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3 Ways Eric Pulier Is Changing The Tech Industry

January 8, 2017 - Author: steph

Breaking New Ground In Tech

From the 4th grade onward, Pulier has written programs. Naturally, someone with that sort of prodigious talent will produce some ground breaking innovation. Regardless of where you look, Pulier has had some hand in just about every single category of software. He has produced social networks, APIs, remote desktop software, and practically anything else you would need or want in software. That success has enabled Pulier to collect a massive fortunes thanks to the millions, and in some cases hundreds of millions, of dollars the companies he sells tend to sell for after he’s laid the groundwork for them.

Giving Back To The World

Far from a scrooge, Eric Pulier uses his fortune and genius to help others in need. When the Starbright Foundation wanted to give chronically ill children a way to connect to each other, they got in touch with Eric Pulier. Ultimately, he came through for them with the creation of the Starbright World. As the first private social network, the Starbright World made it possible for children in more 70 hospitals to reach out to each other and socialize. Keep in mind this happened in the 90s before the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Even within the lives of ordinary people, there simply wasn’t anything similar to what Starbright World did.

Leading The Charge On Progress

With a career spanning more than 2 decades, Eric Pulier is one of the leading engineers in the tech industry. He has produced countless innovations and created some of the most important companies in software today. Despite the years of experience behind him, Pulier never tires of bringing new innovation to the table. In fact, he produces at least one patent every single year. Outside of his work life, Pulier is a family man focused on spending time with his 4 children. To give his children the best world possible, Pulier devotes himself to solving the world’s problems. He is an active member of the Clinton Global Iniative and uses his platform to tackle the most important issues of our time.

Visit for more.

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Bruce Levenson And The Hawks Lawsuit

January 6, 2017 - Author: steph

On June 22, 2015, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, and its General Manager, Danny Ferry, reached an agreement to end $18 Million six-year contract. As a result, ownership of ABHE were transferred to Ressler led group. The fact that Danny Ferry was an active employee of ABHE, the company filed a claim for insurance payout to New Hampshire Insurance Company as it believed that the termination triggered certain clauses for Wrongful Termination and Workplace Torts.

According to ABHE, it contacted New Hampshire Insurance Company and AIG before the contract. However, both companies failed to respond to ABHE. In fact, AIG never initiated any dialogue to represent ABHE regarding the agreement. Subsequent calls by ABHE were also not returned. Therefore, the management has filed a lawsuit to force AIG to respond to queries.

According to court papers, the lawsuit suggests that AIG intentionally failed to respond to request or acknowledge requests by ABHE. As a result, ABHE and its stakeholders have suffered losses. The lawsuit also states that the insurance company has failed to pay, and it also failed to acknowledge calls of ABHE. Therefore, AIG and New Hampshire Insurance companies acted in bad faith.

The law firm, James J. Leonard of Barnes & Thornburg LLP, representing ABHE confirmed that it seeks an additional penalty of 50 percent. In addition, ABHE also demands that they should be compensated for the attorney fees. As of now, it seems that AIG is still reluctant to address the issue.

Bruce Levenson is the man who was in charge of ABHE. He is also a well-known entrepreneur in the sports sector. Besides, Bruce is an active philanthropist who is also active in various community based organizations in Washington D.C.

More information about Mr. Levenson available on his Wikipedia page and this link: ““.


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Brian Torchin: Making The Impossble Look Easy

January 4, 2017 - Author: steph

CEO of HCRC Staffing, Brian Torchin, has accomplished quite a lot in his lifetime thus far. He started his college education in 1992 at New York Chiropractic College in DC., then furthered it right after by obtaining a BS in Exercise Science. Feeling a gravitational pull toward helping people even further, he then founded HCRC Staffing in Philadelphia, which flourishes today and has been going 10-years-strong.

The company was born out of his desire to solve one of the biggest issues in healthcare today: too little staff. His most heartfelt priority is building strong, trusting relationships with clients. He strives to deliver excellent, efficient, top-notch and thoroughly vetted staff to facilities in need, thereby proving his commitment to making the medical field a better place for patients and those caring for them.

In addition to providing qualified staff to facilities that are lacking, Brian adds an even more impressive service: Career Counseling. Says Brian Torchin, “Medical professionals often move quickly from one job to another in a search for their favorite specialty. The favorite specialty may not materialize for many years, and there are countless nurses or doctors who get burnt out in the process. HCRC offers job counseling to help medical professionals find the specialty they prefer right away.”

Brian also has a heart for the sick who are unable to pay for the services he is able to provide based upon his medical degrees. He frequently volunteers his time, energy and expertise by lending a helping hand at the Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, one of the leading rehabilitation centers in America as recognized by U.S. News & World Report.

This hospital focuses on cognitive and physical rehabilitation for patients dealing with spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, strokes, orthopedic issues, amputation problems, work injuries and pain management.

Juggling a thriving, prominent business devoted to being the most trusted staffing agency around, while also volunteering to help to the less fortunate in his community, is no easy feat. But Brian Torchin? Brian makes an impossible feat look easy.

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