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Rain Boots Can Be Fashionable

February 29, 2016 - Author: steph


Who says that rain boots can’t be functional and fashionable at the same time? Just check out some of these pairs of boots. They combine style and function together, so you can look great even out in the rain. Rain boots have a reputation of being, bland, plastic and not very pleasing to the eye. These pairs of boots change the game. One of my favorites is the clear boots with glittery bottoms. They are sure to get people’s attention. If you are looking for a more feminine look, you could always strap on any of the floral boots such as the floral Betsey Johnson designer ones. A graffiti design boot provides a more urban look for city dwellers. Women who want to show their tougher side can put on some work boats or studded boats. There is just a wide variety of rain boots out there that will make you look and feel great, while at the same time keeping your feet dry from the rain.

An excellent place to get quality discount boots is through Justfab. They carry over a thousand different styles of boots. You can also find clothing, accessories such as handbags, shoes, swimwear and much more on Justfab. You can save even more money on Justfab by signing up for a VIP membership, which is charged monthly. Members get exclusive deals every month and alerts to hot new items. Follow JustFab on Pinterest.

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CCMP Reorganizes in 2016

February 25, 2016 - Author: steph

Perhaps unknown to the rest of the world, but fearing that you could be fired regardless of your performance is something that occurs quite regularly in the world of finance. Depending on the needs of the firm at the end of the financial year, employees could be let go to make for a more strategically fit firm for the year to come. It’s expected to come at the close of December, giving the former employer a chance to enjoy some of their holiday break before seeking new work, but rarely does such a practice take place in January.

Early on last moth, CCMP Capital said goodbye to five high-ranking employees from various departments in their firm over the course of the same week. This resulted in changes in their human resources department as well as their management with the loss of a couple of vice presidents. For most firms, this irregular firings could be seen as an indicator of a firm in trouble, preparing for an oncoming tide of poor business. However, representatives of CCMP were quick to dissuade the public from succumbing to this notion by saying this is merely the first stages of a strategic restructuring to prioritize key personnel for predicted business in the coming year.

Restructuring is a common practice, as the world of finance sways in all directions and failing to have a staff poised to meet the challenges of the current market could mean the difference between the growth or death of a firm. But these are complications that come only months after CCMP lost their president and CEO Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, halting trading for a time, disrupting the normal operating functions of the firm. It’s well within reason to think that his loss is giving the firm some work to realign with its intended path.

Stephen Murray spent 26 years working at CCMP Capital, reaching the chief positions of CEO and President at the age of 52. Prior to this time, he’d touched nearly every position in the firm, covering its time as a partner of JP Morgan and Chase Manhattan prior to those two banks merging together, and was even present for when the firm achieved its independence.

Outside of his time working in finance, Murray devoted a portion of his life to philanthropic efforts. In his adopted home of New York, he supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York and Columbia Business School, where he completed his graduate studies. He also make charitable contributions to his other alma matter, Boston College.

In April of 2015, Murray announced his separation from CCMP Capital due to complications of his health that would eventually lead to his passing. Former CCMP Capital’s chairman, Greg Brenneman announced Murray’s passing before taking over his positions as both CEO and President of CCMP Capital.

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Dress for Your Sign

February 24, 2016 - Author: steph


Popsugar recently released an article to buy a ring to complement your zodiac sign. However, this is not the only time in which the fashion police have said, dress for success by dressing for your sign. Gina Marinelli from Refinery 29 teamed up with Susan Miller, an astrologer, to define exactly what someone should wear.

Example of wearing for your sign
Miller states that for Pisces, the clothing should be soft and flowing, jewelry needs brilliancy and shoes should be comfortable.

No outfit is complete without a pair of shoes. For Pisces, comfortable flat shoes round out any outfit. provides a service to customers for the complete package. In 2010, Justfab came to life, offering personalized services to the fashion hungry customer.

In the brand for Justfab, there is:

  • ShoeDazzle
  • FabKids
  • Fabletics
  • Justfab

For a Pisces customer to begin with JustFab, they simply need to go through the quiz to get their very own suggestions on how to put together a comfortable, soft and flowing design for their wardrobe. Once through with the quiz, receive the shoes that are meant just for you. Like them on Facebook.

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Madison Street Capital: Leading By Example

- Author: steph

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that is leading the market, especially in mergers and acquisitions. One of the reasons for its success is the leadership that it has. One of the leaders at the firm is Reginald McGaugh. He is a Managing Director at Madison Street Capital. McGaugh started out his career by graduating with a degree in finance from the University of Nebraska and then getting a Masters in Business from Florida A&M University. Since then he has had years of experience in the healthcare sector. He has worked with everyone from diagnostic imaging firms and biotechnology firms to healthcare medical device firms and pharmaceutical firms. All of this experience has enabled him to lead the Global Healthcare Markets Group at the firm.

The firm proves itself time and time again, especially with creating transactions between companies like Naveos and Tamroc Partners, Vapor Hub International Inc and Typenex Co-Investment, LLC, FabTrol Systems Inc and Aveva Group, and Information Sciences Consulting Inc and Action Capital Corporation. Madison Street Capital has the ability to do this because the investors it has connections with are from a diverse background. The firm works with investors who are in corporations, endowments, financial institutions, foundations, money managers, unions, mutual funds, state governments, local governments and pension funds. And especially when it comes to pension funds, the firm has deep pools of capital due to those relationships.

Madison Street Capital had a strong year in 2015, according to the overview that they publish. They managed to announce or close 42 years over the course of the year. In 2014, this number was only 32. One of the big reasons for such a good year was the wave of transactions that came in during the fourth quarter. This created momentum and the firm expects that momentum to grow and produce even bigger numbers for 2016.

The firm’s overview was covered in the news by both and HedgeWeek. Both news outlets gave a brief summary of the overview. In the summary they stated how the overview was very optimistic about the hedge fund industry. They did admit that the year had not been a good one for all hedge funds. However, this was not due to there not being big assets on the market. The reason so many hedge funds struggled was because they were not using a good strategy. The Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital said that the public will see a change in the coming years. He said that more alternative structures will be used in order to create higher returns and in order to please both the buyer and the seller.

You can follow them on LinkedIn.

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CipherCloud Looks To Make Its Mark in Cloud Security Industry

February 23, 2016 - Author: steph

Today’s enterprises are starting to embrace the impact of cloud computing, as well as the usage of different cloud services, such as IaaS and PaaS. This trend helps emphasize the need to make good choices as companies seek solutions. Cloud computing is a shared resource, built on developing apprehensions across different businesses through cloud computing, as well as associated cloud providers for data operations.

CipherCloud, a California based cloud security company helps to deal with these concerns through providing protection for data residency and privacy. CipherCloud helps deliver a comprehensive set of protection controls that include data loss prevention, malware detection, and encryption.

CipherCloud’s open platform helps get rid of issues by using a single solution that secures important customer information across all cloud applications, while also maintaining usability. CipherCloud gives users the capability to deal with a number of data security issues all at once.

CipherCloud helps organize all cloud applications known to an organization. The services also help identify risk and analyze network resources. CipherCloud’s solution prevents the loss of data through scanning and detecting.

CipherCloud’s main distinction from their competitors is that the solutions have no impact on application performance. CipherCloud is also unique because of the control and visibility given to users over their data in the cloud.

Their Twitter contends that CipherCloud was founded in 2010 by Pravin Kothari. CipherCloud reaches more than 125 different financial services, including insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications. CipherCloud also helps customers learn about global and industry regulations.

CipherCloud hopes to find solutions that are robust, reliable, and supported. Kothari notes that CipherCloud’s advanced technology solves complex problems. CipherCloud has a vision that focuses on building trust within the cloud, as well as providing value through its relative ease of use. CipherCloud hopes to make tools that will help support enhanced security, as well as merge with business logic workflow in the near future.

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Beneful; a new meaning in pet food

February 19, 2016 - Author: steph

With revolution in pet food industry towards human-fit food, Nestle Purina pet care has introduced a new brand of wet and dry dog food called Beneful. This product has proved to be Nestle Purina’s most significant product by revenue. The brand has generated for the company more than $1.5 billion in revenues annually.

Beneful dog food brand was introduced into the pet food market in the year 2001. Its most selling traits were its appearance and nutrition. The food contains beef pieces and resembles stew. The food is sold in well labeled packs, and can be found in almost all the big stores like Wal-Mart. Beneful packaging won the pack expo selects award in the year 2007 at the showcase of packaging innovations.

The ingredients that Beneful put into making its food include real meat and veggies rich in vitamins. They are also omega-rich and have antioxidants. The food is normally made to bring great textures and tastes and nourishment to the dogs. In these food productions at Purina, quality and cleanliness go together. They engage sanitation specialists, who cleanse and sanitize every area with solutions that cannot harm the pets. The friendly staffs at Purina are also pet owners, and feed their pets the same food they make. The products are also regularly checked for irregularities.

In promoting its great products, Beneful advertises on television, and customized billboards. The customized billboards have been installed in Los Angeles, Chicago, St Louis and Atlanta. Beneful also holds an annual competition called the Beneful Dream Dog Park Contest. In the contest designs of dog parks are submitted to be considered for renovations. This program has been able to produce several parks in Alabama, Lancaster, Georgia, Pennyslavia, Alabaster and John’s creek – all for the good of dogs.


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The Journey of Kevin Seawright to Newark, NJ

February 12, 2016 - Author: steph

Kevin Seawright transitioned from public service to private enterprise as Executive Vice President and CFO of Newark Economic Development Corporation. His years of experience and unique talents are having a positive effect on the city of Newark. His ability to think outside the box allows him the flexibility to take advantage of Newark’s natural assets. Working directly with city officials his economic growth plan is showing results.

The plan involves using financial funds as a stepping-stone to city growth. It includes extending small business loans to individuals, expanding high-speed internet access and building on the cities strategic location with improved port railroads and highways. Over 3,000 students benefit yearly from an aggressive summer employment program that sets the stage for them to get more involved in future development projects.

Kevin Seawright has a long history in economic growth and development. At the age of 12, living in Philadelphia, his family encouraged him to become involved in a Philadelphia youth program to better the community. He experienced the satisfaction of changing inner city lives for the better. That satisfaction and sense of accomplishment remains his strongest motivation in his current position.

Prior to his transition into the private sector, his interview with Local Talk News showed Kevin+ served in a variety of government positions in Baltimore, Maryland. His experience in operational management, human resources and recruitment efforts helped him develop his straightforward management style. He worked on revamping account management programs, engaged in collective bargaining, created educational programs and managed millions of dollars.

His broad spectrum of management expertise taught him to embrace traditional programs that prove successful. However, it also taught him the flexibility to develop and use creative new solutions that work better and more efficiently than the old ones in spurring city growth. Kevin spoke of his willingness to continue participation in formal and informal educational opportunities helps keep him on the cutting edge of management practices. Creative new methods and advanced technology keeps him at the top of his game.  In addition to everything else, Kevin is a huge lover of music, and that continues to fuel his creativity in his job.

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Lacrosse Training, Flight Experience, Photos And Videos Of Jon Urbana

- Author: steph

Jon Urbana is a man who has achieved great success and prowess in many industries. The list of his accomplishments is long. It is worth taking a moment to think critically about his life because it is an inspiring journey that Jon has taken us on with his videos and photography documenting his journey each step of the way. Jon Urbana has received recognition for his experience and training in aviation by the FAA. He has also led incredible business ventures, such as the training camp for lacrosse that he co-founded in Colorado.

Video And Photography

Jon’s short films are available on his Vimeo account. They document some of the most extraordinary sights that Jon has seen, so it is worth taking a look at because you will definitely see something new on his Vimeo. His Twitter content ranges from natural sights of moose and flying through the clouds to more artistic videos that are creative and genius in their design.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Photography is one of the many creative outlets that showcase Jon’s skills in perception and visual imagery. He showcases his work on his Instagram. If you are interested in seeing his visual imagery, his Instagram is chocked full of delightful pieces. He has an amazing way of capturing the simplicity of cooking and foods that no other photography can match.


Aviation Career

Few pilots are lucky enough to receive the same recognition as Jon Urbana received at a young age. He was acknowledged by the FAA, which is one of the highest acknowledgments that a pilot can receive. How Jon found the time and patience on Product Hunt to get his pilot’s license while keeping busy with so many other engaging activities is beyond understanding. He was recognized by the FAA for his safety procedures and background clearances, giving him a spot in the Airmen Certification Database.

Business Ventures

Lacrosse has always been a joyous pastime for Jon Urbana. He played lacrosse growing up. He found that a lacrosse training camp was needed in his home state. He founded the Jon Urbana Next Level Lacrosse Camp for youth training opportunities.

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Ricardo Guimaraes of BMG on the Forbes List of Top American MBA Schools

February 11, 2016 - Author: steph
Getting your MBA is a way to tell future employers that you value education; you intend to lead a respectful life and you’d be an asset to their organization.

Many students choose to study for their MBA degrees in the United States at prestigious Ivy League schools, because professionals recognize these credentials all over the world. However, these degrees are expensive and the coursework is challenging. Students must also pay $110,000 to $140,000 per year to attend these schools. They must also pass their Graduate Management Admission Test, (the GMAT); with scores of 720 or higher.

However, you can enter a cheaper, less prestigious American school with a GMAT score of 700 or higher. Unfortunately though, you might sacrifice some name recognition and other benefits if you choose the cheaper route.

The most respected US business schools in order of status are:

1. Stanford Business School: expect to pay $126,000 every year, and have a 730 or better on your GMAT. Only 7% of students graduate from Stanford Business School.

2. Harvard Business School: expect to pay $139,000 every year, and have a 730 or better on your GMAT. Only 12% of students graduate from Harvard Business School.

3. The Booth School of Business: expect to pay $128,000 every year, and have a 730 or better on your GMAT. Only 24% of students graduate from The Booth School of Business.

4. The Warton School of Business: expect to pay $137,000 every year, and have a 728 or better on your GMAT. Only 20% of students graduate from The Warton School of Business.

5. The Haas School of Business: expect to pay $110,000 every year, and have a 720 or better on your GMAT. Only 13% of students graduate from The Haas School of Business.
6. The Tuck School of Business: expect to pay $139,000 every year, and have a 730 or better on your GMAT. Only 12% of students graduate from The Tuck School of Business.

7. The Yale School of Management: expect to pay $124,000 every year, and have a 720 or better on your GMAT. Only 24% of students graduate from The Yale School of Business.

8. The Kellogg School of Management: expect to pay $127,000 every year, and have a 720 or better on your GMAT. Kellogg doesn’t make graduate percentages public.

9. Columbia Business School: expect to pay $136,000 every year, and have a 716 or better on your GMAT. Only 18% of students graduate from Columbia Business School.

10. The Leonard N. Stern School of Business: expect to pay $131,000 every year, and have a 710 or better on your GMAT. Only 10.8% of students graduate from The Leonard N. Stern School of Business.

Follow Ricardo Guimarães on Twitter.

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How Important Is Online Reputation Management

February 5, 2016 - Author: steph

A World Economic Forum study has determined that 25 percent of a company’s market value can be tied to their reputation. Yet many companies are not prepared for this situation, especially when it comes to online review management of customer ratings and reviews that exist on third party websites.
With half of the planet’s population online, brand recognition can become a key component of how a company is perceived. Online reputation can determine conversion rates just as much, or maybe more than factors like search engines and content.
The dynamics that impact on conversion includes:

Social Media–Social media has grown so much that there are more than 207 sites around the world.
Total Control–Generation Y customers want to be in control of the purchases they make.
Opinions–Review sites can make or break a company’s reputation.
Security and Privacy—This is a major concern for online consumers.
Online Reputation Management can be a way of paving the way for an organization to be seen as positive, and a company you can buy from with confidence.
Failure to react to negative reputation factors can create a disaster for a company. An example is MNC, a food and beverage company that was slow to react to negative publicity regarding its environmental policies. This gave the impression that the company was complacent, which resulted in highly negative backlash, MNC was forced to suspend activity on their public web page to counteract the impact of the backlash.
With online reputation becoming such a vital factor it has spawned a new industry. It’s called online reputation management specialist. Once such company is Status Labs. One of their specialties is to keep a company;s online reputation constantly on the positive side of the ledger, Status Labs will manage search engine results in order to enhance their client’s status on the internet.
The company has grown to the point that they represent 1500 clients, which includes Fortune 100 brands and public figures.
If negative information is out there about a client Status Labs can develop a plan to remove such negative content, and replace it with more favorable search engine results.

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