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JustFab Looks to Own Summer With Great Looks for Everyone

June 10, 2016 - Author: steph

If the words style, selection and quality steer your shopping interest, then you will be interested in steering your attention to the JustFab online store. The difference between online retailers from 20 years ago or even 10 years ago has dramatically changed, and for the better. With the continued growth of sales and the continually growing number of those who shop online has come improved sites, more options and just simply better online retailers, JustFab is one of those retailers.

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There are many areas that could be covered, from the ease of shipping to the ever increasing payment options and the special offers and membership programs, but the actual clothing line deserves its own forum, and for good reason.

The incredible range of clothing can’t be discussed in its entirety here, but it doesn’t matter if it is shoes, children’s clothing or swimwear, the wide selection of stylish and fun choices will impress. Perhaps a personal favorite on, the selection of dresses are truly eye popping. Sun dresses, casual day dresses or little black dresses, every single one is trendy, stylish and what is most striking is there is a classy feel to each one. Often a dress will lose a sense of elegance, like a romper or midi, yet somehow no matter what style of dress, that touch of style and class stays intact.

Then there are the tops, from the practical and active, to the statement tops that add flare and sexy to an outfit or bottoms. Speaking of bottoms, from skirts, to shorts to denim and on and on, the seemingly endless line guarantees there is something to like and that will complete that outfit. With summer approaching, swimwear should of course be given a mention. Yes, jaw dropping, sexy, sleek, fun and comfortable are all directions the consumer can choose on, and there are more than enough cuts and styles to look good no matter what direction you go.

All of this, and to think that the almost mind blowing prices for this kind of quality, this many options with this much style hasn’t even been spoken of yet, that’s right, on top of everything else the prices JustFab offers makes it just too good to be true. If you aren’t steering your attention to JustFab yet, then perhaps a great look, combined with excellent pricing, endless clothing selections and great quality just isn’t for you?

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George Soros Sees Ukraine As A Top Priority For The EU

June 7, 2016 - Author: steph

The European Union is facing multiple challenges, however, George Soros believes it should focus on Ukraine. The country’s new government is striving towards integration with the EU by transforming into a nation that isn’t dominated by a political class that is more interested in private gain than serving the Ukraine citizens. George Soros Ukraine makes his opinion clear in an article titled “Ukraine & Europe: What Should Be Done?” that was published by The New York Review of Books.

With the British considering leaving the EU, migration, the euro crisis and Greece’s economic problems, the European Union has its hands full, but they cannot afford to ignore Ukraine’s desire to associate with the EU. In an opinion piece for Project Syndicate, George Soros Ukraine claims that bringing Ukraine into the EU will prevent Russia from destabilizing the nation’s political reforms. Russian President Vladimir Putin is against Ukraine’s desire to join the European Union, since he views the EU as anti-Russian.

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George Soros – The New York Times

In another opinion piece published by The New York Review of Books, Soros talks about the sanctions imposed on Russia for their incursions into Ukraine. Neither the U.S. nor Europe wants to get into a war with Russia over Ukraine. The sanctions are necessary, even though Russia’s financial crisis, brought on by the sanctions and low oil prices, will affect the global financial system. Soros believes admitting Ukraine into the EU will make Putin give up on his Ukraine policy, which would end the sanctions.

Soros also points out that if Ukraine was part of the EU and receive financial assistance, it would encourage outside invest in the Eastern European country and encourage European nations to export goods to Ukraine. He believes the European Union sees Ukraine as just another country in need of cash, not as a nation that would hold Russian at bay and stimulate the European economy. Soros’ sees the German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s support as essential for making Ukraine a priority for the EU and creating a buffer between the EU and Russia, which Soros says is a potential threat to Europe as long as Putin is in power.

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