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Lime Crime: Creative Makeup From the Mind of Doe Deere

March 2, 2016 - Author: steph

Lime Crime is a makeup company that focuses on helping women celebrate their creativity. The company was founded by makeup artist, businesswoman and creative professional Doe Deer in 2004. Lime Crime is an node to Deere’s favorite color, which is lime green, and the cosmetics company is known for its bright, eye-catching hues. For instance, shoppers can choose from wine red eye shadow and neon yellow lip stick. The Lime Crime website also offers plenty of suggestions for makeup enthusiasts to put a one-of-a-kind look together.

In addition to several eye shadow and lip color options, Amazon shows that Lime Crime is also offering hair dye. The dyes come in a number of vivid shades, such as orange, purple, gray, and a combination of green and blue. To show you how some of the cosmetics and hair products actually look on customers, Lime Crime has put together a picture gallery of makeup enthusiasts who want to show off what Lime Crime has to offer. This proves helpful and inspiring for individuals who want to know how a certain hair color, lip stick or eye shadow will look against their skin tone. Even though the company is known for creating cosmetics that stand out, there are colors and products for virtually anyone who loves to wear makeup. Deere models many of the products as well, which shows that she truly believes in the brand.

Doe Deere make the products for Lime Crime, and certifies that they are vegan and organic. Shoppers can find Lime Crime products on Amazon, or in brick and mortar stores like Urban Outfitters, UK’s Love Makeup and Australia’s Tragic Beautiful. Lime Crime also strives to extend stellar customer service to shoppers, and wants to offer valuable feedback and pointers for consumers who want to put together a customized look using Lime Crime products.  Check them out on Twitter for more information.

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Brian Torchin – Healthcare Representative

March 1, 2016 - Author: steph

Brian Torchin is no stranger to the healthcare environment and the proper customer friendly practice structure. He is an active chiropractor who ran his own practice, and quickly realized how important it was to maintain a profession, welcoming atmosphere. His belief relies on the patients and their satisfaction with the services as well as how the practice carries out business and how it makes them feel. His involvement as the president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, which is a health care staffing company, has exemplified his success as a business professional that understands the needs to the communities. Torchin graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and has a background in sports medicine as well as physical therapy.

Torchin has many years of experience in staffing as a health care professional and has worked very hard to ensure that his clients are satisfied with the services HCRC Staffing provides. They delicately and strategically seek highly qualified employees to fill open positions for health care practices such as chiropractic offices and hospitals. In particular, they take ownership in seeking staff to fill medical jobs, physical therapy jobs, customer service jobs, nursing positions, etc. As a well know, global company that conducts business throughout the world in places such as Asia, Europe, Australia, and Canada, they are highly successful in finding the right staffing needs for the client’s requests. HCRC Staffing’s corporate offices are based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. shows Brian Torchin currently resides there where he originally began opening staffing offices in Delaware and Florida, as well as Philadelphia. His company rapidly increased with the dependability and hardworking efforts his staff and he projected.

HCRC Staffing not only provides staffing services for clients, but they offer other avenues of business such as consulting, background checks and professional services. Torchin understands how hard it is to find a job, and how it’s even harder to find a reliable employee. HCRC specializes in searching for the perfect staff member that will fit the client’s requested needs. They have a database that they use that ensures the member will fit the needs of the client. They will search the staff member that has the most experience with a history of excellence. Torchin admits that the hardest part, at times, is finding the perfect staff member. However, with himself and his team of excellence, they have a turn-around time of about 48 hours. Torchin is praised for his honesty on Twitter, integrity and professionalism. He is known as the number one recruiter in the USA and has a very positive, knowledgeable reputation. He spends much of his time and resources ensuring that the worldwide client’s needs are being met and that they are being treated with the best possible results.

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Brad Reifler Offer Investing Advice to the 99 Percent

- Author: steph

In a press release originally published on Reuters titled, “Brad Reifler’s 5 Tips for Investing,” Forefront Capital’s founder and CEO Brad Reifler offers investing advice to those who are not in the one percent of income earners. He believes many people who are in the 99 percent of income earners do not have the investing savvy and knowledge that wealthy investors have, so the 99 percent have to be more conservative in their investing strategies. Brad also believes in another Reuters post that the 99 percent should have access to some of the same investments that the wealthy have access to.

Brad’s 5 investing tips are:

1. Be cautious when investing, know the risks and set goals
2. Focus on safe investing;
3. Have a diversified portfolio by investing in stocks, bonds, precious metals and real estate;
4. If working with an investment manager, know who they are, their investing strategy and their track record;
5. Have a reason for investing, and stick to what works.

Point number three is mentioned as being the most important key to successful investing, but only the wealthy have been able to diversify their portfolios in this way.

Brad noticed the different investments the one percent had access to compared to the 99 percent, so he set out to change this system. This came about from personal experience. Brad invested in a 529 college savings plan for his daughters and ended up with less money in the plan than he started with. Then when his father-in-law retired and sold his business, he asked Brad to invest his money the way Brad’s clients were able to, but Brad couldn’t invest his money that way because his father-in-law was not an accredited investor. To be an accredited investor, he would have needed $1 million in assets, excluding his home, and an annual income of $200,000 for two consecutive recent years.

At this point, Brad and his firm decided to focus on investment strategies and products that would benefit non-accredited investors yet still have the same type of returns that accredited investors experience. He says he doesn’t want to be like Wall Street, he wants his firm to be for the people. From Brad Reifler’s there’s even more information from his career.

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