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Chief Compliance Officer Fines And Possible Prosecution Has Changed Their Role In Corporate America

April 29, 2016 - Author: steph

Chief Compliance Officers have a much higher-profile in the business world these days. Before the 2008 financial debacle, chief compliance officers were protected by the old rule that said executives were not held accountable for their decisions if the Corporation violated federal laws, especially in the investment, healthcare, and chemical industries. But the Department of Justice and the Security and Exchange Commission have changed how they view the duties of chief compliance officers, according to Helane Morrison, the Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC in San Francisco.

Morrison is well-known in the investment industry. As the Managing Director and General Counsel for Hall Capital and a former regional director of the Security and Exchange Commission, Morrison has been involved in cases where chief compliance officers were not held accountable for serious SEC violations in the past. It was Morrison’s job to hold CCOs responsible when she was a regional director for a five-state region of the SEC. But federal resources or other internal issues got in the way of pursuing CCOs personally. Morrison recently told an audience of potential compliance officers that Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates is on a mission to change the way the DOJ handles violations.

Yates recently appointed former federal prosecutor Hui Chen General Counsel of the Department of Justice, and her role is to prosecute chief compliance officers that, for whatever reason, allow their company to violate regulations. chief compliance officers could be held liable and might have to pay fines or even face jail time, according to Ms. Morrison. General Counsel Hui Chen has set guidelines for CCOs, so the DOJ and the SEC enforcement staff can identify violators and prosecute them. The National Society of Compliance Professionals (NSCP) put out a statement a few years ago that said chief compliance officers do not operate the business they only advise and support the corporation. The NSCP also said CCOs should not be blamed for the actions of rogue employees or the directives given by executives that test the boundaries in order to show a better bottom line on operating statements.

But the Department of Justice and the Security and Exchange Commission has changed its stand on the what CCO responsibilities are. CCOs are held accountable for the decisions of employees and the directives of other executives if they are violating regulations. The new role of a CCO in a corporation is to make sure that everyone in the company knows the regulations and follows them to the letter.

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Results with WEN By Chaz

- Author: steph

Before-and-after photos you see on television are always skeptical. For one they are professional models who are paid to be there. All the products claim the same result, and often leave you feeling as if you don’t really know which one is the real deal.
A writer on went through great lengths to test one of these products for herself, and the results were phenomenal. The specific product she used was Sephora’s Fig Cleansing Conditioner.

After just one week of using the Wen Hair Cleansing Conditioner, her hair went from flat and greasy to voluminous and bouncy. At one point during her testimony she said, “It seems crazy, but i actually felt like I had more hair.”

Her experiment ended on a positive note. She found that Wen Cleansing Conditioner was an exceptional product, although it may not be for the lazier types of people.

Chaz Dean was born in Vermont and grew up in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. When he was 13 his family moved to California. Dean worked for various salons in the LA area until eventually finding himself working for a struggling salon in Bel Air. Dean would end up buying the salon for himself and renaming it Chaz Dean Salon, the rest was history.

Wen hair by Chaz Dean ( creates a variety of different products for hair and body. All of their products are made with 100% natural ingredients. The products are not only meant to clean but are also made to revitalize the skin and hair. One of their most popular and acclaimed products according to Allure, WEN Lavender Mint Treatment Oil, is both an intense hair treatment and a bath oil.

WEN Hair Care products are also available here:

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The Success of Organo Gold

April 27, 2016 - Author: steph

One of the most influential individuals in the world is Bernardo Chua who is the proud owner of Organo Gold, a coffee company that sells health oriented products. Organo Gold specifically delivers products to individuals who find an active lifestyle to be of extreme importance. Facebook shows that Bernardo Chua is a Filipino businessman that has created his company in the style of a multilevel marketing company in order to attract all individuals to his delicious and new product. Organo Gold was started in 2008 as a gourmet coffee company and since then has attracted millions of consumers to tryout all the coffee options the his company sells that also promote healthy living.

What makes Organo Gold a unique product is the fact that it was created under the premise to promote health living around the world to consumers that would otherwise not be educated on the importance. With the incorporation of a secret ingredient, Organo Gold has grown at an exponential growth as more and more coffee consumers learn of the healthy benefits that this product provides. Bernardo Chua, and his team of experts hope that within the next few years, Organo Gold can continue to be incorporated into businesses around the world.

The secret to Organo Gold’s success is the special ingredient that is used. This secret ingredient is called Ganoderma and has been used in ancient medicine for thousands of years. Scientists have confirmed the many health benefits of Ganoderma and have found that this ingredient increases oxygen levels within the body. The increased oxygen levels not only promote weight loss and a better sleep cycle, but it also enhances the immune system to be stronger than ever. Organo Gold products are enjoyed by consumers early in the morning for a energy boost, in the afternoon, and even at night for a relaxing cup of hot chocolate. The company of Organo Gold is very versatile and provides special products for all points in the day.

With the popularity of Organo Gold, it comes as now surprise that Organo Gold is exponentially expanding around the world. In recent news, Organo Gold has expanded into Turkey which is a new milestone for Organo Gold. This marks Organo Gold’s 39th country that the company has become incorporated with. Bernardo Chua and his company are excited to be involved with Turkey due to the fact that Turkey now provides direct access to countries in Europe and in Asia.  GoLifePro has the full story on Bernardo’s historical move.

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An Intelligent Investor

April 25, 2016 - Author: steph

Meet Igor Cornelsen, a popular Brazilian investor and retired banker. You may have heard about him through his association with the Bainbridge Group and his investing in the stock market. Igor is a seasoned professional- he knows all the ins and outs of banking and how to properly invest money on

Igor Cornelsen, a native of Brazil, now currently resides in South Florida. Igor Cornelsen began his banking career back home where he primarily was the leader at banks and guided investors on how to make successful decisions. When Igor decided to retire from his banking career, he joined an investment group known as Bainbridge. He plays the role of proprietor and makes the stock market decisions. Bainbridge group provides expert investing advice to anyone looking to make a solid investment. Those associated with getting advice from Igor Cornelsen have gained up to five hundred percent what they put into their investments to begin with. Igor chose work work for Bainbridge because they have been a trusted agency for years. After his many years dedicated to banking, and changing so many things for the better in the investment departments, he needed a new hobby- one that could still be based on the adventures of investing but one that could also be taught to others.

Igor Cornelsen has mastered the art of investing, if you will, and isn’t afraid to share his expertise with others. The stock market can be tricky, and more risky than a solid banking investment on, but through his years of experience, Igor has the stock market right where he wants it. Bainbridge is a trustworthy investment group and since retirement, he has dedicated his time to helping people win the stock market by putting their money into the best companies. Igor Cornelsen is a man trusted with other individuals and businesses money in both Brazil and the United States, and someone who has incredible skill in the stock market and investing.

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NutriMost Connecticut Helps Elderly Man Lose 80 Pounds

April 18, 2016 - Author: steph

In Connecticut, Dr. Mitch Gordon DC founded the Nutrimost franchise to help people to lose weight. Interviewed on News4SanAntonio, he tells how difficult it was for him to watch his father go from being healthy and active to very heavy and sick, and he wishes he had had NutriMost when his father needed the program. Gordon has been a licensed chiropractor for over 20 years, and launched NutriMost Connecticut in 2014.

Gordon first made the point that new patients are evaluated for their visceral fat, which is in the abdomen region, and is the most dangerous kind of fat. Yet, with Nutrimost (, patients lose an average of 5 pounds per week.

One of his patients, Gene Sheller, lost 80 pounds even though he was 71 years old. Sheller has lots of visceral fat, was diabetic, had high blood pressure, sleep apnea and a dangerously fatty liver. At the end of the program, he was off all medication, no longer needed a CPAP machine to breathe while he slept, and he shocked his liver specialist by having such a lean liver.

Dr. Gordon himself lost 38 pounds in forty days when he went on the program.

When the NutriMost client reaches their ideal weight, NutriMost’s staff shows them how to go through a reset phase. This affects their metabolism so that their ideal weight becomes their reset point. That means the body, which doesn’t like change, will keep their weight steady at the reset weight. The staff teaches the client’s how to keep themselves at that ideal weight within plus or minus 2 pounds.

NutriMost according to Wood TV report uses NRF Technology to scan hundreds of biomarkers. With that information, they can tell each client what foods they can eat to get their metabolism into their fat burning zone. Everybody is different, which is why so many diet plans and programs have successes but also many failures.






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Wengie: From Marketer to Millionaire

April 16, 2016 - Author: steph

Wendy Ayche left what she described as an “amazing six-figure job in marketing” to pursue her dream of a full-time career as a YouTuber. In the end, it was a gamble that paid off. Now the beauty guru, also known as Wengie, has more than a million viewers on her flagship channel. What’s even more amazing is she achieved this in only three short years.

The YouTube millionaire’s first video to achieve wild popularity was one that compared American and Korean makeup trends. Since then she has produced videos that compare beauty trends from different cultures. This multicultural approach has contributed greatly to her success.

She has made every effort to remain a positive role model to her viewers. She has even created a different channel called LifeOfWengie, devoted to personal issues such as relationships, bullying, and friendships.

With product deals, Wendy will only promote something she actually uses. Then, she will only take deals that pay fairly. Feeling that the creators of YouTube content undervalue themselves, she created a video titled “How Much Do YouTubers Get Paid?”. She hopes this will help others that are getting into YouTube generate more revenue, and stop what she sees as a trend of big companies squeezing low-budget, or free deals from YouTubers. Wendy looks forward to experimenting with new formats, and new means of self-expression. She also plans some collaborations, and recently interviewed a K-Pop idol. Although at this time she can’t reveal the details of those projects. She has also expressed an interest adding more comedy and education to her videos.

Wengie has come a long way in only three years. Her transformation from marketer to internet millionaire has proven success and accountability does not have to be mutually exclusive. You can be a positive role model and still achieve great success.

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Queens of Drama Has Arrived

April 12, 2016 - Author: steph

Crystal Hunt became a part of a cast of stars in the new “Queens of Drama.” The show follows a group of actresses working together to develop, pitch and produce a new series to be accepted by the end of the show. While on the show Crystal Hunt shows she is not afraid to speak her mind and voice her opinions. This is a valuable asset to have when trying to pitch ideas to a board room from a TV company while trying to pitch your ideas to them. Her firm voice and direct words bring a lot to the table for negotiations. Queens of Drama is as dramatic as the title and one must watch to fully appreciate how Crystal Hunt gets the job done.

Crystal Hunt is an American born Actress born in the state of Florida in the city of Clearwater. Her highlight reel on YouTube really showcases the range Hunt has achieved in her career. She is an actress and producer, known for Guiding Light, Sydney White and One Life to Live. Her Facebook fans will know Crystal Hunt began her acting career at the age of 17 in the movie Guiding Light, as Lizzie Spaulding. After earning a spot on the show for four years, Crystal Hunt continued to receive an Emmy Nomination for her role. After her hard work in television, she later came into the role opposite Zac Efron in the motion picture The Derby Stalion.

Her career in the motion pictures, and transcendent work in photography, continued with the casting of the film “Sydney White” with Amanda Bynes. Crystal Hunt later returned to her television career in 2009 with “One Life to Live.” which she continued to pursue for three years. In 2013, Crystal Hunt costarred with Dania Ramirez, Arielle Kebbel and Evan Ross in the movie NYC Underground. Rounding off. Her current career is the Tv series, Queens of Drama and Magic Mike XXL for 2015.  Be sure to check out FamousBirthdays as well, for another bio on Crystal.

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One-Piece Swimsuits Dare You to Ditch Your Bikini

April 8, 2016 - Author: steph


Bikini’s are OUT and one-piece swimsuits are back IN for this spring and summer. This year the summer trend is having the perfect one-piece. With so many designers creating colorful and edgy pieces you may not be able to stop at one. They are made for every shape and for every taste. Summer has never looked this good.

There are 20 favorites for this summer. To name a few, the ‘Anne Marie’ swimsuit is a delicious cotton candy striped one piece that is simple and colorful because of the pink and white stripes. A cute and affordable favorite is H&M’s no-frills cross-over shoulder strap swimsuit. It is very forgiving when it comes to imperfections and enhances your curves. For those looking for a sporty aesthetic Everything But Water has created an alluring racer-neck swimsuit and for additional sexiness it laces up in the back.

Guess has made a gingham striped halter-neck swimsuit for those that love the country girl aesthetic. It is far from a picnic print and it is sexy, fun and playful. Zara is embracing elegance with a geometric suit for those that dare to bare just enough to leave the rest to the imagination. One of the most gorgeous pieces is the tropical greenery racer back suit that pays homage to the tropics and was created by Dawn Peterson. It is inspirational and is perfect for that summer getaway.

Another swimsuit fan favorite brand is JustFab. Their selection is unlimited. For the daring swimsuit wearer they have a detailed and crochet embellished one piece with adjustable straps and a playful print. It is a showstopper. For those that are looking for a more conservative look the ruched suit is sleek and slimming and comes in a beautiful ocean blue and elegant black. Just Fab’s mesh inset one piece is sexy and is meant to show off the curves you have worked so hard for. Just Fab doesn’t fail to capture the hottest trend with their one-piece swimsuits.

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One Week Results of Cleansing Conditioner on Fine Hair

- Author: steph

Celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean has been in the news, creating a unique line of hair care products unlike any others on the Sephora market. Shampoo? Not in Chaz’s world. Chaz Dean came up with a super conditioning product that performs five functions; not only does it save your hair, it saves time, money and shelf space.

This five in one product replaces your shampoo, conditioner, deep hydrating treatment, balm rinse, and leave-in-conditioner. You’d think that all of this conditioning would spell catastrophe for a girl with fine hair. Not necessarily, according to this article on Bustle.

The writer is a self-professed hair product junkie who works in a beauty salon. She was curious as to how this constant conditioning would leave her fine, oily hair. For seven days she documented her results online, and was pleasantly surprised by the results.

The first difference she noticed was the amount of product required was much greater than normal shampoos and conditioners. Normally people use a quarter-sized dollop to get the job done. WEN Hair cleansing conditioner had her using 32 pumps, almost the size of her hand. She followed the directions, and was happy to note immediately that her hair felt thicker. What girl with fine hair doesn’t like that feeling?

Over the rest of the week she discovered that daily use was necessary to keep hair looking beautiful. She also noted that using it in the morning was the best guarantee that her hair would stay shiny and full throughout the day. This required a change in routine as she was normally a nighttime shower girl.

She received great compliments from her facebook friends throughout the week on how healthy her hair looked, and for a girl with fine locks, that was music to her ears. Wen hair transformed her hair with one great product.



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Kyle Bass Loss of Magic

April 7, 2016 - Author: steph

Kyle Bass was born in 1969 in Miami, FL. His father was a manager of the Fontainebleau Hotel prior to moving to Dallas. Bass attended the Texas Christian University on a scholarship that he won from his diving skills and academic achievement. He graduated with a Bachelors of BA in real estate finance and finance. Bass started working at the office of Bear Stearns as a senior Managing Director. He left the office and became a Managing Director in the office of Legg Mason in Dallas.  Source:

In 2005, Legg Mason decided to sell the part of the office where Bass worked at. This made Bass to leave Legg Mason and start Hayman Capital Management where he served as an investment manager to international special circumstances hedge fund, which he had planned to launch. Within no time after launching the hedge fund in 2006, Bass was convinced that a residential real-estate bubble existed in the US. This made him one of the few investors to make successful prediction and he was able to profit from the sub-prime mortgage crisis. This consequently brought him unsavory reputation in financial services industry.

Bass has admitted that he got tipped off by New York’s investment banker while they were in Spain. Upon returning to US, Bass hired some private investigators to find out the ease of getting a mortgage. He spent quite some time studying about residential mortgage market. He performed a research to ascertain the type of residential mortgage backed securities that are composed of mortgages that are of low-quality securities were more likely to default. The investment thesis was expressed through purchase of credit default swaps against securitizations that he deemed as most unstable. After buying the positions for the flagship fund, Bass raised extra capital for a special type of fund that was dedicated exclusively to capitalizing existing opportunities in market place.

In late 2007, after US was swept by a wave of foreclosures, Bass was featured making a fortune betting against subprime securities. D Magazine, in April 2008, profiled Bass through an article claiming that Kyle Bass had correctly predicted financial recession and made about $0.5 billion from it.

Sinking Deeper

The magic touch of Kyle Bass in predicting the financial recession faded soon as it had begun. In addition to the bad calls that he often makes, he has formed unsavory alliances. Bass keeps sugar coating Cristina Kirchner ideas despite everyone in the business believing that she is economically illiterate and the worst thing to have ever happened in the economy of Argentina. Bass has been consistently championing her irresponsible economic policies and has shunned the cartoonish level at which she and her amoral cronies have looted from their own people.

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