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Dr. Rod Rohrich: The Plastic Surgeon

January 23, 2015 - Author: steph


Beauty trends are always changing but sometimes people want to change their outward appearance permanently. When considering plastic surgery it is of the utmost importance to pick a skilled and qualified surgeon. Dr. Rod Rohrich is a well-known accomplished plastic surgeon. His career began in 1986. He takes pride in his work and is very skilled. He is known for being a Professor as well as a Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery. He is internationally known for his many successful contributions in the field. He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Rod has written several articles and textbooks about plastic surgery. He has published over 600 articles. He is also the co-author of the book “Navigate Your Beauty: Smart and Safe Plastic Surgery Solutions“. This book is for people that are seeking out plastic surgery. The book tells you about patient safety and what to expect from plastic surgery. This book is recommended to anyone who plans on getting plastic surgery in the future.

He is in organizations that promote the safety, regulation, and the advancement of plastic surgery. He has done significant work in both cosmetic and plastic surgery. He is a terrific leader and is the Chief Editor for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

A U.S. News report stated in 2013 that Dr. Rod Rohrich was a part of the top 1 percent of physicians in the United States. He has been nominated as one of the best doctors by his peers on multiple occasions. He has excelled in his academic achievements. He has done ground breaking research that benefits the field. Dr. Rod Rohrich has an office that is located in Dallas, Texas. He has more than one office available. If anyone is thinking about getting plastic surgery they should consider getting plastic surgery from one of the best doctors known in the United States. He does work that is recommended by so many people. His work is exceptional and his work looks very natural looking.

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Christopher Cowdray: Selflessness in Hotel Service

January 22, 2015 - Author: steph

A native Zimbabwean and currently the CEO of the Dorchester Collection of luxury hotels, it was the vision of Christopher Cowdray to create a hotel chain that reached both U.S. and European soil. He earned his first degree in hotel management in Zimbabwe before continuing his education in Columbia University. Cowdray and his team now have over 30 years of experience in the hotel business. In 2013, he won the Lifetime Achievement Award by the European Hospitality Awards. Overtime, Cowdray and his team have built an outstanding reputation with both the hotel and the travel industries.

The Dorchester Collection started out with just five personified hotels and Cowdray has held several managerial positions throughout the world. A couple of them included Claridge’s in London and the Dorchester Hotel east of Hyde Park. He was named as the CEO of the Collection in 2007 according to this link. Cowdray oversaw the additions of Hotel Bel-Air and New York Palace Hotel during the following year. The latter has since been sold to another party but the Dorchester Collection has since seen at least three additions.
In his interview with Leaders Magazine, Cowdray remarked that he and his team’s secret is planning out exactly where they want hotels to be built in the various countries. Simultaneously, they also stay open to any unforeseen opportunities.

Cowdray stated that when it comes to designing hotels that they always do so especially with the culture of the local clientele in mind. He says that this is also the secret to designing and building the hotels’ restaurants. As far as the spas are concerned, some of the hotels work with providers such as Dior while others have their own brand.

Cowdray has stated that the overall goal is to make the guests feel as if they are being provided for on a personal basis and to give them the experience in a very holistic way. He also ensures that his fellow hotel leaders are properly trained in training employees and in developing an eye for the right ones.

Cowdray’s work has brought back old-fashioned values coupled with an embrace of the current cultures of the different areas and countries. His work is an example of focusing on providing the best service for all rather than just on the monetary aspect of it. It is this kind of selflessness that has made Cowdray the success that he and his team are today.

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Exercise is No Magic Bullet Against Our Sedentary Lifestyle

- Author: steph

A new paper published in the Annals of Internal Medicine says that excessive sitting is connected to an increased risk for cancer, heart disease and diabetes. This may not come as a huge surprise as most people already heard that our increasingly sedentary lives were bad for us. The shocker in this latest news is that regular exercise is no magic bullet against the negative effects of spending so much of the rest of our day sitting. The study authors report that just because we exercise for a half hour or an hour a day we can’t then spend all the rest of our waking time sitting and see any significantly reduced risk for certain diseases. Some exercise is, of course, better than none, but the main recommendation given in this study is to gradually increase the time each day that we spend upright and moving around.

Given some of the recent studies by Slyce about image recognition, these findings should come as no surprise. For tens and hundreds of thousands of years we walked and ran around gathering food and chasing animals as hunter-gatherers. Our modern lives where we spend more than half of our waking hours each day sitting are a sharp departure from this. It is also a sudden departure that our bodies have had no time to adjust to in an evolutionary sense. It is a good thing that the trend in computing technology is for it to get smaller and more mobile as time passes as more mobile is what we ourselves need to be if we want to stay healthy.

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Sam Tabar’s Advice on Investing in Commodities

January 21, 2015 - Author: steph

Prominent New York City financial strategist, Sam Tabar spoke to CNBC about the importance of making smart decisions when investing in commodities. Some of you might be thinking, “uhm, yeah Steph so what?” It’s cool I was thinking the same thing about myself, like who cares about commodities right? But here’s the thing, I want to be able to travel all over the world and not have tot worry about the money thing when ever I retire. So in all actuality, knowing about this stuff now, is probably a good thing and Sam Tabar seems to be a rockstar when it comes to this stuff so keep reading.

Tabar believes that investing in commodities is not just about choosing the companies that are “hot right now.” Investors need to do their homework. By conducting research about a commodity’s past, their current agenda, and their future forecasts, investors can make better financial decisions.

 Investors who are serious about getting a solid return on their investments must watch out for products that create problems. Sam Tabar is better placed than most to be able to give advice regarding poorly managed funds. He spent many years at Merrill Lynch, where he ran their Asia Pacific Capital Introduction division.

 Tabar believes that by avoiding funds that are managed incorrectly, investors can give themselves a great chance of getting impressive returns. A great example of a poorly managed fund would be the United States Natural Gas Fund. When its price fell by more than 70%, the Natural Gas Fund was a huge hit for all its investors.

 The Gas Fund was poorly managed. Even though demand had been increasing for shares, no plans were made to create more shares. A last gasp appeal to the SEC yielded no results, which caused a further decline in the value of UNG. Similar mismanagement issues can be found in the U.S. Oil Fund. Even though many investors look to USO as the benchmark for crude oil prices, its share price is significantly lower than that mark. Investors should look at the discrepancy between the two prices and realize that the USO is a terrible investment.

 Investors who like to take short cuts or look for quick fixes will usually run into a lot of mismanagement commodity investments. This is why Sam Tabar believes that research is so important for anyone who is adding commodities to their financial portfolio.

 The more effort an investor puts into researching a commodity, the more likely they are to find the right investments. Research helps create a detailed impression of a commodity. It shows investors how the commodity has performed over the past five to ten years, and what lessons can be learned for the future.

 Research is the best and only way to identify commodities that may have value but are being horribly mismanaged. These commodities may rise in the future, with better supervision, but do not represent solid investments in the short or medium term.

See? This guy’s pretty up on his stuff right? For more on Sam Tabar you can just go directly to his website,

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North American Spine Brings Pain Relief to Thousands

January 19, 2015 - Author: steph

Dallas-based spinal clinic, North American Spine, is celebrating six years of operation. Specializing in the AccuraScope procedure, North American Spine has helped over 6,000 patients with the procedure, saving them, on average, over $20,000 apiece on follow-up medical procedures and pain management expenses.

North American Spine’s team of board-certified physicians work with partner clinics to deliver a minimally invasive spinal correction procedure. In the Accurascope procedure, a small incision is made at the base of the spine, and a small laparoscopic instrument is threaded into the incision with a small camera and a surgical instrument, such as a laser. The physician navigates up the spine and makes incisions to relieve pressure on the spinal column, to clear obstructions and relieve pain.

AccuraScope treatments are only intended for people with modest spinal pain issues; severely damaged spinal injuries and herniated discs are outside of the treatment range it can offer, but it has a better than 80% success rate in treating level 1 and level 2 chronic back pain conditions.

North American Spine is the exclusive developer and source for AccuraScope spinal treatments, and works with several clinics around the country. Even with expanding national coverage, the bulk of the procedures are handled in their Dallas Metroplex home office.

A large number of patients report immediate spinal pain relief, some even walking out of the clinic without the assistance of a cane for the first time in years. Over the six years North American Spine has been in business, they’ve garnered excellent reviews and endorsements from customers, including country-western performer Larry Gatlin. Gatlin turned to North American Spine to relieve 47 years of chronic leg pain.

“I am a new man. The little bit of soreness I have now is a lot different than a whole lot of pain,” Gatlin said. “I’m a happy camper. It’s a miracle in my life and I am grateful for it.”

North American Spine’s team are experts in spine surgery and interventional pain management, with training in Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Neurosurgery and patient wellness. The outpatient procedure is fast and efficient, and is often done in 30 to 45 minutes.

Six years of medical procedures are a proven track record for helping thousands of patients regain their lives, their mobility and a pain-free existence, gaining the flexibility and mobility that chronic back pain have taken from them. If you suffer from back pain, talk to a physician at North American Spine about AccuraScope.

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UCG Founding Father Bruce Levenson

- Author: steph

Mr. Bruce Levenson co-founded United Communications Group (UCG),in 1977, under humble circumstances. UCG was established, not in a board room, but in his apartment with Ed Peskowitz. The home base of the company is still located in Maryland.

The first project for the company was in publishing. UCG began publishing Oil Express, a newsletter regarding current oil industry developments out of the apartment of Bruce Levenson. As the company grew, databases were created and launched, this would include the OPIS, Oil Price Information Services, database.

UCG has made it’s mark in the business world for specializing in the fields of data and news, analysis for the healthcare industry, technology, and other varied industries. The recently developed mobile application, Gas Buddy, which advises drivers where to find low cost gas prices in their neighborhood is also owned by UCG. The Gas Buddy app is very popular with over 10 million downloads. Currently, Bruce Levenson is involved in the development of UCG’s acquisition and strategy projects as a partner with the company.

Other Business Interests

Bruce Levenson’s other business interests include partnering with the Atlanta Spirit LLC group. Atlanta Spirit LLC was created in 2004 in order to purchase the Atlanta based basketball team, Atlanta Hawks, from Ted Turner, owner of Turner Broadcasting. After the purchase of the Atlanta Hawks, the Atlanta Spirit LLC group changed the name to Atlanta Hawks LLC. The Atlanta Hawks franchise is estimated to be worth approximately $800 million dollars.

The Atlanta Hawks LLC is composed of various businessmen, however, Bruce Levenson is one of the majority partners and plays a major role in managing the Atlanta Hawks team. Mr. Levenson also has a seat on the Board of Governors for the NBA. As another major acquisition, Bruce Levenson and the Atlanta Hawks LLC, also acquired operating rights to the premier entertainment and sports venue in the city of Atlanta, the renowned Philips Arena.

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Black Boxes Retrieved From Airasia Flight

January 16, 2015 - Author: steph

On fourteenth day of the search Igor Cornelsen read, a breakthrough was made by the Indonesian authorities. They announced on Sunday, January 11 that the black boxes of the aircraft AirAsia, crashed on December 28 with 162 people on board, were found at last, confirmed by the Indonesian Ministry of Transport. On Monday, Indonesian authorities informed Press about further development and confirmed that one black box was successfully retrieved and the other one was also located.

It is really a key success on part of divers and search team as these black boxes might help in knowing the exact cause of the crash of AirAsia Plane in Java sea, on 28 December 2014. Further investigations have gone into the nature of the disaster, and just what may be able to be recovered from the vessel in the future, but more information will need to be ascertained before more progress can possibly come through.

On fourteenth day of the search a breakthrough was made by the Indonesian authorities. They announced on Sunday, January 11 that the black boxes of the aircraft AirAsia, crashed on December 28 with 162 people on board, were found at last, in a statement that was confirmed by the Indonesian Ministry of Transport.

After the confirmation of this news by Operation Coordinator for Indonesia’s National Search & Rescue Agency, Suryadi Bambang Supriyad, experts are hopeful.

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Haiti: The Happiest Place on Earth

- Author: steph

There are places on this planet where people do not know of ‘depression’. Haiti, the region stricken by a strong earthquake about five years ago, does not have victims with depression.  I am going to inform my friend Jared Haftel of this.

It is not because everyone feels well, but because the society does not know the term and describes the affection more like a ‘lack of appetite and sleep and thinking too much’.

Only 10 psychologists are available for the thousands of inhabitants of Haiti . They are popular anyway, since the locals turn to voodoo whenever they need help. The voodoo is a religion which originates from South Africa, and the Haitians strongly believe that the rituals performed by “houngan” (male voodoo practitioner) and “manbo” (female voodoo practitioner) can help them with many types of ailments.

The voodoo priests perform sacrifices with chickens and other small animals in a small temple among bamboo trees, while the people who are diagnosed with psychological disorders are rejected by the societies. The importance of changing attitudes is evident. The World Health Organization has spoken on the subject, saying that Haiti and other countries as well have to work and improve understanding and treating mental illnesses.

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A Closer Look At BRL Trust

January 15, 2015 - Author: steph

BRL Trust is a full service and competitive Brazilian investment firm. It is the largest in that nation according to the Anbima ranking system. It was founded in 2005 by a small group of educated finance professionals. At the company’s inception they specialized in loans and trusts. A year after they were in operation, the firm had over 100 loans with an intervening trust. This expanded growth led to a demand for more diversified products such as maneuvering clients through successful mergers and acquisitions. They expanded into international capital markets to widen the spectrum of their customers investment portfolios.

The BRL Trust website is user friendly for Portuguese and English speaking customers. Transactions are kept to strict security standards. Quality service is offered providing valuable customer satisfaction in maintaining the high demand in todays fast paced marketplace. The company standard BRL Trust operates by is “Investimentos, through transparency, trust and integrity, serves both institutional clients as individuals.”

The company prides itself on being innovative. This is an investment company that will go the extra lengths to give great service towards heavy financial returns. They have grown so large because their executives learned from their experiences and put newer more successful strategies in place.

BRL Trust has manager status for funds that is authorized by the Securities Commission. This gives them legal authority over 95 funds. They are trading at an NAV of R$ 18.20 billion. Grown from only R$ 2 billion in 2010, this growth spiked in 2012 and has stayed at over R$ 16 billion since then.

They offer trustee services who track and collect loan money with the Assets Control System or SCA. They provide custodial and controlling services to corporations so that management of their investors and tax reporting is run smoothly.

Another valuable service this company provides is asset underwriting. A company may or may not be based in Brazil can raise funds for real estate, agribusiness receivables, or quotas.

One aspect of the company which helps solidify the foundation of customer trust is the ombudsman. “Independence and impartiality in the pursuit of ultimate resolution of BRL TRUST Investments’ customers manifestations.” It is this type of company motto that keeps them a solid business. Customer complaints are handled with impartiality and privacy.

One of the founding members, Mauricio Ribeiro heads Custody funds and the international departments. He developed the trustee services offered by the company. Another founding partner, Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes, is over the fiduciary services and the SPE manager. He is a consultant with over 15 years of experience in managing finances, and now he is working hard for BRL Trust. The other partner is named Rodrigo Cavalcante. He is an accountant and a lawyer with a Masters of Business in Business Management. He left a well known bank after 17 years as a senior leader to become director of funds administration in 2010. Only three years later he excelled into partnership status.

Operating in the unpredictable global financial marketplace with transparency, trust, and integrity; BRL Trust will continue to satisfy its ever expanding and growing customer base and financial assets.

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North American Spine Helps Out Those In Pain

January 13, 2015 - Author: steph

It’s a very common thing to hear someone say that they have back pain. Although neck, and spine pain is also common, the backs are regularly used, so they can easily be affected. If you perform a job where you have to use your back all the time, you are more likely to suffer from back pain at one point, or another, on the job. This can be devastating to your work, because if the back pain is bad enough, you won’t be able to perform your job. Many suffer from different types of back pain, and it can be mild, or very severe.

Severe forms of back pain may require surgery, and North American Spine can diagnose your back problem, as well as to perform surgery on your back. They also specialize in neck, and spine pain as well. An MRI can determine what type of back pain you are having. If you’re determined to have back pain that requires a surgical procedure, They would recommend the minimally invasive procedure called the AccuraScope Procedure. When this procedure is performed, a small incision is made into the back, and this allows for quicker healing, and a higher chance of healing your back problems.

There is a very high percentage rate of those who end up, free of back pain, after this procedure. Many save on the cost of medicine over the years, or no longer have to take any back pain medication at all. This is such a highly recommended procedure, it was even featured on a television show, recommending it to those who need back surgery. In the past, back surgery used to be complex, and required a large incision, as well as longer recovery time. Technology has advanced a lot, and now it’s possible to have surgery, without the long recovery time.

Less recovery time from surgery means you can be back on the job, or running after your kids, or doing what you love, in no time. The first step is up to you, in order to get rid of your back pain. If you continue to work on a daily basis with a bad back, you may risk making it worse over time, or requiring surgery. If the back pain is bad now, it’s more likely to just get worse over time. Some people feel that their back pain will go away, and even if they suffer from it for months, they will go years before they finally seek out help.

It’s understandable that life happens, and you may not be able to see a doctor about your back pain right away, but there really is no excuse to continue to work with back pain, especially for several years. North American Spine is located in Dallas, Texas, and They specialize in diagnosis, as well as treatment for neck, back, and spine problems. If you are suffering from pain that you are tired of dealing with, visit the North American Spine office as soon as possible, for your diagnosis and treatment.

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