners—Talos Energy of Houston, Texas, and Premiere Oil of London, England. This is the first private partnership the two companies have forged together and the first to be struck with Mexico. Together with state company Sierra Oil and Gas, the three oil companies have begun drilling in a brand new oil well estimated to hold 500 million barrels of oil.

The estimated $16-million oil drilling venture began May 21 in the Sureste Basin, near the Mexican state of Tabasco. Primarily funded by Premiere Oil, which holds a quarter stake in the project, ownership is divided at 40 percent for Sierra and 35 percent for Talos Energy. Industry anlaysts have noted that the geological slope of the Sureste Basin make it ideal for drilling and extracting oil – and that in 90 days the outfit could produce between 100 and 500 million crude oil barrels.

Known as Zama-1, the oil well will be a landmark experiment hopefully setting into play more private partnerships with Mexican oil companies and driving global competition for Mexican oil.

What is Talos Energy?

Begun in 2012, Talos Energy has years of experience in the oil industry. Before establishing Talos in Houston, founder Tim Duncan successfully established and sold two oil companies that drilled throughout the Gulf of Mexico.

Talos is thrilled to be part of this historic global venture, and sees it as a sign of future opportunity for drilling in Mexico and working with global partners. The company produces more than 16,000 barrels of crude oil a day and has a long history in Mexico. Today, it has more than 100 employees on the ground in the country and another 60 in Houston headquarters.

For more information follow Talos Energy on Facebook.

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Cassio Audi Used the 1980’s to Make Band More Popular

July 7, 2017 - Author: steph

The 1980’s were a time of great change for music. They were also a time for great change in Brazil and things were getting better for a country that had some oppression earlier on in the century. While Cassio Audi had very little to do with the freedom in Brazil and the politics that made up the different activities in the country, he was able to take advantage of these freedoms through his band, Viper. They were a metal band that used the new Brazillian opportunities to make their own lives better and to bring new entertainment options to people all around the world.

While Cassio Audi was based out of Brazil and his band sang a lot of songs that were a part of the metal genre, they were known all around the world. They had concerts in different countries, they had music that was put out in different areas and they did what they could to bring all of these options to people who were in the other countries. They didn’t want to just be known as a Brazillian metal band but they wanted to be known as a metal band that was great at what they did.

Since Cassio Audi first started with the band, he was doing what he could to make a difference for the people who he worked with. He wanted to show them that there would be more options and that they could get more out of the things that they were doing. He also wanted to make things easier for everyone so that they could get more out of the experiences that they had. Cassio Audi tried to make sure that Viper was successful but the band eventually realized that they had reached their peak potential with the metal music genre in Brazil.

For more information follow Cassio Audi on Facebook.

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Securus Technologies Brings 30 Years of Technological Innovation to Prison Systems

July 5, 2017 - Author: steph

With more than 30 years of experience, Securus Technologies has been providing U.S. correctional facilities with cutting edge capabilities that have not only revolutionized the way prison communications are handled, but has also made life better for inmates, their families and the professionals who work to keep prisons safe, secure and humane.


Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus was established in 1986 and today employs about 1,000 people who work with some 2,600 correctional institutions across the United States. One of the company’s primary services is providing safe communications between inmates and the world outside.


Prison professionals have long recognized telephone and other forms of contact with those outside correctional systems as a nexus that can foster ongoing criminal behavior, dangerous inmate-to-inmate interactions and sometimes even illegal interactions between corrupted prison employees and the inmates themselves.


In the past year, Securus has received numerous letters of thanks from prison authorities who rely upon the company’s systems to “keep everyone honest.” A recent example:


“I wanted to let you all know that with your assistance on this case we were able to use information from the phone calls to obtain a search warrant for the corrupt staff member. As a result, this person was arrested this morning by our staff for introduction of contraband. Please express my many thanks to you and your staff in this case.”


Securus Technologies is leading the way in providing video visitation services from inmate to family. Video visitation has proven to be a powerful tool for maintaining prison safety, but also in providing a way for inmates and families to meet face-to-face, without the need for families to travel for a personal visit on prison grounds.


Other functions provided by Securus include monitoring solutions, data management, investigative services and public safety initiatives.



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Adam Milstein’s Journey to Entrepreneurship

July 3, 2017 - Author: steph

Both of Adam Milstein’s parents were emigrants to Israel. His mother, Eva (Temkin) Milshtein, immigrated from Mexico when she was 18. His father, Hillel Milshtein, immigrated from Argentina when he was 19. He also served as a combat sailor during Israel’s war for independence. Shortly after serving, he and Eva married in Haifa, Israel.

Adam and his two siblings, Joshua and Dalit, were born in Haifa. Because of their father’s job, the family moved from Haifa to Kiryat Yam and then to Kiryat Motzkin. Adam spent much of his childhood in Motzkin, learning real estate work from his father.

When Adam turned 18, he began his mandatory service in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). In 1973, he served with the Ariel Sharon’s Army Division during the Yom Kippur War. His group crossed the Suez Canal into Egypt to surrender the Third Egyptian Army Division.

After completing his service, Adam enrolled in the Israeli Institute of Technology, the Technion. While attending the Technion, he continued working with his father. In 1974, he married and his girlfriend, Gila Elgrably, got married in Haifa. He continued helping his father expand the family real estate construction and development company until he graduated in 1978.

By 1981, Mr. Milstein had two daughters and a pregnant wife. He wanted more for his family so, he moved his entire family, including his parents, to the United States. There, he continued his education at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.

One day, while on campus, Milstein listened to some recruiters offering jobs. Having worked in real estate for many years before, Milstein felt that the recruiters weren’t offering a fair deal. He decided to venture into the U.S. real estate industry on his own. Within the first three years, he was a successful commercial real estate sales agent.

Over the years, he’s made a great success of himself as an investor. He now dedicates much of his time to philanthropic endeavors. Recently, he discussed the appalling abuse of Jewish students on U.S. college campuses.

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Equities First Holdings (EFH) Strategic Acquisition

- Author: steph

Equities First Holdings was founded in 2002 and its headquarters are in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. It is a global private equity leader and specializes in alternative financing solutions to its clients more so focusing on stock loans. Majorly it targets high net worth persons, global financial firms, leading asset management companies and directors of publicly traded companies. The Equities First Holdings equity loans use client assets as the collateral for a fixed period.

The loans are non-purpose meaning that customers are free to invest in anything they are interested in and if the value equities appreciates the client retains a 100% of the value upon maturity of the investment. To date, the firm has expanded its operations to Australia, Singapore, Thailand, United States of America and the United Kingdom and it has executed transactions globally.

The success of the company has been attributed to offering innovative borrowing facilities to individuals and businesses seeking working capital. Stock loans exhibit a higher loan- to-value (LVR) ratio as compared to margin loans and offer fixed interest rate hence providing certainty to clients. In 2014, Equities First Holdings acquired Meridian Equity Partners Pty offices and continued its operations as Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd.Following the acquisition; the firm relocated its offices to centralMelbourne, Level 2, 287 Collins Street, Victoria 3000 hence making it more accessible to its clients.

Mr. Mitchell Hopwood, Managing Director for Equities First Holdings (Australia), noted that the relocation would enable the firm to meet the growing clientele base and also offer it employee’s room for expansion. Equities First Holdings has three branches in Australia namely in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne. Over the years it has been in operation, the firm has transacted deals worth over $ 1.4 billion, and it continues to attract clients with publicly traded stocks to enable them to meet their business, professional, personal and financial goals.

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