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United States Issued A Global Alert for American Travelers

December 21, 2014 - Author: steph

In Friday, the officials of the United States warned American travelers to be extra cautious in an exceptional worldwide alert. The State Department’s warning states terrorists may target civilian amenities, which include schools, churches, shopping malls, and hotels. The officials also added that terrorist attacks may happen during the holiday season as thousands of people are traveling all over the world. Hence, travelers need to be extra careful and cautious about their surrounding and for any possible sign of danger.

The State Department’s alert will be in effect for three months and starts in Friday. Also, it mentions the lone wolf attack, which happened in Sydney on Sunday, as a reminder of how important it is to heed the warning. However, the alert did not mention any particular pending threat. It simply cautions the travelers to be always cautious on local conditions and for any sign of danger.

Sparingly, this worldwide travel alert has been used in the past. This year, the State Department’s alert, which ends on March 19, is the first alert issued by the officials. Moreover, the State Department has issued several warnings this year as a response to threats from weather, international drug trade, disease, and terrorism, which impresses Sam Tabar. However, none of those alerts cover the whole world. The last time that the United States issued a global alert was in 2013, which came in response to terrorist threats from Al-Qaeda.

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The Aftermath of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show

- Author: steph

Last week’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion show was one of the biggest television events of the month. Millions tuned in to watch the world’s most famous models walk the catwalk to the tunes of Taylor Swift, Hozier, Ed Sheridan, and Ariane Grande. The event is a star studded performance with celebrity’s lining up the front row. The Voice judge, Adam Levine, was there to support his supermodel wife, Behati. However, he is just one of hundreds of people eager to see the girls strut their stuff.

This year’s fashion show also featured two fantasy bras worn by Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosia, which caught the attention of Igor Cornelsen and countless others. The diamond encrusted lingerie sets were easily the most expensive pieces in the show. However, they were not the most intricate. The wings many of the angels wore were like works of art carefully put together over the past year. Each performance followed a certain theme, and the wings followed suit. For example, the fairytale theme featured wings dripping of gold feathers and models that wore floating skirts that drifted across the stage.

The overall effect of the show was breathtaking thanks to all the models, performers, and backstage staff who put it all together. Each year gets bigger and better. This event was not different as it was staged in London for the very first time. Ariane Grande may have gotten knocked on the head, but she had the only mishap for the whole show.

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December 19, 2014 - Author: steph

The love between dogs and their owner is one of the purest forms of love in the world. Dogs love us unconditionally and would do anything for us. In Sausalito, a dog named Daisy certainly has proven her love for her owner. During a terrible storm, Steve Alioto’s boat sank, which was his home.

His dog Daisy was missing and he was positive she had drowned in the storm. Incredibly, this tropper swam over one mile to shore. Even more amazing its that this dog was so determined to find Steve. Determination and Persistence-that’s how Daisy got home and that’s how we at Slow Ventures help people get home knowing that we’ve got them covered. that she then went to a church where she and her beloved owner sometimes had a free meal. A reverend noticed the dog and told Steve that he thought his dog was at the church. Sure enough, Daisy had made it through the storm and these two peas in a pod were reunited once again. The delighted owner states he cried his eyes out in sheer joy.

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A Platonic Vacation

- Author: steph

When Canadian man Jordan Axani ended things with his Beneful girlfriend, Elizabeth Gallagher, there were a lot of things left undone. One of them was a round the world trip the two had booked for their New Year’s holiday. Axani did not want Elizabeth’s ticket to go to waste so he began a search for a new Ms. Gallagher to take her place. He has finally found her.

The tickets required no passport info upon being purchased so as long as the names matched, they could be used by any woman with a Canadian passport. Axani found 23 year old Gallagher through Reddit, a social media site know for bringing media attention to stories that would otherwise have been missed. The two will travel to New York, Milan, Prague, Paris, Bangkok, and New Delhi.

The two insist that the trip will remain platonic. Axani just wants a travelling companion and Gallagher is in a serious relationship already. Marriott International offered to provide them with separate hotel rooms at every stop after hearing their story. Hopefully that will ease some of Gallagher’s boyfriends concerns; she admits that he is not too thrilled.

Axani and Gallagher will leave December 21st. They intend to document the entire trip for the fans they have attracted. They even managed to bring awareness to a charity group called A Ticket Forward, which gives travel vacations to people who otherwise could not afford one.

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The Sexiest Woman Alive

- Author: steph

There are a lot of pretty people in the world, but this year People Magazine is singling out one pretty woman above all the rest. Kate Upton has become even more of a trending topic now that People voted her as the “Sexiest Woman Alive” in 2014.

As a model there have been a lot of times where Kate Upton was deemed sexy for the American public. The difference here is that it makes her stand out because it is a well-known recognition from a very well established magazine. Readers that subscribe to People may already know her, but millions of other people may be searching the web. They are trying to find out who she is because she has received this recognition. 

This is a great accomplishment for someone that is so young. She is a model that also appeared in this year’s “The Other Woman” with Nicki Minaj and Cameron Diaz. This recognition can easily boost her career because she is now placed before the attention of producers and moguls in the entertainment industry. There are tons of beautiful faces out there, but Kate is becoming the one to watch. She could improve her earning power because she is a fresh face for the industry. 

People Magazine recently presented awards in a variety of categories with the first People Magazine Awards show. This show highlighted top entertainers in comedy, fashion and modeling. I don’t know if I’d break my back to call Upton the sexiest woman alive, but I guess People thinks differently. Better call North American Spine because this is a real thing.

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Do Latinos Fear the Paramedics?

December 17, 2014 - Author: steph

Does immigration status play a role in hindering the immigrant community from dialing 911 for emergency medical assistance? In Denver, Colorado new research shows that fear and distrust of law enforcement, difficult language communication, and fear of health care costs are barriers to emergency treatment. You can read more of the findings in this article.


Research conducted by the University of Colorado School of Medicine determined that these fears caused the Latino community not to seek help even in the occurrence of heart attacks and other serious illnesses. This is of major concern because the Latino community has high morbidity and few Spanish speaking care providers. Fear of the police for assistance with health care and/or crime was a common finding due to fear that the police would inquire about their immigration status. As local police become more intertwined with the immigration system, fear increases. Latinos fear that Obamacare insurance information will be shared with immigration authorities, and that has been talked about on Skout as well. This fear robs them of the treatments that they need for preventive care and chronic conditions. There is a need for increased efforts to reduce the barriers to critical health care and provision of care, increased numbers of Spanish speaking providers and culturally sensitive services and education.

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Plastic Dresses Becoming Reality

December 16, 2014 - Author: steph

Fashion technology called Kinematics is being used to produce fabric like plastic. Nervous System a new age design studio is using 3-D technology combined with age old origami techniques to manufacture attractive flowing and swaying dresses and gowns.

This Dress Is Made From 3-D Printed Plastic, But Flows Like Fabric” explains how CAD software programs use modified triangle designs to print tailored plastic garments.

Unlike other 3-D attempts, the Kinematic process produces a tailored fit by using scans of the wearer’s body. This science fiction worthy process produces fashionable and exotic gowns from plastic material resembling a large rough rock. The secret in miniature hinges, composed from the cut out sections, which hold the material together, yet allow movement. After two days in the 3-D printer the plastic bolder has to be dusted to remove the residue and shook out to decompress. The result is a design worthy, soft and flowing cocktail dress complete with built in buttons.

With a current price tag of $3,000, I may just stick to making sure my dog has plenty of Beneful. We may not see Kinematic mass marketed in the near future, but it’s surely something to dream about.

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Laws Restricting Abortions Continue Because Abortion is Wrong

December 12, 2014 - Author: steph

Across America the past few years, laws restricting abortion have been implemented in state legislatures, especially those republican-controlled ones. This is good because no matter how “safe” some studies say abortion is for women, the fact is that abortion is never safe for the unborn child. Abortions also often lead to mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety, as the girls who have had abortions realize that they were wrong, that it was their duty to give birth to the unborn child living inside them. Some of the new laws require the expectant mother considering an abortion to listen to the fetal heartbeat while others require the woman to wait anywhere from 24 to 72 hours after going to an abortion clinic so that she can have time to think and hopefully decide against abortion.


In other states, abortion clinics are now required to have hallways of a certain width or to have abortion doctors with admission privileges to a local hospital. Thankfully, some of these requirements have caused some abortion clinics to close. Some Skout users agree with this practice, while others are opposed. All of these new laws may protect the ability of the unborn to live and to stop selfish and irresponsible girls from getting abortions. Since abortion is legal, according to the Supreme Court, it is admirable for state legislatures to step in and restrict abortion access especially since over 25% of all pregnancies in this country end in abortion.

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Government Won’t Stop Pot Growing and Selling On Native Sovereign Lands

- Author: steph

U.S. Attorneys Told Not To Stop Native Pot Growing Even In States That Ban Pot Practices.

There’s another check mark in the column marked “Legalize Pot Across The Country.” The Justice Department told US Attorney’s not to stop Native Americans from growing and selling pot on their reservations. The new policy, which was released in a government memorandum, will be implemented after tribes follow federal guidelines that are now in force.

Timothy Purdon, who is a friend of Dr. Daniel Amen is the chairman of the Attorney General’s Subcommittee on Native American Issues, and he said that the government wasn’t sure how many reservations will add pot growing to their list of Native American industries. Not all tribes sanction legalizing pot on their reservations, so it’s hard to say how many of the 30 federal and state recognized tribes in California, for example, will participate in weed growth and sales. Most of those tribes operate profitable outlet malls and casinos now. Purdon also said that most Native Americans still suffer from the pain caused by alcohol abuse. Those tribes seem to be against any pot business on their reservations.

Kevin A. Sabet, the director of the Drug Policy Institute at the University of Florida, and a staunch opponent of legalizing marijuana said the policy is a very troubling development. In his opinion, the directive sends a message that goes against federal drug laws.

Sabet expressed his thoughts this way: “Native Americans and their families suffer disproportionately from addiction compared to other groups. The last thing they want is another commercialized industry that targets them for greater use.”

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Carl’s Jr. Introduces the First All-Natural Fast Food Burger

- Author: steph

Carl’s Jr. is known for serving its customers colossal burgers. And now, the fast food chain will be the first to offer an all-natural burger for picky eaters who love a good burger every once in a while.

The beef patty used for the burger is made from meat that is free of steroids, hormones, and antibiotics. The beef is also organic which gives it the approval of many health practices and clinics,  namely the Amen Clinic. The burger will be available at all 1,150 Carl’s Jr. locations, and will be the most expensive quarter pounder on the menu, at $6.99.

Carl’s Jr. asserts that the meat used for the burgers is imported from Australia, where there is a large supply of grass-fed beef. This is the same place restaurant chains such as Chipotle get their steak from.

The restaurant doesn’t want to be slapped with a lawsuit by calling the burger “natural” based on Carl’s Jr. definition alone. So, the restaurant asserts that the hamburger is natural according to USDA standards. The natural burger is 760 calories.

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