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Doe Deere and LimeCrime Continue Growing

August 11, 2015 - Author: steph

Doe Deere owner and CEO of Lime Crime, a popular cosmetic company, was born in Russia. She moved to the United State when she became 17 years old. Deere became a musician. She say this taught her about marketing and getting fans to come to the musical events.

When she was 13, she had her first business. She sold temporary tattoos which was a novelty in Russia at the time. She wore the tattoos on her body to show classmates, and as a way to market the product. When she lived in New York City she played in a musical group. She met her husband during that time and they learned to collaborate and work well together.

Doe Deere always liked very bright and unique colors She found the colors hard to find in the store. That is where her interest in makeup began. Because she could not find the bright colors in the store she began to make them for herself. . Many young high school and college girls enjoy wearing these bold bright colors. This is part of the success of the Lime Crime business.

Doe Deere views makeup as freedom to do what you want and to be yourself. She attended FIT in New York majoring in fashion design. She thinks fashion and makeup always complement each other. When she works on new colors or products she

Recently her friend Joshua David McKinney a well known doll maker designed a doll that looks like her. He has been making fashion dolls for about three years. He has a big following with clients like Mariah Carey and Taylor Swift. He strives to make the most glamorous dolls in the world. David looks at making dolls as an art form. Doe is impressed by the beautiful handcrafted doll that he made for her and has displayed photos of both of them on her website and in the press.

Lime Crime promotes bright colors for makeup. Recently they developed a new limited edition lipstick. The color is bright blue with hues of purple. It is designed for Melaie Martinez a popular recording artist. This shade is easy to mix with other colors and apply with a lip brush.

Doe Deere knows how to market her products effectively. She design makeup after well known entertainers a tactic that increases sales. She is working on a line of hair dyes for women that will give them many color to choose from. Doe Deere has experimented with different colors like bright blue, green, purple and gray. She wants the hair dyes to be vegan too. When this new line comes out it will definitely be successful.

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Lime Crime

August 10, 2015 - Author: steph

Have you noticed the trend in beauty products lately? Especially this summer. I know that I have seen so many celebrities (and girls on the runway) rockin’ fresh and funky makeup displayed in so many vibrant colors. Like many of us, I always wanted to be able to translate the “in” styles, into some version of myself.

Now I don’t know about you, but seeing the trends off the runway or on these super chic model celebrities (like the Kardasians), becomes intimidating and self doubt begins to set in. I catch myself sometimes starting to think, “there’s no way I could ever pull this look off!”. Until one day, I noticed how little I had credited myself, and it came to me. The epiphany my brain has needed! I began to think… why not! Why couldn’t I be one of those people that has the confidence to sport the trends I see? Seriously, what’s the difference between them and me? The only answer to these questions are… nothing. The only person stopping me, is me. So now armed with this new found self worth, I went on a search to find some make-up that would add some ‘flava’ to my face. You know what I found, Lime Crime.

What a site! At first glance, I thought that I had stumbled upon something out of a dream, and Katy Perry was the main star. Then I looked again, and I saw that a lot of the makeup on this site was vegan (and of course cruelty free!). Knowing this and then seeing how bright the pigmentation is, really got me excited and I started thinking; with this product not only am I using fresh and natural ingredients to help keep my skin supple (because no one has time for added wrinkles!), I’ll also be able to show off the top trends that I keep seeing all over social media. Not only that, that vision that I have in my head of myself, can now become a reality. Because… if you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you can change your life!

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Talent Management Principles Practiced by Susan McGalla

August 7, 2015 - Author: steph

Competition between organizations for talented employees has risen sharply in the recent past. Organizations are out to attract talented employees from competitors. This has seen talent managers offering these employees incentives to get them into their organizations. This process of attracting, developing and retaining talented employees is called talent management. Talent management is now practiced by all organizations. For successful talent management, the principles below must be adopted by the Human Resource department of an organization.
1) Know the talent require
Depending on the type of business an organization is involved in, the talent required may greatly vary. Talent managers are required to keenly pay attention to the business’ requirement and come up with best talent requirement. Talents managers should then recruit individuals with the required talent. It is also important to note that talent required in the various departments of an organization may also vary. Talent managers should also reassess the talent required frequently as business operations change with time.
2) Talk with employees
A good talent manager is one who knows his or her employees. Talking with employees helps talent managers to know more about employees. Employees value dialogue because it makes them feel valued. In return, they will be more open with talent managers. Employees are different and good ‘talent conversation’ is needed to bring out the special needs, future aspirations and desires of each employee.
3) Shape the talents
Recruited employees have talents that should be aligned to the future of the organization. The easiest way talent managers can achieve this is by assigning employees ‘real’ business challenges. By working on the challenges, employees are able to strengthen their talents and align them with the needs of the organization. As the business changes, the employees will also be able to change with the business rather than being left out. Widening the range of challenges given to employees is highly advisable.
4) Respect diversity
Each and every employee is unique. The talent managers should respect this and appreciated the uniqueness of every employee. The nurturing process should pay attention to the difference. Forcing every employee into one direction will mean some employees will not be able to give out their best in their positions.
Susan McGalla believes in the diversity of talents. She believes each of the two genders brings unique talents to an organization and should both be nurtured. McGalla is an executive consultant in Pensylvania. She previously worked as CEO of Wet Seal and as President of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. She currently sits in several boards.
Talent management continues to improve the performance of organizations. Organizations across the world strive to ensure that they retain talented employee and attract more from competitors. Talent managers are out nurturing talents to align them with the requirements of their organizations.

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