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J. Crew Replaces Lead Designer Following Staff Cutbacks

June 11, 2015 - Author: steph

Recently, a total of 175 employees of the fashion brand J. Crew were laid off, most of them from the brand’s New York headquarters. The company has been struggling financially during the first three months of 2015 and has reported a 5% drop in profits compared to the same time last year.

In addition to the massive layoffs, the brand has also replaced its lead designers amid an apparent laundry list of other ‘strategic and organizational changes’ set to take place within the company reports CipherCloud. CEO Mickey Drexler has announced the brand intends to revamp their aesthetic along with the opening of several new stores. Though the company has not elaborated on what exactly these changes may be, they will apparently affect areas of ‘store operations, production, sourcing, and merchandising’.

J. Crew has also announced the opening of several new stores including Madewell, which is an imprint of the parent company targeted toward female shoppers. Profits from Madewell have one of the few bits of positive news for J. Crew in the past several months with the imprint accounting for 11% of the company’s profit.

The previous lead designer, Tom Mora, will be replaced by Somsack Sikhounmuong as lead designer for J. Crew. Joyce Lee, who has worked with both Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs in the past, will take over as head of Madewell. One hopes that this update to the J. Crew brand will prove to be beneficial not only for the company, but a boon for the fashion industry as a whole as well.

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Why Sunless Tanning is Making a Comeback

June 10, 2015 - Author: steph

You probably know all about the orange tan that you might have dealt with as a teenager. You might also be familiar with people who you’ve passed on the street or in a store that had an orange-looking tan that didn’t at all look natural. While the orange tan is definitely something to avoid, sunless tanning is making a huge comeback nowadays. The whole idea of baking in the sun may seem fine to some people, but the effects of skin damage both during the tanning process and years down the road has some people scared out of their wits. Many people who were once devoted to sunbathing outside with their baby oil and tin foil folders are now paying for it with lines, wrinkles and even skin cancer.

This is the main reason sunless tanning is coming back and is becoming a hot new ticket item for both women and men around the world stated Handy. What’s even better is that sunless tanning products are becoming a whole lot more advanced and most of them will not give you that orange glow that you dread. Most sunless tanning products will make you look like you’ve been out in the sun and have gotten that rich color that you’ve always wanted for yourself. If you feel that sunless tanning might be the best option for you, it’s important to think about buying a good quality product instead of going for something cheap.

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A Quick Change to the Menu

June 8, 2015 - Author: steph

In recent months, numerous fast food companies have taken the huge debt and ensuring that their menus have only high quality and nutritious ingredients. Among those fast food companies is subway. The sandwich franchise is officially getting rid of artificial ingredients from products on its menu. While subway has marketed itself as one of the fresher and higher quality food chains amongst its competitors, it still has a number of artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Subway executives told the Associated Press that by 2017, all of the Subway chains will have removed artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. Elizabeth Stewart is the director of corporate social responsibility at Subway. Stewart announced that the company’s roast beef, ham, turkey, banana peppers, sauces, and cookies are getting a complete overhaul among other products. The company will also look into requiring only natural ingredients and products from third party sellers. It is predicted that many fast food chains are going to jump on the artificial bandwagon.


For some restaurants its moral decision before the look and feel of the company, as Jim Dondero points out. For Subway this move has more at stake. The chain has then at an unsuccessful decline in the last few years. Consumers are looking for stores to sell more local, natural, and organic substances. While subway is trying its best to keep up, this is one of the moves that the chain hopes can get them out of the red.

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NASA is Building a Smarter Rover to Roam Mars

- Author: steph

When the Mars rover landed on the red planet scientists were able to explore the strange new world for the first time, an absolutely amazing feat of both engineering and science. But they want to make the next mission even better by building a smarter rover that could actually make decisions for itself.

The TextureCam Intelligent Project, lead by David Thompson, is providing the technology that will allow the rover to self prioritize the data it collects, resulting in a lot less work for those who have to analyze it. TextureCam can analyze geological structures for instance to identify important aspects of them, a job that would otherwise have to be done with human eyes.

The new technology will revolutionize space exploration, making it easier and more accurate than ever when learning about martian territories. The Mars Curiosity Rover is still hard at work on the planet, a rover that is equipped with it’s own set of intellectual technologies. For example, Curiosity is able to track where it has already explored so it doesn’t keep collecting data from the same areas. Steve Murray likes that. However, smarter rovers will be able to think for themselves and make decisions about what they are looking at, an even more impressive feat of engineering for NASA.

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Finding Love Online with Anastasia Date

June 5, 2015 - Author: steph

You may have heard a lot about international dating sites, but not sure if you should use their service. When it comes to online dating or international dating, not all dating services are created equal. It is important to use the services of a dating site which has a great reputation in the industry. One such service or company is Anastasia Date, a leader in the international dating arena. With over several million members, Anastasia Date is the world’s leading international dating service that opens up avenues for exciting and romantic relationships with lovely and interesting ladies.

A simple background investigation will reveal many positive things about Anastasia Date. They are well-known for their background check and anti-scam policies, as well their great customer service to ensure that customers and members are completely satisfied. This makes people feel much more secure, and encourages them to create a profile and begin searching for a good match. Their service is simple to use, and with their simple to follow instructions, members can easily connect and chat with their desired date.

By downloading the mobile app from Anastasia Date, men can communicate with female members by purchasing credits. You can meet your dream woman among the charming and beautiful women and ladies of Russia, Eastern Europe, Ukraine and other countries. Members can just browse their profiles and photos, communicate with them through e-mail or real-time text chat. If you use these features effectively, you will get useful details about the ladies.

The team at Anastasia Date always verify the contact details for all the women in order to provide correct and up-to-date information to each member. Verification checks are done on all the communication between the ladies and men to eliminate instances of fraud or scam. In the event that a member or client has an unpleasant experience, the support team will assist investigate and resolve the issue.

Anyone can experience the ultimate in online romance and dating where beautiful ladies are eager to meet men. While not every match suggested or recommended may be desirable or successful, this international dating service offers the most possibilities for flexible individuals. This dating service requires users to pay for the services rendered, and many people are willing to use and continue to use them. There are many satisfied members who keep on recommending Anastasia Date to their friends and acquaintances. Anastasia Date is the most reputable name in international online dating services.

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New Period Panties Invented by 3 Feminists

June 3, 2015 - Author: steph

Menstruation is a much stigmatized subject all over the world. In fact, the stigma is so deep rooted that advertisements about feminine hygiene products use a blue liquid instead of a red one. Heaven forfend people get a slice of the real world, eh? However, three feminist individuals have broken the fourth wall and this new fashionable invention might topple the feminine hygiene product industry. It’s period panties. There are 4 layers in these panties and here is what these layers do –

Layer 1: Moisture Free – During menstruation, leaking or spilling is common but the top layer is made using moisture wicking technology that would keep you dry all day long.

Layer 2: Anti Microbial – A silver treatment (invisible in nature) would ensure that you don’t suffer from any bacterial infections that are so common during periods, especially the first and second day.

Level 3: Super Absorbent – Depending on the underwear style chosen, this third layer would be able to absorb as much blood as two tampons. Now, this is the best thing anyone has ever come up with.

Level 4: No Leaks – Even if you decide to wear your stylish white pants during heavy flow days, the panties would ensure that you get no stains on them.

The cost of these panties is around $24 to $34, and a few styles are available reports Susan McGalla. They have been designed by THINX.

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KFC Sues Over Online Rumors

June 2, 2015 - Author: steph

Apparently, KFC does not like harsh words about their chicken because they are suing three Chinese companies in Beijing, for spreading ridiculous false claims.

KFC claims fake rumors were posted on social media sites, using 10 different WeChat accounts, by Shanxi Weilukuang Technology Co., Ltd., Taiyuan Zero Point Technology, and the Yingchenanzhi Success Company.

The rumors varied from accusing the company of using genetically modified chickens that have eight legs and six wings, to abusing chickens.

The company argues that while the rumors were illogical, and Twitter users wrote contrary to scientific knowledge, they hurt public perception.

KFC’s China-based CEO, Song Cui Rong said “it’s been tough protecting our brand against rumors, however, with the government’s help in recent years, as well as judicial interpretation, we now have the confidence and legal resources to stop the rumors, “she said.

Two years ago, Chinese authorities launched a new campaign to clean up internet rumors, that were negative and capricious against companies.

KFC is suing the companies for 1.5 million yuan or $242,000 in US dollars, and an apology

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New Ways to Attack Head Lice

June 1, 2015 - Author: steph

Few school kids escape at least one bout of non-discriminating head lice. While they do not harm health or spread any diseases, they are a nuisance, causing disgust and anxiety with parents, time loss, and expense. The present costs run about $1 billion in just one year. Andy Wirth suggests the American Academy of Pediatrics has updated their advice on how to best help affected children and families.

This was reported in New York Times-Well, that the following tactic seems to work best for treatment. Using over the counter remedies are best. These include Nix cream rinse, which is to be applied to damp, shampooed, towel dried hair, with no conditioner. The active ingredient is permethrin, which considered to be the least toxic and less allergenic as compared to pyrethrins. After ten minutes, it is to be rinsed off with warm water, over the sink, not the shower or tub, to reduce exposure to the skin. Any residue left on the hair works to kill any nymphs until the next shampoo. Repeat nine days later.

Prescription strength, Sklice takes only one application to the dry hair and scalp. When the eggs hatch, post-treatment, the nymphs cannot feed. Natroba kills both lice and eggs, which removes the need for re-treatment and combing for nits. Be sure to check for age limitations and do not exceed the recommended dosage. Continue to check for nits for up to three weeks.

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Why Scarves Are The Hot New Trend This Year

- Author: steph

Now that it’s 2015, you may be wondering what types of trends are hot and in-season nowadays. One of the hottest fashion trends out right now would be scarves. President of Grand Foods Flavio Maluf remarks, you might walk around the mall and notice a lot of people wearing scarves of all different sizes, shapes and colors. You may go into a store only to see tons of scarves that you can pair with just about any outfit. Because of the rising popularity of scarves, it’s no wonder that people are using them for a variety of different reasons. Whether it be around your neck or around your purse handle, scarves are not going anywhere any time soon.

The reason scarves are the hot new trend this year is because of the fact that they can play up any outfit that you might be wearing. Even a boring old t-shirt can look a whole lot better when you’re wearing a scarf with it. The types of scarves that are most popular would be the silk or soft infinity scarves. You can wear these around your neck in a variety of ways, allowing you to create a custom look that is definitely something that you are sure to love. No matter where you choose to buy your scarf, you will find that there are many colors and styles available for you and that it can then be worn with anything that you own.

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