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It Takes Time to Build a Fortune

February 2, 2015 - Author: steph

The investment market can be a daunting ideal to tackle, and you need to have a guide that is confident, successful, and willing to take you through the murky waters and lead you to the promise land. Igor Cornelsen does just that – he leads, people follow, said people make money. Founding and proprietor of Bainbridge Investments Inc., Cornelsen has led many American companies to wealth. His secret lies in the idea that any investment can make you money if you wait long enough.

Time is the key, according to Cornelsen. Spreading your investments out over wide areas, including having several low cost S&P 500 index funds, can ensure success in the stock market. Igor believes that putting all your eggs in one basket can easily cause financial hardship if something goes south with that investment. In order to have some stability in your portfolio, you need to diversify.

Cornelsen also believes that investing is important for people at every income level, and offers advice for all. Based on what funds you have to invest, Igor recommends different paths to take which ultimately lead to being able to invest more funds, and then you are able to secure your wealth with well-thought investment decisions.
Cornelsen’s most recent tip: Invest in Brazilian markets. Brazil boasts a booming population making it the most eye-catching market in South America. Cornelsen insists that many American brokers are not as familiar with the Brazilian market as they should be and is offering up great advice on what they need to know.

Igor Cornelsen is retired from full-time investment work, but continues to offer advice and assist people in changing their view of the stock market. The belief that you can earn a quick buck from risky investments is slowly fading as the long-term model that Igor suggests takes a stronger hold. It can take decades to see financial success, so investing early in life is the key. Investing is just a hobby for Cornelsen. He splits his time between his family, golfing in Florida, and continuously improving the investment world with his sound advice.

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