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Do You Need To Add A Reputation Management Service To Your Payroll?

July 20, 2016 - Author: steph

If you have any sort of online presence, the answer to that question is most likely yes. Back in the day when people would commit on how fast rumors would travel through the neighborhood. By the end of the day everyone would know who did what. Now, thanks to modern technology, information whether factual or not travels at an unbelievable rate. It takes seconds to make a post.

For businesses, a reputation management firm can help improve your SEO. They can help to bring the positive information to the top of a search engine search while balancing anything that is negative with positive content. By now you know that one wrong picture or one wrong post can lead to a major meltdown.

Reputation firms are not only for businesses. Individuals can also benefit from hiring a firm. Take a moment and look back at your social media accounts. A potential employer will be searching those accounts. They will also see what else pops up when you are Googled. Your online presence can do great harm to you when you are looking for a job, trying to buy a house, and everything else that you are trying to achieve.

Now that you know you need one, how do you choose the best firm for you? Do your homework and know what your goals are. Are you looking for someone to manage your online presence or fix a problem you are having now? There are many companies that can help.

One such company is Better Reputation. They work with both individuals and businesses. They take time to understand what your goals and act accordingly. They guarantee their work and will provide a free quote.

For more information check out the links below:

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Why Makari de Suisse Products are the Best for Skin Whitening

- Author: steph

There are many reasons why ladies want to lighten their skin. The skin, especially on the face, is a very important part of the body. The face can be a confident booster or a cause of worry and low self esteem for any woman. There are ways of ensuring that your confidence is at its highest at all times. One of the ways of doing exactly this is by using products which are beneficial for your skin complexion, tone and radiance.

One of the products which can help you get the kind of skin you want is the Makari de Suisse line of beauty products. The line manufactures products in Switzerland and they are made for a woman who knows her worth and the importance of how they look in other aspects of their life. Here are some of the benefits which come with using Makari de Suisse products.

One of the benefits of using Makari products is that it helps you lighten your complexion. This is made possible since the products help you reduce the spots on your face. The good news is that the spots are naturally reduced without the use of hydroquinone which is used in most bleaching products.

The other benefit is that the products clear acne scars from the face. Everyone knows how these cars maybe unattractive and lower one’s confidence. The good news is that with harmless ingredients in the Makari de Suisse products, these scars can be old news. While using the products, the skin is made to generate newer cells while the scars left by the acne are healed faster.

Another reason why many ladies love Makari products is that they reduce the signs of aging. They keep the wrinkles to the minimum and ensure that you enjoy youthful looking skin. All these benefits are contained in the formula which is designed and manufactured to suit all skin types.

If you are looking for a product which will help you get your skin complexion whitened and the tone evened out well, choose Makari de Suisse products and enjoy all these benefits.

Follow Makari on Facebook for the latest news:

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Don Ressler: The Genius Behind JustFab

- Author: steph

Don Ressler’s Early Career

Don Ressler is a bonafide, entrepreneurial genius. His resume of accolades and success speaks for itself. For one, he is the genius behind several successful startups that include Intelligent Beauty and its subsidiaries. Don Ressler’s first startup is called FitnessHeaven which was bought out in 2001 by Intermix Media. Afterwards he partnered with Intermix COO, Adam Goldenberg, who was 19 years old at the time, to form Alena Media.

Their Progression

From the start of their business partnership, their financial and business success skyrocketed. Hundreds of millions of dollars were generated through the performance and ecommerce advertising division. As a matter of fact, this was the only area of profit for Intermix. In 2005,  Goldenberg and Ressler had to explore new ventures due to them being ignored when Intermix was taken over by News Corp. And they must be very regretful now because of Ressler and Goldenberg’s now stellar success.

Once Don Ressler and Goldberg left, they did more than just land on their feet. With their business genius minds, they created a brand building empire. Several of their former colleagues of Alena Media joined them in their efforts, and two weeks later, Brand Ideas, which was later called Intelligent Beauty, was formed. This is a business to consumer business that first created Dermstore and then Sensa a few years later. Dermstore focuses on online cosmetics and skincare, and Sensa is a successful weight loss product store.


In 2010, JustFab started and became the third company, and it’s a retailer of ecommerce fashion that can be subscribed to. Kimora Lee Simmons joined the company in September 2011 as the creative director and president. And as a result, JustFab has already became a household name with high profile fashion for great prices. As a matter of fact, millions upon millions are now subscribers of their irresistible fashion line. See:

More Background on Don Ressler

Don Ressler has rightfully earned a great reputation as a brand building and business guru. With him being the Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of these empires, he has generated more than $1 billion in sales, and he raised over $100 million in capital for Internet organizations.

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Sanjay Shah Shows How To Raise More Money For Good Causes

July 18, 2016 - Author: steph

Everyone who is raising money for good causes is going to notice that they will notice that they are going to have a chance to raise more money if they find a good role model. Sanjay Shah Denmark is the person that started Autism Rocks to help kids with autism, and now he is dispensing advice about how he runs the charity. He wants to show all the people that are raising money that they have a chance to change their life, and he wants them to remember that they are going to have much better results because they are following a formula.

The first thing that most people need to remember is that Sanjay Shah is hands on. He wants to be sure that he is very involved in the way that people are handling the work with the charity, and he also wants to be sure that all the people that are running these charities are focused on their mission. He has a mission at Autism Rocks that he believes in, and that is how he is pushed to get all the best musical acts for it. He has had some of the best musicians in the world come to play his shows, and he usually goes out to meet them.

His plan is to make sure that he can eradicate autism by raising more money to actually put into research. It is something that people need to be sure that they are really looking to, and they need to remember that he has an investment plan and a great staff.

It is something that all other people who are raising money need to be aware of. They need to know that there is a solid formula at Autism Rocks, and they need to follow the example that Sanjay Shah has set. He helps to invest the money that the charity has, and he also makes sure that the people who are supposed to benefit are going to see the money. He never wants to leave people with anything other than the best impression and the most money for the cause.


Learn more about Sanjay Shah:


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Brad Reifler is Promoting Change

July 13, 2016 - Author: steph

Most investors seek to maintain their losses by learning how to prevent pitfalls that could cause devastation. Investing principles must be understood in order to prevent repetitive losses. Brad Reifler, the CEO of Forefront Capital is the guru of investment marketing. He is in the one percent that has the right to invest into public funds, hedge funds and commodity funds. The remaining ninety-nine percent is prohibited from paying into those funds directly.

Brad Reifler was recently published in an MSN article. The article offered insight into his views on investing and tips that may offer the average person with investing success. He suggests that people refrain from putting large amounts of money into the stock market. He also suggests that establishing a rapport with your fund manager is necessary in alleviating stress. It is crucial to trust the person investing your hard earned money.

Establishing your objectives regarding why you choose to invest your money into any particular investment is also important. If a certain investment has success for you, continue to put your money into it. Brad has learned from experience the importance of putting your money in the right spot. He once invested into a 529 savings plan for his children, but when it was time to use the money for school, the fund didn’t have as much money as he originally put into it. Also, when his father-in;-aw retired, he gave him his life savings for investment purposes. He realized the limited options that middle class people had when they wanted to invest because of government limitations.

Brad Reifler has decided to make a change and focus his attention toward helping middle class people invest in what they want. The SEC3 is beginning to realize that the last 30 years have prevented people from investing in stock markets because of the need to protect them from poor investment choices. A task force is hoping to get rid of the 32 year old laws that focus on new worth and income requirements.  Be sure to follow Brad on Twitter.

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Beauty Blogger Dreaming of Hollywood Hair Reaches for Wonderful WEN

July 7, 2016 - Author: steph

Did you know that the sulfates found in shampoos and conditioners are actually ruining your hair, and that it’s the sulfates that create the big lather?

West coast stylist Chaz Dean decided there had to be a better way, so he developed the world-famous WEN hair care system that uses a no-lather shampoo routine. His natural cleansing conditioners contain healthy botanical that clean and nourish each strand, restoring body and bounce with ultra shine back to any type of hair on the planet. He sells this brand on Total Beauty.

Bustle contributor Emily McClure was intrigued by the no-poo method and needed help for her fine, frizzy, blah hair, so she reached for WEN and conducted a personal 7-day test.

Emily posted a hair diary with hair selfies, so readers could see her progress with WEN. She chose the Sephora FIG cleansing conditioner for its extra moisture and then hit the shower. Directions are plain and simple. For Emily’s shoulder length hair, 16-24 pumps of WEN product is suggested and not unusual for the unique no lather method.

Emily freaked out, saying the amount she had to use was “actual insanity,” so we are not sure her results would be the same. She chose a 10-pump amount, which is suggested for short hair.

Even though Emily had altered her 7-day test, when she got out of the shower and blow-dried and styled her locks, she was blown away by the softness, shine and manageability. Her hair selfies showed the proof, and her close girlfriends complimented Emily on her new hair.

Emily’s laziness started to kick in, and she skipped the Wen hair wash one morning and even altered the washing to nighttime. During both instances, Emily watched her hair go flat and oily.

For optimum results, Emily suggests a daily AM WEN wash with blow-drying and styling.

Read results here:


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The Danilo Diaz Granados Success Story

July 6, 2016 - Author: steph

Toys for Boys Boutique

When you talk about Toys for Boys Boutique, the first name that should come to mind is none other than Danilo Diaz Granados. He is one of the founders and director of the company that deals with exotic vehicles, time antiques, and modern art. It is a luxury boutique based in Miami Florida in a secure and serene location. It stands as one among the most famous firms thanks to its top of the range customers who come to the place regularly to enjoy and buy quality artifacts.

Work History and Responsibilities

Presently, he is an associate at Fireman Capital Partners. Danilo joined the company in 2015 from Private Equity Investing, an investment company also in Miami, where he worked as the accountant. At the firm he was responsible for global investment, innovative startups, merchandising, hedge funds, and fine arts among others. Likewise, he assessed demographic, artistic, and social matters concern entrepreneurship ventures.

Film Production

When Danilo is not handling investment issues, he spends time at the Edge of Glory Films, a company he co-founded and deal with film production in Miami. He has Hispanic roots; hence, he wanted to target the Hispanic population with whom he has a good relationship. He serves a crucial role in the company where he is the planner and organizer of production-related activities like editing, promotion, and researching for fresh content.

The Attributes of True Success

Danilo is a far-sighted man who holds a Bachelors degree in Entrepreneurship and Economics from the prestigious Babson College. He attributes his success in entrepreneurship to determination and keenness. On many occasions, he has noted that he takes up a majority of the executive company decisions for a smooth-running affair. He notes that partners play a crucial role in growing a company and believes that a company that invests in developing good partnerships will go far in realizing its potential of sustainable growth and development.

For Danilo, the future looks bright, and he hopes to be among the individuals whom the world will count as having made a difference in the world and left a mark through innovation and entrepreneurship. Danilo is active and quite visible on social media. Be sure to also check out Danilo on Twitter, and Facebook.

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The Best of California Ski Resorts

July 5, 2016 - Author: steph


Are you looking for a great place to go on vacation this winter? If so, look no further than Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is one of the biggest freshwater lakes in the United States, and it is located within the Sierra Nevada mountains between Nevada and California. It is one of the biggest freshwater lakes in the United States, but it is actually the number one largest alpine lake in the entirety of North America. It is also the second deepest lake in the United States.

Many people venture to Lake Tahoe each year to experience its beauty and to get away from the city. Indeed, Lake Tahoe is a wonderful getaway for people from all backgrounds and of all ages. Families love to go to Lake Tahoe for a wonderful wholesome vacation in the great outdoors, and couples will love this area for its romantic qualities and solitude.

If you’re ready to plan your trip to the Lake Tahoe area in California, you’ll be looking for a place to stay. There are many choices in this area, but it all comes down to what skiing resorts are the best. To most people who know the area well, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows are the best ski resorts in Lake Tahoe.

You might remember Squaw Valley as the site of the Olympics in 1960, and Alpine Meadows Ski Resort is extremely popular as well. Both ski resorts offer beautiful rooms with excellent views of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains. They also come with many activities that you can do in the area.

Of course, the most famous activity for those venturing to Lake Tahoe is skiing. Downhill skiing is the best at these resorts because there are runs for everyone. Beginners and even intermediate skiers will be able to find runs that they feel comfortable on. And those interested in the more exciting challenges will find many opportunities for fun as well. Alpine Meadows itself has more then 2400 acres with over 100 trails spread among the area. It’s a great place to go and experience the outdoors and the beauty of Lake Tahoe.

If you don’t want to ski or if you want activities to do when you aren’t skiing, they are many other ways to enjoy the nature of the area too. Try hiking or go on a dog sledding tour to enjoy the scenery and get some exercise. Regardless of how you experience it, you’ll love Lake Tahoe.

Alpine Meadows

Squaw Valley

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Duda Melzer and Brazil

- Author: steph

At one time, Brazil was one of the fastest growing economies in the world. There are a lot of people interested in investing in the country. However, there have been some economic events in South American recently that are not good. With the low prices of oil, many people are concerned about the overall direction of the economy. Although Brazil does have a diverse economy, there are millions of people employed by the oil industry, In Venezuela, many people are rioting due to lack of food. This is a bad situation, and many people in South America are concerned about their future. Duda Melzer is an influential businessman in Brazil who has a lot of experience dealing with economic times.

During the course of his life, Duda Melzer was able to invest in a variety of good businesses. These investing decisions helped him to build up his current fortune, which is one of the largest in the entire country. With all of his money, he has a lot of influence on politics within the country. Many young people look up to his accomplishments, and he is a national figure in many regards. Over the next couple of years, he expects to continue to give back to his local community.

Duda Melzer is the type of person who is always looking to grow. There are a lot of people who want to take advantage of investing in Brazil during this time. He encourages other investors to bring capital into the struggling country. There are a lot of great things happening in Brazil, but recent economic events have not been favorable. It will be interesting to see how the country rebounds in the next couple of years. Duda Melzer will continue to have success in business and giving to others.

Read on…

Duda Melzer Takes Up His Role As The President of RBS Group

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How Sanjay Shah Built Solo Capital

- Author: steph

Being a success in capital marketing is a feat within itself, but being successful while building a successful capital marketing business, and managing a handful of other businesses is a wonder. Sanjay Shah has made the news more than once for his smart money windfalls, gambling on the markets and making bold moves when he knew that he could realize a potential windfall. Even so, the founder of one of the most successful capital marketing businesses in the United Kingdom wasn’t always a success, making a career switch for the better in order to do what he really felt passionate about.

In 2011, Shah was able to set himself and his business up for a significant financial gain that was only garnered as a result of a market drop. Shah took a risk and made the necessary moves to ensure that if the drop happened, he would be in a position to realize incredible gains. Before the one time gain, Shah had already built Solo Capital into a respectable business that served many clients and had dealings and investments around the world. Shah was able to build his business into the successful company that it was through smart trades, training reliable members to manage portfolios alongside himself, and on the back of previous businesses he formed and the knowledge he gleaned from working in all areas on the investment arena.

The many roles and hats that Sanjay Shah has worn over the years is perhaps the biggest takeaway from a recent piece about him and his business. By diving into the industry that you want to be a part of, it is essential that you learn all that you can, gain experience in as many roles as possible, set up networks, and learn how to gain the trust of the clients you wish to work with. Shah was able to do a lot of this with amazing ease, and he did this because he took the time to build up his own personal success in the market before trying to manage a portfolio based on the wealth of his clients.


Read more about Solo Capital:


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