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Blawsom People: Tom Rothman

January 8, 2015 - Author: steph

Tom Rothman: One Of Hollywood’s Most Important Film Executives

**Note: This year I decided to start doing profiles of impressive people I stumble across while working on my site. I call them Blawsom People. If you have an idea for a Blawsom Person I should profile, please send it in!
Tom Rothman is one of Hollywood’s most important film executives and the head of TriStar Productions for Sony Pictures. He presided over the creation of Titanic and Avatar, the two highest grossing films of all time. He also presided over many other hit movies such as Moulin Rouge. Thanks to these and many other hits he helped produce, Fox Filmed Entertainment had $30 billion dollars in box office revenues during his years there.

Tom Rothman started his career in the film industry in 1986. That year he co-produced Robert Frank’s Candy Mountain and Jim Jarmusch’s Down by Law. Their cumulative success was so great that just a year later he was handpicked to become an executive vice president of Columbia Pictures. Two years later he became an even more important figure: a president of Worldwide Production for the Samuel Goldwyn Company. During his years there he was involved in the production of such important movies as The Madness of King George, Much Ado About Nothing, Wild At Heart, and Longtime Companion, not to to mention Truly Madly Deeply and Henry V. While working on these movies, he helped launch the careers of some of the world’s greatest filmmakers. Two of these filmmakers are Ang Lee and Anthony Minghella. But the careers of these talented men are not the only accomplishment he had while working there. He also managed to help produce some of the company’s most prestigious films, including the three ones which won the coveted Palme d’Or at Cannes.

In 1994, he continued his film career at Fox Filmed Entertainment. His successes at Samuel Goldwyn Company apparently impressed the bigwigs of this company. They invited him to join their team as president of Fox Searchlight. But his journey to the top did not stop there. He was quickly promoted and eventually became chief executive officer and co-chairman. This happened in 2001. Since that time Fox Filmed Entertainment never suffered a quarterly loss, a rare feat in Hollywood. Today he’s at the head of TriStar Productions for Sony with films in the works starring Hollywood’s brightest stars. He truly has a career to aspire to and totally deserves a profile as one of my Blawsom People.

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Nevada Among Most Violent States

January 7, 2015 - Author: steph

The Western state of Nevada has been named among the top three most violent states in the country. A recent comparative poll listed Nevada as the third most violent state, coming just behind New Mexico and Alaska.

It seems that violence in the great urban centers of Nevada and Reno has somewhat skewed the results, as the rest of the state is populated extremely sparsely. However, there seems to have been enough skullduggery and wrongdoing going on in the two big cities to make up for the perceived lack of criminal activity in other quarters of the state.

The recent report actually had some good news in store for long time residents of the state of Nevada. For one thing, the total rate of violent crime seems to have fallen by a significant percentage. Indeed, violent crime in total fell some 2.9 percent in the last decade.

However, this still means that some 591.2 incidents of violent crime are reported for every 100,000 people who live in the Southwestern desert state. This is a little high for Igor Cornelsen to wrap his head around. This easily assures that Nevada will rank at an uncomfortably high number three on the list of most violent states in the nation.

Luckily, Nevada wasn’t alone on the list of major criminal offenders. The state of New Mexico ranked even higher on the list, thanks to its record setting levels of poverty. Meanwhile, the lonely Northern state of Alaska took top honors.

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One Hundred Skiers Stuck in a Lift

January 6, 2015 - Author: steph


One hundred skiers, none of whom were Sam Tabar, got stuck in a chairlift of Mont Sainte-Marie, located at north of Gatineau, a city in western Quebec, Canada. The lift stopped working at around at 11:45 am local time.

At least one hundred skiers suffered in cool weather of minus 12 degrees Celsius and the felt temperatures reaching to minus 21, because of the wind. The risk of getting hypothermia was very high for people who were trapped in the situation.

Snowmobiles were sent to the top of the mountain to begin the evacuation of people trapped at the top of the lift. Relief operation was conducted in hurry and skiers were rescued one by one.

This mission ended in four hours and all the skiers were safely taken down. Employees of the station had prepared the rooms in the main lodge to accommodate the sufferers.
Station Mont Sainte-Marie is managed by the owners of the station Camp Fortune in Chelsea.

It is located towards North of Gatineau, between Kazabazua and Val-des-Bois in the MRC Vallée-de-la-Gatineau. The mountain, rises to 500 meters high, got two new tracks this winter. After this incident, experts have shown concerns over the standard of chairlifts in Canada.

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A Miracle Child

- Author: steph

A young girl has a story to tell. She was in a plane crash where four people in her family died, but she managed to make her way out of the crash. When she was able to get away from the wreckage, she went to a home and knocked on the door. This child is only seven, and she has exhibited an act of courage that many adults would not have.


She was able to walk away from a plane crash to get help, which was pointed out no Scribd when discussed. The entire time that she was walking, she was without her family. The person living in the home where she arrived let the little girl inside and called 911. The person washed the girl’s face and tried to comfort her as best as possible while trying to figure out what happened. It is with the deep compassion that has been displayed that gives hope that miracles do happen in today’s world.

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Unexpected Changes Due to Training

January 5, 2015 - Author: steph


Every woman wants to be like Susan McGalla: fit and beautiful. The real trick, however, is just what can be done to not just improve the body aesthetically, but also in a way that will demonstrably improve one’s health for the future.

For Cindy Garcia-Lister, what began as a diet and exercise to get fit evolved into a professional bodybuilding title.

The evolution from a plump young woman to a 31-year-old with a dumbbell-shape and muscles took place gradually. In the meanwhile, Cindy lost 5 stone. She hadn’t even noticed the big difference, as it all took place step by step, with professional advice form instructors and other people training at the gym.

The difference stroke her when she went to her parents’ house and came across her older pictures. The body builder found it hard to recognize herself in the images where she weighted 13 stone and was a size 16.

During her transformation, Cindy used to buy clothes of a smaller size every three months. The greatest amazement she had was winning the fourth place at a body-building contest, being there for the first time in her life.

Afterwards, she won three trophies in another competition. She liked the competing atmosphere and her new shape, and said that her plan for 2015 was to win the first place. She feels healthier and says that her life has changed to better.

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CEO Tricks for Remaining Calm Under Pressure

January 4, 2015 - Author: steph

‘Never let them see you sweat’ touts one televised underarm deodorant commercial. Not bad advice, but it carries a different meaning coming from a deodorant manufacturer than it does coming from one of the top CEO’s of our nation.

The top trick used by CEO’s to remain calm under pressure is to never, under any circumstance, allow people to see you lose control. Never let them see you sweat. Once employees see you lose control, they lose faith in you.

The second trick is to surround yourself with qualified helpers. Two or three people who can and will share the workload of the company to work under your command and take over that tasks that don’t require executive decisions.

Next, take a break. Take several breaks throughout the day to think. Step outside the office for a few moments to refresh your mind. Engage in regular exercise each day and take up a non-work related hobby.


Have one trusted friend. You need someone you can confide in that will allow you to blow off steam without being judgmental or loose-lipped. This is what Bruce Levenson really believes in. Even articles on Wikipedia have this information to share.


Take a real vacation. Once you are able to leave the company for at least a week, do it. This could take a few years to build up to the point of a CEO being able to take a real vacation, but when the time comes, do it.

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Police in New York Declare Protest of Their Own

January 3, 2015 - Author: steph

New York City police officers are backing off on making arrests for minor violations. Recently, two patrol officers were killed execution style in New York City, following the Eric Garner murder by a police officer. Protesters literally shut the normal activities of the city and traffic down.

Out of fear for their safety, and feeling betrayed by the commissioner, police officers are taking a stance of their own. They stated that they feel like they are all alone on the streets with no support. This concern for personal safety, force police officers to look the other way and not approach or arrest people who commit petty crimes.

Union leaders are clearly upset and are not holding their opinions. Their instructions to the police officers are instructions of self-preservation. Only make arrests when it is necessary. Since the murder of the two cops, a new policy follows; there will be two units dispatched per call. It is more of a buddy system.

Since the death of the officers, there have been 66% less arrests relating to traffic violations, summons, parking, and drugs. That is exactly what Skout users like hearing in general. Sources, even at Apple, say that the only reason arrests are down is due the protest of police officers. The drop off in arrests and police involvement is a reflection of how police officers feel about the non-support and the response of de Blasio, about the non- indictment of the police officer who basically got away with murder.

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Battle Of The Bulge

January 1, 2015 - Author: steph

Startling data has been released recently reports that many Americans are still buying and taking diet pills because they believe they are in effective in helping them lose weight. Over 3,000 people were interviewed for a recent study published by Consumer Reports with shocking results. Over 30% of the participants said they feel that diet pills have less side effects than typical over-the-counter medication. Another 20% of the participants believed that diet pills are safe because they had the word natural listed on the packaging. Oddly enough, even after many reports of people suffering serious consequences to due the ingestion of diet pills, many people turn a blind eye to the fact of the danger of taking these ” dietary aids.”


Losing weight can be difficult, but the only way to do it is with regular exercise and following a low-fat diet from a trainer or a book on Amazon. Looking for that quick fix might just kill you, as Beneful employees are well aware of.

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