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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Are Changing the Future of Oncology Care with Clinical Pathways

June 22, 2017 - Author: steph

A platform to help oncologist and other cancer treatment professionals identify evidence-based treatment regimens could be a game changer for the future of cancer treatment. This platform is exactly what the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has worked to diligently to develop along with Allscripts and NantHealth.

The platform titled Clinical Pathways is integrated with eviti ®, the NantHealth solution and the Electronic Health Record of Allscripts Sunrise. This seamless integration with these technologies gives oncologists real-time access to information such as personalized treatment regimens, the latest oncology research, and patient data all of which can be utilized to individualize the care of each cancer patient they are working with.

According to Wikipedia, Clinical Pathways also allows patients and physicians the ability to explore treatment options together while comparing them side by side for efficiency, success rate, and risks increasing the transparency and taking much of the guesswork out of oncology care. Clinical Pathways is available at all 5 Cancer Treatment Centers of America locations.

Based out of Boca Raton Florida was founded in 1988 by Richard Stephenson and has since been a leader in oncology care for patients across the United States as well as many from around the world that have utilized their services for care. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America currently has 5 main facilities across the United States in major metropolitan centers such as Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Tulsa, and Phoenix.

The CTCA takes a different approach to oncology treatment by not only treating the disease itself but by also addressing the many mental and physical side effects that it causes. All patients who seek care through the Cancer Treatment Centers of America receives a personalized care team including physicians, dieticians, pain management specialists and others who are all crucial to the treatment of patients. It is this approach and their dedication to staying ahead of the game with state of the art treatment options that sets them apart from all other cancer care providers.

Read more about Cancer Treatment Centers of America here.

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The Duty of Mr. Andrew Rolfe in Ubuntu Education Fund

June 21, 2017 - Author: steph

Andrew Rolfe is presently the chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund. This is a society which is based in South Africa. It is among the non-profit communal health, social wellbeing and fundamentally an enlightenment institute. The base of Ubuntu Educational Fund in details is Zwide Township, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The proprietor of the establishment considered it appropriate to select Andrew to occupy the post of the chairman. It is because of his experience in the field of hospitality. The foundation fundamentally supports the people in need at Cape Province through education to attain a hopeful future.

He puts significant effort to facilitate the improvement of the quality of life that people live mainly the social aspect, health terms concerning important factors such as education. Andrew Rolfe has acted as a source of inspiration to many individuals in possession of the will to help the people meet their needs.

Whenever he is searching for benefactors for the organization, he desires the ones that often adapt to his personality as well as his beliefs. He never prefers the companies that give funds with restrictions and a lot of regulations. He feels that giving with no restrictions significantly demonstrates the way in which a person is ready to give direction to the cause of the establishment.

At the panel of the company, he prefers being open and allows other sponsors look into the way in which the money is utilized. This encourages other sponsors into the enterprise. They can donate then give a suggestion concerning the way the money would have been used more appropriately. Such a demonstration of transparency is what enhances the effectiveness resulting from the proper utilization of the resources.

Aided by the participation of the backers, Andrew Rolfe has permitted the enterprise to shine with brilliance as every individual can profile it. Wealthy sponsors can help in the funding of the enormous schemes whereas the common ones can sustain the small donations to facilitate the running of the usual activities of the company. Andrew’s effort into the establishment is with the hope to gain acknowledgment in future for his contribution.

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The Innovative and Speculative Business Mogul, Christopher Burch

June 20, 2017 - Author: steph

Chris Burch is a respected investor who is always full of useful ideas in business. He is focused mainly in the following sectors; real estate, technology, fashion with manufacturing industries that have employed thousands of people in the USA. His experience in business is summarized as a success.

He kicked off his career in business while he was still in Itchita College when Chris and his brother started a company called Eagle Eye that did well till it was sold at a whopping 165 million dollars.  Check

Chris came up with a new business that he called Burch Creative Capital and he is the manager and principal. The constituents of the company are; Nihiwatu, Poppin, Cocoon9, and ED by Ellen De Generes.  Hop over to for additional article.  His expertise in the industry and his skills has enabled him to have a big empire that has grown to a large scale company with a lot of money. Implementation and execution of strategies are where he is good at. He understands the things that will attract the customers and satisfy them fully.

Apparently, he is attentive on instituting his hospitality business in Asia. Chris has partnered with James McBride who is an hotelier and built a beach Inn in Indonesia. The Inn is located on an Island called Sumba and was renovated in 2012 when the owners pumped in 30 million dollars so as to refurbish the place. They opened it in 2015 as a five-star resort called Nihiwatu. The critiques have evaluated it and given the entrepreneurs the Best Hotel Award in the world in 2016, by Travel and Leisure.  For related article, hit on

When he invested in the hotel, he wanted his children to inherit it. He also had the locals there in mind. They wanted to benefit from it either directly or indirectly. The hotel was going to transform the way people were living in the community and attract more local clients, and his expectations were exceeded.  For a must-read interview with Burch, check

When he is undertaking his roles there, he is to divide and get time for Hamptons and Nihiwatu with 27 private villas and private plunge pools with the best beaches for surfers. He has managed to employ many people in Sumba Island and profit proceeds to charity in Sumba Foundation where local projects are funded.  For updates of Burch timeline activities, click this.

There are locations in the neighborhood that have a good scene. The Coconut Grove has a quiet and serene environment that offer a good place for people who are learning to surf. Kids can ride on stables in the resort with a little help. The partners want to proceed and invest in Costa Rica and Nicaragua for the working class and millennial population to visit.

For an in-depth look at Burch company visit

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How The Consultants of Equities First Holdings Can Help You With Obtaining Fair and Practical Loans

June 18, 2017 - Author: steph

Equities First Holdings is currently operating its business as a way to help anyone in any way that they can. Their primary borrowers are currently owners of businesses and individuals who are considered to have a high net-worth. If you happen to fall into any of such categories, then it’s recommended for you to speak with one of the representatives of Equities First Holdings, as they’ll gladly guide you through a process of understanding what you may be able to expect from obtaining a loan through them. Speaking with one of the representatives of Equities First Holdings may possibly give you a good idea of what you can expect from obtaining loans through them for the long-term loan. Meaning, you may be wanting to obtain loans on a recurring basis. If that happens to be your case, you may be able to truly depend on Equities First Holdings to provide you with the very services that you need.

Equities First Holdings understands that borrowers are often in difficult positions in their lives. This is why they have decided to maintain a stance of business in which they offer their loan amounts with very low interest rates, possibly some of the lowest that are available for them to take advantage of in today’s industry of lending solutions. High net-worth individuals are provided with tremendous opportunities of being able to obtain loans that are classified as “non-purpose.”

Non-purpose loans are loans that uses any securities that they may own as forms of collateral for obtaining the loans that are available for them. Visiting their website will give you a clear idea of the different things you may be able to expect from obtaining one of their loans. Speak with a consultant today to begin your loan’s application process. It’s a recommended route for anyone to take.


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Andrew Rolfe Focuses On Education Through The Ubuntu Education Fund

- Author: steph

The Ubuntu Fund remains as being among the most prominent charitable organizations in the world today. It has been around for over a decade now. The Fund is focused on providing financial support for the educational systems in Africa so that kids get access to quality education. The Ubuntu Fund does raise a lot of money. But it is yet to turn around the educational standards of kids in this area.

Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund. He believed that the reason behind this issue could be that several contributors to this fund were investing their money with some amount of strings attached. Andrew Rolfe opposed to this idea. He wanted to give the Ubuntu Fund full authority to do what they wanted with the money. He did not want that the investors should have any say on where and how that money is to be used.

This is the reason why over the past year this Ubuntu Fund has managed to change its approach towards raising of capital as well as on using that money.

Today, the Ubuntu Fund only accepts money from those donors who are willing to give them a free hand in using that money. This has led to the Ubuntu Foundation having much lesser money today. But the fund is able to make a much greater impact than before. This is because the Ubuntu Fund is providing a focused approach today to the education in this area. Each student is given a detailed education plan along with specific attention. With this change, the Ubuntu Fund has managed considerable improvement in the education system. Besides, they are looking at the progress of individual students.

Andrew Rolfe is a leader of the Ubuntu Fund. He is supervising the basic needs of students who are based in the Port Elizabeth area. Under his leadership, the Ubuntu Fund has shown dramatic improvements. These are in terms of its fundraising efforts along with an overall improvement in the education system of the area in which it is operating.

Andrew Rolfe wants to empower kids in a way that they are able to lead a successful life later on.


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Get Fortified Lips That Can Withstand The Elements

June 17, 2017 - Author: steph

Choose reliable lip balm features that will give your lips superior coverage and protection with the benefits of EOS lip balm products. They have been known to hydrate your skin with long lasting protection that will give you more confidence in a public setting. Popular EOS lip balm products are popping up all over Canada. Choose amazing lips that appeal to your friends with a natural luster. EOS lip balm products were there to answer when more women were craving for an organic care therapy system. Build your lips with a proven method that has been chosen over other leading lip care aides 10 to 1, latest trend here.

Evolution of Smooth provides amazing coverage that gives you a blend of vitamins and minerals that are safe for all skin types. Their products are hypoallergenic and LEAP Bunny approved. Great skin no longer has to cost a fortune or a trip to a cosmetic specialist for pricey treatments. Customers receive ultra-smooth coverage that begins to repair their skin in as little as, 7 days. Enjoy vitamin C and E along with shea body butter and amazing jojoba extracts. Most women enjoy the fast acting ingredients that appear smooth and avoid a harsh greasy layer on their skin. You can buy and see EOS products here on

Find out more here on

You can find their products on the beauty care aisle of select retailers or discover great promotional offers that allow free shipping directly from the Evolution of Smooth website. Each package comes in a trendy pastel container that is easy to store in your purse or pocket. Best of all, the container is designed to make their products easy to use. Enjoy aromatherapy for your skin that includes lemon drop, almond milk mint, and 2 pack sorbet products. Join the amazing organic lip care revolution by trying the unique blend of ingredients offered by EOS lip balm today.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Still One of the Best in the Industry

June 14, 2017 - Author: steph

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a board certified, fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeon in Texas. Her specialty is aesthetic surgery for breast augmentations, lifts, tummy tucks and rhinoplasty. Dr. Walden is committed to offering the highest quality of services. She and her team of professionals will make your cosmetic procedure a pleasant one.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews built a highly successful practice in Manhattan before returning to her Texas roots after the birth of her twins, Houston and Rex, in 2011. Family is Dr. Walden’s number one priority and she was determined to have her children grow up around family.

She got her start after graduating from the University of Texas with a major in Biology. Although wait listed, she was admitted to the University of Texas Medical Branch, Arlington. After graduating with the highest honors, she moved to Miami where she spent completed an externship at the prestigious Plastic Surgery Associates. After moving to New York, she worked at Manhattan’s Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic.

Dr. Walden is in a very unique field that is dominated by men. In fact, of the nearly 9,000 plastic surgeons in the U.S., there are only about 851 women. Dr. Walden says the industry is very demanding and for women who want to start a family are often forced to put if off for an extended period of time. Click here to know more.

Dr. Walden has won several awards for excellence and she also serves as spokesperson for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. Her commentary on plastic surgery has been seen on ABC, MSNBC, CNN and Redbook. She has been named one of Texas Super Doctors for three years in a row. She was also named one of the top 20 doctors in the U.S. by Harper’s Bazaar Magazine. Instagram Photos.

An avowed feminist, Dr. Walden says it has always been her goal to empower women. Some women shy away for plastic surgery for a variety of reasons, but Dr. Walden says women should embrace cosmetic surgery if they want to feel better about themselves and improve self-esteem.

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Some of EOS Fruit Flavor Offerings

June 11, 2017 - Author: steph

EOS has long been my favorite lip balm maker but I have gotten a little bit tired of using the sweet mint offering that they have and decided to branch out other stronger and more fruity flavor options.


Since I started using EOS as my go to lip balm I refuse to return to another lip balm ma. EOS offers all-natural lip balms that are sourced organically and which I feel comfortable using without the ill effects of using artificial ingredients. EOS uses better quality ingredients like coconut oil in their lip balm and I can truly feel the difference needing to only apply EOS lip balm a fraction of the frequency I need to use Chapstick or Blistex.


Still, after overdoing it with the sweet mint lip balm, it was time for something else. While sweet mint will remain my go to lip balm for its subtle but refreshing mint flavor, I needed something else, I turned to try two of the stronger fruit flavored options as a substitute; pomegranate raspberry and strawberry sorbet. Get more information here.


Pomegranate raspberry was a strong flavored lip balm that has a strong, but not overpowering berry flavor. The flavors of pomegranate a raspberry blend together well but tend to taste more like raspberry than pomegranate. This is a good thing and the flavor is tasty but far from too much and retains an interesting compelling blend flavor. View for more.


Strawberry sorbet was more of a subtle flavor but had a fresh flavor of strawberries that tasted fresher and better than the typical fruit you find in a supermarket without being fake in flavor. This flavor tasted significantly better than the strawberry offerings from Chapstick and the EOS’ strawberry sorbet stood out for its authentic taste.


If you are looking for some great tasting fruit based lip balms, EOS’ strawberry sorbet and pomegranate offerings are great choices. The strawberry flavored lip balm is more subdued for those who enjoy that, for those looking for a stronger taste, than try the pomegranate offering. Follow EOS official page.


Shop EOS Products Here on


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The Amazing and Ongoing Success of EOS Lip Balm

June 7, 2017 - Author: steph

Pass me the Chapstick is what people have been saying for decades. Lip balm has had no other name than Chapstick for just about as long as we can remember. However, when EOS lip balm jumped onto the scene, things started to change. No longer did everyone have to search for a small tube of lip balm any longer. Now shoppers were able to spot a large egg shaped lip balm container that added to their style as well as the health of their lips. Not only were customers loving the new circular lip balm but celebrities were as well. Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and Christina Agulera are just a few of the many celebrities that were seen early on sporting the new EOS lip balm. View now.


Beauty and fashion magazines were also a huge part of the success of EOS lip balm. They soon showed everyone that this new lip balm was more a fashion statement than just a way to keep your lips healthy. Other than Burt’s Bees, EOS has quickly become the best-selling lip balm company in the market. Creating a $250 million dollar company that is projected to be worth $2 billion by 2020 is not a small feat for any entrepreneur. Standing out from the competition was what EOS said gave them this market share.


When you are indistinguishable from your competition, it is easy to make your mark in your niche. EOS took a new fashion-conscious look at a product that had already been selling well for 100 years. Appealing to millennials with their forms of advertising, it was easy to see why teen to thirty-year-olds were picking up these alternative lip balms at the store left and right. It seems as though EOS has a very bright future ahead with their massive growth and advertising that really hits home with the fashion-conscious individuals. Check for more.


Turn your next page here and watch EOS video,



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The Unique Pleasure Of Washing Your Hair With A Cleansing Conditioner

June 6, 2017 - Author: steph

     There are thousands of women around the world that are choosing organic hair therapy to protect the natural luster of their hair. Wen by Chaz provides an all natural cleansing conditioner that doesn’t lather, but saturates your hair with protective ingredients from root to tip. You also have the benefits of removing unwanted oil and excess dirt from your hair to promote healthy hair growth. Wen by Chaz gives your hair volume and length while protecting your strands from the elements and the threat of UV rays. Properly treat your hair with the benefits of an organic ingredient that has proven results.

Their summer peach collection is the most popular brand of Wen by Chaz. They have a combination of hair care products that work along with the cleansing conditioner. You’re encouraged to try the light cleansing conditioner that has the same proven results as the original formula. Wen by Chaz conditioners contain eleven essential vitamins along with amino acids that promote healthy hair. You can enjoy a hypoallergenic product that is safe for all hair types. Nourish your hair with a top brand that is chosen by renowned beauticians around the world. You can also enjoy rich aromatherapy products that include Mandarin Italian and almond milk.

Visit the exclusive Wen by Chaz website for more details on how to have their products shipped securely to your door. You can also visit your favorite retailer on the beauty care aisle for select Wen by Chaz products. Bustle online also provides a tutorial of their cleansing conditioner from a young lady with fine hair. Learn more about how Wen by Chaz can work for you.

Please check for more.



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