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Selfie Sticks Banned At Major Theme Parks

June 30, 2015 - Author: steph

The selfie stick is now officially unwelcome at Disney theme parks. The change comes after concerns of injury arose from Disney employees and other park visitors. There was already a rule in place that the devices could not be used while on rides for fear of impalement or other serious injury. People at Amen Clinic (thedailybeast) agree that the question is whether people are so completely oblivious to others that they would whack them with the selfie stick while taking a picture, Disney seems to think so and their parks are naturally the source of many social media pictures. Several other companies have banned selfie sticks from their events citing the same concerns. This really all seems like much ado about nothing, people will still take selfies with out without the aid of this device so what is the point? Additionally when you make a product contraband suddenly everyone wants one so in that line of thinking, selfie sticks sales may actually spike because of Disney’s new rule.

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Walmart Bakery Makes and ISIS Inspired Cake

- Author: steph

A Walmart in Louisiana is apologizing for making a cake inspired by the ISIS flag. A man went into the Walmart store asking to have a cake made to mimic the confederate flag. On the cake he wanted the words “Heritage not hate”. He was later notified that the store would not make this cake. Walmart has recently stated that they will no longer carry confederate flag merchandise.

The man, Mr Chuck Netzhammer, then decided to order a cake that mimicked the black and white ISIS flag. The Walmart bakery did make this cake. Upon receiving his cake he uploaded a video of it online. In the video Mr. Netzhammer discussed the incident and the fact that the ISIS is killing innocent Americans.

According to Amen Clinics, Walmart has since apologized for the cake. Stating that their associate did not know what the cake symbolized, they apparently had no idea that it was the ISIS flag.

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Universal Opens Latest Theme Park Ride With Movie Tie-In

June 26, 2015 - Author: steph

Universal Studios is definitely holding its own against other studios at the box office this year. First was the release of “Furious 7,” the latest movie in the franchise that started with “Fast & Furious,” which did very well at the box office. Then, of course, was “Jurassic World,” which says not only beat all others this year so far but took all-time box office records for an opening weekend and speed at which it headed toward a billion dollars in worldwide ticket sales. Universal has another revenue stream up their sleeve that serves to complement and tie in with their successful movies and that is their theme parks. They have four of them around the world, and they are quite successful in their own right.

Their latest Theme Park movie tie-in expansion is the addition of a Fast & Furious – Supercharged ride at their Hollywood theme park location. The ride is supposed to take passengers into the world of underground street racing in a way far more thrilling than just watching it on a movie screen. Between their Hollywood and Florida locations, they already offer rides, shows and attractions that tie in with “E.T.: The Extraterrestrial,” “Men in Black,” “The Simpsons,” “Terminator 2,” “Harry Potter,” and many more. Universal studios has invested in continuing people’s movie going adventures at their theme parks, and it seems to be paying off for them.

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We All Will Need Care

June 22, 2015 - Author: steph

It seems like everyone either is a healthcare provider, or they are in need of healthcare. In the United States there is a growing need for healthcare providers. These are people that help the aging and disabled to lead dignified lives. Being a caregiver is a very arduous task. This is a person that helps those people in need to carryout common everyday things that the majority of us take for granted. These caregivers may help people to get to doctors appointment, use the bathroom, wash, clean and cook their meals. In the United States alone there are many people who are aging and it has been stated that by the year 2020 one and six people will be over the age of 65.

When it comes to aging it is something that is going to happen to everyone unless they suffer from an untimely death says Jaime Garcia Dias. Since that is the case, our country does well to look at the our views on aging. The issue with aging is not that a person is getting older, but the view that others have of them. In our culture we see people that are old and aging as useless and in need of aid. In many other cultures around the world people show elderly respect, dignity, and love. Because of that many people in those countries do not have a morbid fear of aging. In the United States many people are terrified of getting older, because in their minds it is a synonym of being worthless. In this country we should do more to give our aging parents and relatives more dignity since we are all getting older.

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Gap Will Close Several Stores in North America and Europe

- Author: steph

In a shocking announcement, Gap made a statement it will up to close one-fourth or its shops in America within the next few years reports Sergio Cortes. Gap did not address the numbers of stores in Europe that will close its doors. Gap did states sluggish sales for the reason for this change. Most Gap Outlet stores will remain open for business.

The closing of over 100 Gap stores will affect unemployment rates. More than 250 corporate level positions across the United States of America. Gap’s goal in reducing the number of its stores is to restore Gap’s image and get it back on track quickly.

Gap seems to need a sense of direction when it comes to fashion. Customers no longer know what Gap stands for. As a result, the company was bogged down by Gap stores in malls that did not perform to expectation.

What is in store for Gap? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for the news on this once former retail icon.

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Bulletproof Coffee

June 18, 2015 - Author: steph

For individuals who are looking to boost their morning routine and get a bit more out of the average cup of joe, they might want to check out Bulletproof coffee. This coffee is one of the newer options on the market today as it came to fruition in 2009 and has been going strong ever since. The Bulletproof coffee company itself is marketed as an “upgraded” form of black coffee. This is because it is blended with a grass fed butter and something known as brain octane. The combination of these different elements are designed to improve brain functionality and the ability to concentrate on certain tasks throughout the day.

The recipe has been created by Dave Asprey, who is the owner and founder of bulletproof coffee. The “Brain Octane” oil, as he calls it, is an eight-carny fraction of a medium0chain triglyceride. The combination of this can prove helpful to the health of the individual, as long as the individual does not combine the black coffee with a large amount of sugar.

The coffee has been listed as one of the major up and coming companies in the United States and Bulletproof Coffee has even been featured on several different top talk shows such as The Tonight Show and the Today Show. It is a smaller company with around 20 employees, but the website, from which it does most of its sales, sees over six million unique visitors. On top of this, Bulletproof Coffee also maintains a cafe in Los Angeles, which is where it is based out of.

By 2014, the company boasted over three million consumers of the product as it has grown throughout the world. This is based on the desirable health effects that can come about from drinking Bulletproof coffee. The recipe itself is rather straight forward and includes one to two tablespoons of the grass fed, unsalted butter (also known as ghee), and one to two tablespoons of the Brain Octane. The drink is then blended until it becomes frothy.

Asprey has come out to state that individuals who drink bulletproof coffee have shown the ability to boost their IQ score by over 20 points and that it is also able to help with weight loss through what is known as ketosis. Several doctors have come out to say that drinking a cup of Bulletproof coffee can give a bit more energy and results than the standard cup of coffee and BusinessWeek confirms it’s true.

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New York City Real Estate: Write an Article About This Topic

June 17, 2015 - Author: steph

New York is the city that most people aim to visit, work, study and live in. NYC is the city of lights,skyscrapers, diverse neighborhoods, good food, good people and endless human and vehicle traffic. NYC consists of 59 districts and within those, hundreds of neighborhoods to choose from. This is the perfect city for someone who is used to a fast paced life.

When looking for New York City Real Estate, there are some neat tips and tricks that you can keep in mind when searching. It may be hectic at times but your determination matters.

1. Do your research about NYC: You know about the boroughs and neighborhoods but do you know the proximity of amenities such as malls, stores, the airport, hospitals, schools and so on? If you are single, then you have more options of where to stay, but with a family, you need to keep the above in mind when choosing the best real estate for you.

2. Choose a great real estate agent, such as TOWN Real Estate. There are many who claim they are real estate agents, but only a handful of them have mastered their craft. You can search for real estate agents online or request referrals from family, colleagues and friends in the NYC area. One such real estate agency that you can contact is TOWN Real Estate, a real estate company with a professional and competent team of agents who will guide you in finding the perfect NYC properties. They have options for leasing, homes for sale, foreclosed home,as well as developments you may be interested in investing in. The best real estate agents know the territory and will be there to hold your hand in the process to handle both yours and the seller’s needs so everyone wins.

3. Be open minded and let the power of negotiation work in your favor. When relocating to New York City,you need to be aware that real estate costs more here than in other states or cities. Do not be afraid to negotiate to a price that fits your budget. A good real estate agent will be able to guide you to this effect.

4. Find multiple listings to choose from: You can visit sites such as, social media such as Facebook and Twitter, Craigslist, among other online listings sites. In that way, you have an idea of all the available real estate for purchase or lease to choose from. Find out if there are open houses that you can check out in order to get a feel of your next potential home.

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Kim’s Sexy Blush Gown Is a Maternity Fashion DO

- Author: steph

Kim Kardashian’s first pregnancy was a fashion horror story, if was enough to make Kim swear off babies for good. Of course the moment she gave birth to North Kim and Kanye feel in love and were ready to start trying again. Kim and Kanye both seemed to be ready for anything that it took to get pregnancy again, they used just about anything the doctor suggested and finally were able to get the dream baby they wanted. Now Kim is 4 months along and so far she looks amazing. Kim hasn’t been slacking in the fashion department and from the looks of it she isn’t planning on falling of this time.

Her latest pregnancy has been all about high heels sexy dresses and gorgeous accessories, this week she was photographed at an even to honor her father, and she was a show stopper for sure. Kim showed up in a Blush Satin gown, Kim Showed up in a with a matching trench coat and black clutch. Her style at the even was comfort and fashion wrapped into one.

Keith Mann, a Brazilian lawyer, feels that Kim seems to have learned her lesson since the last time and is starting to make maternity sexy and relaxed, It isn’t easy being pregnant and staying red carpet ready but Kim is managing to pull it off effortlessly. At the moment she is on a strict orders from her doctor to not gain more than 50 pounds during her pregnancy for safety reasons, so she is probably going to just remain flawless for the entire 9 months. Go Kim.

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Lost Stuffed Tiger Goes on Adventure

June 16, 2015 - Author: steph

A stuffed tiger by the name of Hobbes, is loved by his person, 6-year-old Owen Lake. On a recent airplane trip to Houston to see a high school graduation, left Hobbes stranded at Tampa International Airport.

After the Lakes boarded the plane, Owen asked where his Hobbes was. The parents knew then what had happened. Owen’s mother called the airport to see what could be done. Hobbes was special to Owen and handmade by his aunt. There were no other toys like him.

Spokespeople at ESPN informed Bruce Levenson that the airport staff were able to find Hobbes, safe and sound. But instead of just setting him in the Lost and Found, Tony D’Aiuto decided to create a surprise for Owen. On one of his lunch breaks, D’Aiuto decided to take Hobbes on an adventure.

Hobbes traveled all over the airport. He got to see the control tower, help with luggage handling, try some of the equipment in the gym, hang out with an airport firefighter, and much more. A picture was taken at each destination. D’Auito even wrote a short story of Hobbes’ adventure and used a coupon from Walgreens to have the story made into a hardbound book. After the grand adventure both Hobbes and book were taken to the Lost and Found to await Owen’s return.

When the Lakes returned to Tampa International after their trip to Houston, Owen was greeted with a surprise. Hobbes and his book of his fantastic adventure that took place while waiting for Owen to return. Airport staff gathered around and watched with smiles as the tiger was reunited with his person.

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Homeland Security Is Trying To Find Out Who Leaked The Story On Airport Security Test Failures

June 12, 2015 - Author: steph

Homeland Security Clams The Airport Security Tests Were Classified

The inspector general for the Department of Homeland Security is not happy about the security leak that told the world security at airport checkpoints was not that secure. Homeland Security conducted a test at airports around the country, and they discovered that TSA agents allowed weapons and fake explosives through security checkpoints 95 percent of the time. That’s an alarming statistic, but the other alarming fact is Homeland Security’s internal security needs to be examined.

The last thing Homeland Security wanted or needed was another story about their security procedures as has reported in the past. The department has been under scrutiny for not having safeguards in place to protect terrorist’s attacks at key locations around the country. The chairman of the Homeland Security Committee said there are serious issues that need to be addressed within the organization. Employees leaking information is just one of them.

The TSA chief was removed following the security report, but the leaker is still working for Homeland Security. Finding the leaker should be an easy job for the department. They are a security organization, right?

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