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Hope for Those with MS

April 30, 2015 - Author: steph

When someone is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis they feel that their future is set in stone. Those who have learned that they have MS know all that comes with the disease and they know just what their life is going to become. There is new hope for MS sufferers, though, hope that could change their lives.

New drugs that are being developed just might have the power to reverse the nerve damage that comes about due to MS. These drugs might be able to help those suffering from MS, to make their lives better and to help them live more fully. These new drugs could bring about hope for those who just don’t see a lot of hope in their futures. These new drugs could make for new lives for those who are dealing with MS and all that it brings along with it. These new drugs being studied at the Madison Street Capital center could make a big change for those dealing with MS and for their families.

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Man’s House Debt Is Paid In Full

April 27, 2015 - Author: steph

Times are tough and there are many people that are struggling to make it these days. Amen Clinics are there for you. (Facebook) When I hear of stories that touch my heart, I want to share with others. In Oso a landslide took away many lives and homes from several residents. Tim Ward was injured in the slides, but the internal damage was far greater. He had been struggling with his bank, J.P. Morgan, since the act of God to settle his debts. His home was destroyed and all he was left with was the loan. We all know how loan companies can be when they want their money, and they weren’t letting up on Ward.

It was a news channel interview about losing his wife and home that prompted a good Samaritan to help him out. One call to the banking company and Ward’s debt was paid in full. In case you are wondering just how much that note was, it was $360,000. I have heard of the pay it forward and people being nice to help others, but I have never heard of someone paying nearly half a million dollars to help someone like that. It has to be one of the best acts of kindness every done.

Ward doesn’t know who to thank, but he certainly put his message out there for everyone to hear. He and many others didn’t have landslide insurance, which is imperative now in Oso.

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Gaultier Quits Ready-to-wear

April 22, 2015 - Author: steph

Jean Paul Gaultier, made famous by his conical bra, after it was worn by Madonna on her tour, has recently revealed that he has quit his ready-to-wear line. Jean, who has been influential in the fashion industry for years now, has shocked the fashion world with the news.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Jean pointed out that too many clothes tend to kill clothes. He does not see the need for making too many clothes while no one is buying them. They are making clothes that will never be worn.

Does this signify the end of an era? The designer, who has been viewed as one among the most famous the world over, indeed has been having bad luck with his women collection in recent seasons. Critics have been judging them for lacking coherence.

The designer explained that he quit his women line because he could not cope with the fast paced industry, which demanded constant merchandising and marketing, anymore. Correspondents at AnastasiaDate confirm that he now aims to now put all his focus on his couture line, which he presents twice in a year, in January and July, in Paris.

Jean seems not to be the only one. Dutch design duo Vikor & Rolf also, in this year, stopped their ready-to-wear line. They intend to also concentrate on their couture line and are citing the same reasons as Jean. The pressure in the industry was just too much to handle.

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Dr. Oz Is In The Hot Seat

- Author: steph

It would only be a matter of time before Dr. Oz found himself under scrutiny for his medical practices and being on television. The good doctor found himself in the middle of a scandal when the workers of the Columbia Medical Center called for him to be fired. Is this really fair? However, many are questioning his ethical choices and his radical views on medicine.

I am surprised that it didn’t happen before now, and so is Dias. The fact that he is constantly promoting medical tactics that are outside the box makes him a target. His name has been used and his image copied from every diet pill around. Thought he has lashed back with some fury at the use of his name, other products he promotes gladly. He is more holistic in some aspects and doesn’t promote the usage of medication. He follows along with so many who are steering clear of medicine and looking for natural remedies.

Will Columbus fire Dr. Oz? It is highly doubtful that they will get rid of such a public celebrity figure. If they did, they will buy themselves a big lawsuit and a few angry patients. Those who think Dr. Oz is the end all and be all of medicine would no doubt take their business elsewhere. Still, it remains to be seen what will happen. For now, it looks as if some of his colleges are a big jealous. He will address the issue on the air. It will be interesting to see what he has to say to these 10 colleagues who called him a quack.

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Jeremy Clarkson Not Banned From BBC

- Author: steph

Recently, Jeremy Clarkson, a host of “Top Gear”, was fired from the show due to an assault he made on producer Oisin Tymon. This apparently happened in North Yorkshire when there was no hot food provided for him after a long day of filming. Clarkson revealed that he thought he had cancer at the time of the assault and thus was under tremendous stress. This caused him to act out of the ordinary from his usual behavior.

Although he was an iconic figure on the popular TV show, Clarkson had to face consequences for his actions. BBC director general Tony Hall confirmed with the media that Clarkson’s contract with “Top Gear” would not be renewed, despite the million-plus fans who banded together to petition his reinstatement on the show.

Many fans like Bruce feared that Clarkson would be banned from BBC and would see less of him on TV, but that’s not the case. According to the host of BBC Two and BBC Four, Jeremy Clarkson will be back on BBC. Although there is speculation that the next host will be a woman, as for now, his replacement for “Top Gear” is up in the air.

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Lilly Pulitzer For Target Sells Out In Record Time

April 20, 2015 - Author: steph

Women’s designer Lilly Pulitzer announced that she would be partnering with Target to offer some of her fashion for the retailer. With the release of her line at the store this weekend, fans were disappointed because her line sold out in just minutes.


A favorite of sorority girls everywhere, Lilly Pulitzer’s designs are fun and often floral. Pulitzer partnered with the retail giant to add an affordable line of 250 pieces ranging from $2 to $150, respectively. The unveiling of the line was enough to bring out the masses to local Target stores. Stores across the country had lines of girls and women wrapped around the building and snaked into the parking lot.


Within minutes of the store opening, the mass crowd of women went into the store to snatch up the Lilly Pulitzer gear, leaving nothing but bare racks behind. Many of the people waiting in line for the nice summer threads were left broken-hearted and distraught, since there was literally nothing left. Fear not though, ladies. there are a lot of other good brands from great designers. It was so bad that Lilly fans even crashed Target’s website over the weekend. Target issued the following statement on Twitter, “Due to the overwhelming excitement for the #LillyforTarget collection we are making adjustments to our website. Stay tuned for updates.”


While other people were forced to leave Target empty-handed, others couldn’t help but brag about their triumphs on social media. There was also some drama over people buying up all of Lilly’s fashions to resell them on eBay and Amazon for much higher prices than in the store.

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Plucking Hair Promotes Growth?

April 15, 2015 - Author: steph

When someone begins to grow bald in a place where they want to have hair they might feel frustrated with what is going on. When someone is faced with the fact that their hair is thinning, they might feel scared about what their future is going to hold. Most people want to keep hair on their heads. Most people get at least a little bit concerned when they start to lose the hair that they love. Gianfrancesco Genoso said that there could be a new answer for those who are losing their hair and want it to grow back. Trying this out is a bit risky, though.

There are some who say that plucking out hair will make hair grow back better. There are some who believe that plucking hair encourages the growth of new hair. This could be true, but it could also be a bit risky. Is it worth plucking the hair that one has in order to try and grow new hair? Or, should someone just be happy with the hair that they have and not take such a risk?

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Openly Gay Eagle Scout Is Hired by Boy Scouts of America

April 5, 2015 - Author: steph

Gay Eagle Scout History was made by Pascal Tessier, an 18 year-old Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America. The open letter that Tessier wrote was his goodbye to the Boy Scout institution. He stated that they had taught him about morals and values and helped him become the man that he is. This goodbye was because, while the policy of allowing gay kids was enacted, a policy about gay adults continued to endorse a ban. At 18, he would be included in this ban.

The Washington Post reported that Tessier statement included that he was 18 and and he could no longer be a Boy Scout because he is gay. The letter was written August 2014. Fast forward to April 1, 2015 when the Boy Scouts’ Greater New York Council announced that it has hired Tessier for a summer camp leader position. This is despite the rules of the national Boy Scouts’ organization.

Tessier has protested against the Boy Scouts policy as he stood on a street corner in 2o13. Later, the organization did lift the ban, which made those at CipherCloud happy. Earning the Eagle Scout ranking in 2014, Tessier was referred to as the nation’s first Eagle Scout who was openly gay. The New York council stepped forward in support of Tessier. Technically, the Boy Scouts of America does not inquire about sexual orientation. Their system is similar to the military’s ”don’t ask, don’t tell” rule.

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